Adrenergic urticaria: how to get rid of the disease?

Welcome, dear readers. Currently, such a disease as urticaria is common in people quite often.

It is an allergic disease that is usually caused by contact with an allergen or certain effect on the skin.

The hives there are many types, but the most rare of them is the adrenergic. What’s the difference between this form of the disease from normal hives and how to deal with this disease? Try to understand.

What is adrenergic urticaria?

Адренергическая крапивница: как избавиться от болезни?Presents the disease was described by scientists only in the late twentieth century. This is one of the most rare forms. From other species it differs in that the reaction is not one of those substances that enter from outside, and to your own adrenaline.

Adrenaline is needed in our metabolism substance that helps people stay in shape.

It is produced in the moment of danger, and encourages people to become more active in extreme situations. In fact – he helps to escape.

It is a powerful hormone that is largely changing the whole body. During its increase, accelerate all the metabolic processes, increases blood sugar, constricts blood vessels. When such changes for some time, the person becomes more strong.

However, such shake-up for some are only negative consequences, because it is possible to malfunction of the autonomic nervous and immune systems.

Because of this failure, the body perceives the adrenaline as the allergen, and therefore develops adrenergic urticaria.


Адренергическая крапивница: как избавиться от болезни?This form of urticaria is manifested in the same way as other types. First, when entering into the blood of the allergen (in this case – the adrenaline) produces a large number of histamine.

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This increases the vascular permeability and the liquid is conducted into the tissue. This is what causes blisters and rashes.

Note that when adrenergic urticaria blisters surrounded by a white rim, making this form of disease can be easily distinguished from the other. Also, these blisters are accompanied by swelling, but the itching is not always the case.

Such eruptions can stay in the body a few minutes or a few hours. Their number can also vary from almost invisible to a whole number of foci localized around the body.

If you look at this photo, you will see the skin condition with this disease.

The reasons for the development of this disease

The answer is quite simple. Adrenaline is a stress hormone, resulting in the cause of his active release are certain stress, emotional overload, moments of danger.

Адренергическая крапивница: как избавиться от болезни?Physical stress can also affect the formation of adrenergic urticaria as it is also a stressful situation.

Largely urticaria is considered to be very mysterious disease. It is therefore difficult to predict whether to repeat an attack each time you encountered a stressful situation.

Someone who only once experienced this condition, and some whole life become covered with blisters and rashes in the most crucial moments.

Most often the peak of activity of adrenergic urticaria accounts for certain moments of life related to hormonal changes in the body:

  • pregnancy;
  • puberty in children;
  • climax.

Is it dangerous?

Often this form of urticaria is observed in adults and it causes more discomfort than danger. However, there are cases of a severe reaction to adrenaline, causing swelling become generalized.

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Then there is the risk of angioedema, which in turn threat the possible development of anaphylactic shock with fatal outcome.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Адренергическая крапивница: как избавиться от болезни?To diagnose the disease can the rashes with a white rim, and recent stressful situations.

To accurately diagnose possible skin samples, associated with the introduction of adrenaline. If the reaction after this is positive, it indicates there is a patient of adrenergic urticaria.

To date, effective treatment does not exist, because the antihistamines in this case does not apply, and to get rid of the factors causing the reaction, it is impossible.

You can take some wegetotropona medicines and beta blockers such as inderal, oksprenolol (trasicor), inderal.

To drink they need with accuracy, given the presence of contraindications and side effects. They have a strong influence on broncho-pulmonary and cardiovascular system. Contraindications include heart block and asthma.

When severe edema is also possible to use ointments with corticosteroids. The most popular medicines of this kind are locoid and advantan.


Unlike other types of urticaria adrenergic form is rarely cured. Will not help hypoallergenic diet and preventive measures.

The only advice less nervous, because stress is an activator of the disease, but sometimes it can’t do that, especially in our modern world.

The good news is that such reaction of his body as quickly as it appears and is not chronic in nature. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)