Aflamil nail from the nail fungus: what it costs and how to use them correctly?

Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?Hello dear visitors of dermatological website! In recent years become increasingly popular Aflamil nail from the nail fungus. Nail fungal infection is a common health problem that cannot be ignored.

The disease has an unpleasant visible symptoms that spoil not only the aesthetics but also the health of the nail plates. Nails affected by the fungus become yellow, crumble, delaminate, grow properly or does not grow.

Using paint Aflamil you quickly recover from the nail fungus once and for all.

The composition and the positive properties of the drug Aflamil

The main component of lacquer is amorolfine — a substance with powerful fungicidal properties. The amount of the substance in the vial is approximately 56%.

In addition amorolfine, Aflamil composition of the present excipients:

  • triacetin;
  • ethanol;
  • the ethyl acetate;
  • butyl acetate;
  • methyl methacrylate and others.

Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?Therapeutic varnish intended for outdoor use. Active components in its composition destroy the fungus by destroying its cell membrane. With regular use of the drug is destroyed an ideal environment for a fungal infection, which it simply can not exist.

Most notably, Aflamil effective against all types of mycotic pathogens. Paint — a pleasure. It almost does not smell, dries quickly, leaves no residue on shoes and clothing.

Price is an important selection criterion

Buy Aflamil at any modern drugstore. If you are more attracted to home shopping, order online pharmacy from an official supplier. Of course, you wonder how much of the above medicine.

Its price is equivalent to 800-900 RUB By today’s standards it’s quite a bit, as other drugs, including analogues Famila, are much more expensive.

Counterparts: why in some cases it is better to choose analogue?

Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?We are all individual and our body is not always able to respond positively to components of a particular drug.

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In the composition Aflamil there are some substances that can cause an individual hypersensitivity.

If you do not perceive the components of this paint, then select equivalent:

  • Lotseril — a direct analogue;
  • Batrafen;
  • Delicten;
  • Mikosan.

Instruction: how to treat nail fungus lacquer Aflamil?

Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?This medication is intended to eliminate fungal infections and restore the appearance of the nail plate. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it on the affected nails.

In addition, the use of Oflameron is possible to prevent, if you are sure that could pick up the fungus in a public place, for example.

Treated Oflameron easy and pleasant. When applying the medication, observe the following sequence of actions:

  • Complete with medicine offered for the care and beauty of nails. With its help it is necessary to treat the affected nail plate to remove all deleted (the regrown nail, growths and deposits, etc.). If this is not possible, then pre-wet feet.
  • With the help of cotton pad, soaked in alcohol solution to clean the above treated surface. It is necessary for disinfection and elimination of fat. On clean nails, the lacquer will form denser and more reliable. This procedure must be repeated before each application of medication.
  • Also included lacquer with a special spatula for easier application. You must omit it in the bottle and get it so that it does not touch the edges. Using the wand to evenly distribute the drug in the affected fungus nail on your feet or hands. It’s okay if a little medicine will get on the cuticles. After each contact with a nail stick, gently clean with alcohol.
  • After application of the drug to the patient is the last nail in the neck of the bottle is wiped with alcohol. The same is done with a shovel and other tools that are used to carry out the above procedure. The varnish dries in three minutes. During this time it is not necessary to touch the marigolds.
  • The treatment is done daily and is not terminated as long as the diseased nail grows back completely. As a rule, the course of treatment is six months for the nails on the hands and for feet.
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    Agree, treatment with Oflameron there is nothing difficult or unpleasant. The varnish is colorless, so on top of it can be nothing to apply. The coating is sufficiently resistant so as to protect your nails throughout the day from bacteria and infections.

    Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?Do Aflamil contraindications?

    In addition to individual intolerance, contraindications for Aflamil no. The drug has not been tested on children and pregnant women. It is not prescribed children under 12 years of age. Pregnant Aflamil can be used, but only after consultation with your doctor.

    Side effects

    Some patients have noted that after applying the medication there is a feeling of light burning. This is normal and passes quickly. If you use paint too long or sloppy, the possible contact dermatitis.

    Special instructions

    In the instructions to Iloilo, if you read it carefully, you will notice a list of specific instructions:

    • in the period of carrying a child or lactation therapeutic use antifungal nail caution, only after consultation with a doctor;
    • Aflamil to combine with other drugs of this kind is not recommended;
    • in the process of applying medication to make sure that it does not fall on mucous membranes;
    • if swallowed accidentally, immediately wash the stomach and seek medical advice;
    • lacquer has absolutely no effect on the concentration and systemic health of the person;
    • cosmetic decorative nail Polish during treatment is best not to use.

    Reviews of antifungal nail Polish

    Most reviews on Aflamil positive. Many have noted its high efficiency and speed of treatment. Want to see the most current reviews of people who tried this medication? Then here they are.

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    Eugene writes:

    Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?After a bad pedicure at the little-known salon, I had a fungus. Dermatologist recommended Aflamil. During the first two weeks of treatment, significant changes I’ve noticed.


    They appeared only a month later, then continued rapidly to increase. First marigold stopped to crumble and began to grow correctly. Then they acquired a normal color. Six months later, I have grown perfectly healthy legs.

    Victoria writes:

    Лак Офломил от грибка ногтей: сколько стоит и как правильно им пользоваться?Struggled with the fungus for three years, tried a variety of traditional and innovative means. Nothing, unfortunately, did not help. Tried medicated nail Polish and was pleasantly surprised. For the year through Aflamil I was able to fully restore your health. Legs become attractive and I was happy.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)