Akriderm in urticaria: reviews and recommendations for use

Акридерм при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюHello, dear readers! Urticaria is a quite unpleasant disease that disturbs the unbearable itching.

Many people due to allergic reactions the deteriorating quality of life, reduced professional skills because of the inability to focus at work. Today we want to talk about is the use of the drug Akriderm in urticaria, is it effective and will it help get rid of the disease?

Drug Akriderm for external use contain glucocorticosteroid hormone which has the strongest anti-inflammatory effect.

Therefore, the ointment and cream help with any allergic reactions on the skin. Agent administered for the treatment of acute and chronic allergic diseases in the skin.

What is the therapeutic effect of Akriderm?

Акридерм при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюIncluded in the active components determine the therapeutic effect. So, a group of drugs Akriderm is used to achieve a therapeutic effect in urticaria, as well as each agent exerts its therapeutic effect.

Betamethasone, which is included in all funds of the group of Akriderm, is a hormone characterized by the following steps:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipruritic;
  • decongestant;
  • relieves allergies;
  • has antiexudative action.

When using Akriderm, it is possible to achieve a reduction of the intensity of manifestations: swelling, itching, redness of the skin.

Of tissue ceases to produce liquid and heal the wound. Means for external use of this series can be used to quickly get rid of unbearable itching and inflammation on the skin.

Акридерм при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюThe drug should to apply a small courses to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and improve quality of life.

After achieving these goals, discontinue use and switch to another treatment to fully recover. So, ointments and creams can be used in emergency situations where an urgent need to arrest the symptoms of the disease.

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Gentamicin, which is part of one of the drugs of this series, is an antibiotic that kills pathogenic bacteria.

The tool also has an antibacterial effect, killing microorganisms that cause inflammation on the skin. This is a great medicine in case of infection.

Clotrimazole is known for its antifungal effect. Thus, the drug has a broad spectrum of action. As already mentioned, it fights with inflammation, itching, reduces swelling, eliminates allergies, kills bacteria and fungi.

Salicylic acid in combination with a glucocorticosteroid hormone helps exfoliate dead particles of the epidermis.

Difference ointment cream

Акридерм при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюShould choose the right kind of tools. If your skin there is just inflammation and allergies, then suitable as ointment and cream.

If the attached bacterial infection, then you fit Akriderm of Ghent. Fungal infections of the should be purchase Akriderm GK. In the case of the manifestations of hyperkeratosis will fit Akriderm SK.

Cream is used to wet the skin, if there are lesions with discharge. Ointments are suitable for dry skin with scales, etc.

However, if, in an emergency there is no possibility to acquire the right form of medication, it is possible to replace the cream ointment etc. But ideally you should follow the recommendations.

Instructions for use of the drug

Ointment or cream should be applied evenly to the affected area two to six times a day.

In this case you need to RUB with light massage movements and leave to absorb. To strengthen the therapeutic effects, you can use a special bandage. This is a sterile napkin, roll up bandage.

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Акридерм при крапивнице: отзывы и рекомендации по применениюIn most cases it is enough to apply the product on the skin two times, but if that’s not enough, you can use it up to six times during the day. If urticaria is mild, then just one application in the morning.

The duration of treatment is two to four weeks. After achieving a therapeutic effect ceases. If Akriderm applied to the skin, therapy should last no longer than five days.

If after two weeks of use the effect was not reached, then you must visit the doctor to identify the causes of allergic reactions. You should reconsider your diet and eliminating allergenic foods from the menu.

You cannot use more than four weeks as it is addictive. Withdrawal of the drug gradual. First, it reduces the number of applications per day. Then on the third day to cancel one application.

Two days later, reduce the number of receptions, two days later canceled one application, and so on.

If you use the skin had an allergic reaction or experience any other side effects, then the drug overturned.

Many reviews of patients saying that Akriderm is a reliable remedy for hives. Good day, dear readers!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)