After contractubex chicken pox: it will help to cope with the scars

Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиDear inquisitive readers, Hello! Improper care of vetrennay rash in its place formed scars. If this happened to you, then don’t panic! After contractubex chicken pox will save you from this trouble.

This is a cream with a strong regenerating (restoring and updating) the action. From the article, you will learn how to use this tool and what makes it so miraculous.

That will give us Contractubex?

To understand whether the drug helps to get rid of scars, you need to know the basic effects. By the way, they are all quite powerful. So here’s what we will give Contractubex:

  • reduce the deformation of the epidermis;
  • smooth the surface of the skin defect;
  • soften hard scar tissue;
  • will reduce the pain and other unpleasant sensations;
  • increase mobility and elasticity of the affected skin;
  • restores regeneration.

Features and price

The drug produces a well-known German company «MerzPharma». As you know, the Germans are extremely pedantic, so before implementing carefully check their products.

The above cream has proved its effectiveness, making it popular. You can buy it in tubes of 20 and 50 grams. The price depends on the package volume and in the range of 350-500 rubles.


The main components of the medicine are:

  • Allantoin — «dissolves» keratinized upper layer of the scar, soften the scar tissue that gives it elasticity and promotes the growth of new epidermis. In addition, this substance enhances the moisture-absorbing properties of the skin. Using it in deep layers of the dermis penetrate other components of the drug.
  • Sodium heparin — prevents allergic reaction and soothes the epidermis and eliminates signs of popularnosti. Saturating the skin with moisture and oxygen.
  • Extract Serie (Luke) — produces a fibrinolytic action (dissolving blood clots). In addition, a substance slows the process of cell division, forming scar tissue.
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    Contractubex can be used for children as well as to eliminate skin defects in adults. Most importantly, begin to apply it on time. Here we come to the most interesting question about Contractubex: when to begin to use this tool?

    When to start treatment Contractubex?

    Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиIt would seem that the sooner we start to smear it on the problem area of the skin, the better. But with the above drug, it is not so.

    To use them you can start only after the wound on the epidermis is completely healed and will heal. It is better to apply the cream on the young scar and scars as the effect in this case, it will manifest faster.

    The drug can be used only topically — applied to the epidermis. With the need to ensure that it does not fall into the wound. Remember that it consists of fissile materials and solvents (e.g., allantoin).


    After reviewing the information on when to smear skin imperfections medicine can go directly to the application. The cream is applied only on the scars two to three times a day. In the course of applying it must be lightly rubbed.

    The skin cream felt and leaves no visible traces, so using it in any environment — at work, at school or at home.

    Young scar Contractubex children will be removed three to four weeks. The same applies to adults. Agree, the treatment is quite fast. But it will only be the case if you use the drug regularly and correctly.

    The cream can be used for scar prevention, but only after the wound will heal with new skin. With chronic and thickened scar will have to fight a little longer — approximately three to six months.

    The secret to speeding up treatment with Contractubex

    Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиWant to learn how to accelerate the treatment with the above medication? If you’ve read up to this point, so you want. To make the effect come faster, apply the cream before going to sleep under a gauze bandage and cover the treated area with cling film.

    This will create the greenhouse effect, prevent the product drying out into deposits, so that it will act on the skin longer and stronger.

    Does the drug?

    Those who used the cream say that the key to such treatment is persistence and patience. Do you know why cream is recommended to RUB into problem skin areas on a daily basis? And because it incorporates natural substances that have a cumulative effect.

    Simply put, they affect the scar tissue is slowly but for a long time. Due to this, it is possible to achieve noticeable and sustainable result.

    Now let’s examine the most common feedback about Contractubex.


    Victoria wrote to us:

    Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиStarted using cream on the recommendation of a dermatologist after chickenpox. Some folderico I was left with dimples and small scars. Defects greatly disturbed and has attracted the attention of others.


    The drug was applied three times a day every day for months. A month later noticed that the scar is almost gone. The skin on their place purchased the natural color and lined. Very happy with the result!

    And here’s a review of Anna:

    Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиApplied the cream after the surgery he was applying the scar, which appeared on the seam. It was treated long enough (a couple of months for sure). Expected that the cream can completely remove a scar, but that didn’t happen.


    But the defect was less prominent and slightly reduced in size. I will continue to smear him. Maybe after another couple months he will be nothing left.

    And final there will be a review of Andrew:

    Контрактубекс после ветрянки: он поможет справиться с рубцамиAfter chickenpox the child has some places left scars. Advised to use this drug, which, as it turns out, is miraculous. Why? Yes, because in a few weeks, the scar disappeared without a trace! I recommend Contractubex!

    I hope this article answered all questions about Contractubex. Tell about our website to your friends by sharing with them read in social networks. You can subscribe to updates and receive notifications of new publications. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)