Alcohol while chickenpox can be used or not?

Спирт при ветрянке: может применяться или нет?Dear regular readers and visitors of the website, is pleased to welcome you! As you know, vetryanye pimples you have kids you need to smear green paint or other modern antiseptic. Why green continues to be used, you already know from past articles. But is it possible instead to use alcohol during chicken pox?

In some cases Yes, but not all! Alcohol-containing medications in improper and inappropriate use can only hurt! From them there are burns on the spot where there noticeable the scars remain for life.

If you are interested in any cases of chickenpox smear alcoholic solution, and what drug to use, then happy reading.

Smear vatrenooooo rash with alcohol or not?

Спирт при ветрянке: может применяться или нет?On the question of whether to cauterize vetryanye Valderice alcohol, the answer is difficult. The fact that children up to adolescence, these pimples are quickly and without the help of medications.

In this case, it is more appropriate to simply note and disinfect them with green paint. Alcoholic preparations dry up baby’s skin and may even cause burns, mentioned above.

Then in any cases, the use of alcohol solutions from chickenpox it is advisable? In adults and adolescents this viral disease is severe. The pimples jump up in greater numbers, and often fester.

The alcohol in this case, you should use them, because if left untreated festering Valderice, they can develop into bullous form. Bullous chickenpox is a terrible fact that skin rashes become resistant, merge into a whole huge sores that heal slowly and leave behind a disgusting trail.

Спирт при ветрянке: может применяться или нет?Bullous form of smallpox caused by staphylococci and streptococci. Its treatment is different specificity and complexity. In this case, no alcohol means not enough.

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To smear with alcohol festering watery pimples have point 1-3 times per day. After this treatment, they are faster and begin to heal. Pure alcohol to treat the skin rash is impossible. And what then to use?

Below I will list some of the most popular types of alcohols, able to eliminate the abscess, cauterize and disinfect vetryanye pimples.

Salicylic is a serious enemy of bacteria that cause bullous chickenpox

Known antiseptics salicylic alcohol has such useful properties:

  • dries;
  • disinfects;
  • prevents abscess of pimples;
  • eliminates inflammation.

If you will handle Valderice this drug, don’t use other because salicylic acid is poorly aligned with the other substances. Vetranary for the treatment of pimples I recommend using 1-2% salicylic alcohol solution.

Processing is as follows:

  • soak a cotton swab in the product;
  • gently for just a second, apply it to each zit.

In addition to alcohol-containing solution, in the pharmacies you can find salicylic ointment or salicilico in common. It when the chicken pox cannot be used as it is more concentrated and very dry skin.

Levomicetinom — drug based antimicrobial antibiotic

Levomicetinom alcohol solution has a lot of positive actions:

  • Destroys microbes and viruses (as in force at the cellular level);
  • Inhibits the reproduction and growth of bacteria;
  • Prevents festering and the spread of infection;
  • Dries and accelerates healing.
  • Спирт при ветрянке: может применяться или нет?Agree, these properties is very urgent varicella. Tablets chloramphenicol is prescribed against such pathogens as Salmonella, streptococci, pnevmostroymachina, chlamydia. Alcohol solution will destroy provocateurs bullous varicella.

    Before using the product the bottle must be shaken. Solution of chloramphenicol is applied to each element vetrennay rash. It is important to make sure the fleece is not long in contact with foldericon.

    Apply levomicetinom the solution is to be very careful. The fact that it has a wide range of contraindications and can cause allergies.

    Boron can be used for chicken pox or not?

    Спирт при ветрянке: может применяться или нет?Alcohol boric solution better not to use in pure form. This is too serious antiseptic that quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, and then stays there for a long time.

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    Boric alcohol has a high toxicity. Then why it is sold and used in medicine?

    On the basis of boron preparation you can prepare unique mash for processing vetranary festering pimples.

    The rapid permeability of boric alcohol will help the rest of the mash ingredients to penetrate the skin, which will accelerate the effect. The mash recipe is simple:

    • mix equal proportions of solutions — levomicetinom, salicylic and boric;
    • add the alcohol tincture of calendula;
    • shake thoroughly before each use.

    With this solution you can wipe the localization vetrennay rash or every pimple separately.

    Furatsilinovoy — antimicrobial fighter, able to quickly restore the skin

    This solution can be called the perfect remedy bullous chickenpox. It applies to a variety of pathogenic bacteria:

    • staphylococci;
    • streptococci;
    • E. coli;
    • Salmonella, etc.

    Furatsilinovoy solution has earned a lot of positive reviews. Most notably, he’s not just slow, but completely kills harmful bacteria. While it is rapidly excreted from the body, thereby has no side effects and serious side effects.

    Moistened with furatsilinovoy wool must be applied to the places of localization of rash on a couple of seconds 3-4 times a day.

    That’s the whole list of alcohol drugs that can cure purulent pimples with the chicken pox. I want to remind you that such drugs can be treated only purulent or serious inflamed rashes. For the treatment of ordinary forms of smallpox it is better to use a less aggressive medication.

    I hope you read the article it was interesting. Share read with your friends and subscribe to website updates, if you like to be here. I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)