Aerius in urticaria: reviews and recommendations for use

Good day! Today we will discuss the use of the drug Aerius therapy for hives.

In the article we will discuss the main benefits of this medication, evaluate its effectiveness and determine whether to use it or not.

The description of the drug

Эриус при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюThis medication belong to antihistamine substances of the third generation.

The drug has a wide range of actions:

  • pruritic;
  • decongestant;
  • anti-inflammatory.

The drug produces a Portuguese pharmaceutical company «Schering-Plough». Reviews of doctors about it, mostly positive.

It is noted that it is quick and effective for acute allergies of various kinds, including hives. Online pharmacies you can find two versions of Erius: tablets (5 mg) with edible shell, drops (5 and 10 mg).

As the medicine affects hives?

Эриус при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюThe maximum component of a medication is a substance desloratadine is the primary metabolite of loratadine (which is why an analogue of this medication called Largestin).

This substance produces a selective blocking effect on H1-histamine receptors human. The substance blocks the process of production of vospalitelnoe such as chemokine, histamine, serotonin.

The main advantage of the basic substance of the above medications is the duration of the effect — it is able to deal with an allergic reaction for at least 24 hours.

Primary effects after taking can be seen already after half an hour. Aerius can be used both before and after a meal.

Is it possible to take children?

Эриус при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюOften medication is prescribed to children to treat different types of allergies. Individual adolescent (12 years and more) can drink one pill once a day.

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If the medication is prescribed in liquid form, the dosage for the above age is as follows: 10 ml once a day.

Child up to 11 years old should not be given more than 5 ml (2.5 mg) per day. At a very young age (1-5 years) take 2.5 ml. Infants up to 11 months give no more than 2 ml of Aerius night.

In children after a competent and proper treatment there is no discomfort and other unpleasant feelings. Before to offer a modern tool for dealing with allergies, it is recommended to conduct additional tests on the susceptibility of desloratadine.

Indications and contraindications of Aerius

Эриус при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюIn most cases, medication the drug is recommended for urticaria acute (sudden) in nature. Also it can be drunk in case of chronic disease.

Chronic form of urticaria is characterized by high resistance to drugs, therefore, requires longer treatment. Under the influence of drugs weakens the unpleasant associated sensations: itching, number and size of the rash.

It should be noted that this medication improves sleep, though not it has a hypnotic or sedative effect.

Contraindications the drug substances are virtually absent. These include excessive susceptibility of desloratadine, the main component in the composition.

Recommendations for use

The use of the above medications can not be called unusual or complicated. If we are talking about tablets, they are advised to drink plenty of still water.

Эриус при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюDrink the tablets should be about the same time. The number of days defines and corrects the physician to evaluate the patient’s condition.

To every kind of Aerius is supplied with a detailed manual, which is recommended to see before eating.

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Adults are recommended not more than 1 tablet a day. If we are talking about the drug in the liquid state, the dose is equivalent to 10 ml per day.

By the way, pills to eat more than nice, as they are equipped with transparent food wrapper that hides the taste characteristics of the drug and allows you to swallow it.

The drug in the tablets is quite often recommended for adults. Children, in turn, will make it easier to drink liquid.

Treatment is recommended immediately cease if after the use of medications may experience the following sensations:

  • head or monotonous acute pain;
  • excessive fatigue, mental and physical tension, pain in the muscles;
  • acceleration of the cardiac rhythm or tachycardia.

Erius, like any other drug, you should drink carefully, listening to their feelings. Despite the security, it can cause discomfort when the dose and contra-indications.

This medicine primarily produces a lasting effect, so drinking it every day, it is possible to get rid of the signs of hives for the day.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)