Allergic alveolitis: risk and treatment of the disease

Аллергический альвеолит: опасность и методы лечения заболеванияGood day, dear readers. Now we will talk with you about a serious condition called allergic alveolitis. Never heard of this?

In fact, it is not well known and is an inflammatory disease of the lungs and bronchi, which appears as a result of reaction to certain allergens. It is important to recognize this disease in order to avoid negative consequences.

In this article I will tell how to do it. Go!

Why do I get allergic alveolitis character?

The etiology of this disease become small particles that do not stay because of its small size in the trachea and enter directly into the lungs. Very often, the allergen acts as the avian protein, and more in children than in adults.

And now very important! If you have a home present blue-green budgerigar or you just want to buy your baby, you should know that this bird can be a cause of allergic alveolitis.

Think about whether you need such complications?!

Аллергический альвеолит: опасность и методы лечения заболеванияBut as a bird can be a source of infection? Allergens are contained in its feathers, litter, pieces of leather, hay. And not only our feathered friends are so dangerous. Fungus, mold, dust, humidifier, air conditioning can also be a source of allergens.

A particular risk of infection are people whose work is connected with agriculture, as well as those who live in private homes with animals. Also in the group of possible allergies include older people, in particular men who live in zones of industrial type.

The disease can be combine in one name – an exogenous allergic alveolitis.


Doctors there are several forms of the disease: chronic and acute.

Chronic caused due to prolonged inhalation of allergens. The patient begins with a wet cough, there is a loss of appetite, weight loss, up to the onset of anorexia.

Аллергический альвеолит: опасность и методы лечения заболеванияAlso may cause shortness of breath, even at rest. Doctors can diagnose the change of the form finger: nail plate becomes convex, and the upper phalanx of the thicker.

Acute alveolitis occurs within 3-6 hours after there was contact with the allergen. Initially, the symptoms may be confused with ordinary flu the temperature rises tall (sometimes up to 40 degrees), you will shiver, you will be coughing.

Patients complain of pain and tightness in the chest, irregular breathing, pain in the body. Nausea, wheezing in the lungs.

Symptoms may disappear after 24-72 hours, but with repeated exposure to the allergen occurs. If the patient will be in constant contact with the allergen, the possible transition of acute forms to chronic.

Also stands out the form of subacute alveolitis of the lungs, when the symptoms were not so bright, but the man is recovering very slowly.

Toxic alveolitis

Toxic-allergic alveolitis is formed due to direct exposure to light and toxic substances. It can cause certain drugs:

  • Immunosuppressants;
  • Sulfonamides;
  • Chlorine;
  • Ammonia;
  • Talc;
  • Zinc.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the studied disease requires observation of the doctor-pulmonologist. It is quite difficult and involves a complete study and the collection of complaints.

Аллергический альвеолит: опасность и методы лечения заболеванияAfter that, the analysis of blood and sputum. They show possible signs of inflammation: an increase in white blood cell count and hemoglobin.

Also spirography, CT of lungs, chest x-ray (it shows increased pulmonary pattern).

In addition, the doctor needs to bronchoscopy. This procedure allows you to collect the alveoli and bronchial smear. If the disease is severe, it is possible biopsy of the affected lung.

I want to tell you, my dear, if diagnostics are conducted on time and the right treatment prescribed, the prognosis is favorable.

Prohibited self-treatment diseases of folk remedies! If you will be treated so or delay in treatment, POSSIBLE death!

Only the doctor can prescribe additional measures, such as pumpkin juice, which will help reduce swelling of the lungs or infusion of cranberry leaves.

Therapy of alveolitis

The most important thing in the treatment is complete elimination of the allergen. Sometimes it’s enough that the disease has receded. For this you need again to diagnose the disease.

Treatment is based on the application:

  • Corticosteroids (suppress inflammation);
  • Cytostatics;
  • Bronchodilators (to suppress the shortness of breath).

Аллергический альвеолит: опасность и методы лечения заболеванияAfter the treatment is over, will be assigned to the oxygen inhalation therapy, chest massage, and breathing exercises. Typically, treatment takes no more than 4 months.

If the case started, you may need a lung transplant.

Also say that in allergic alveolitis treatment of any antibiotics contraindicated!

After all the procedures of clinical supervision should continue. You need to visit the doctor every month and only if the tests are normalized, the patient will be removed from the register.

Ill adults should review their working activities.

Exogenous alveolitis in children

In children, the disease occurs infrequently than adults. It usually occurs as a consequence of contact with poultry (pigeons and parrots). More susceptible to disease kids-the students. Symptoms of child alveolitis similar to adult, but the disease is more acute.

Preventive measures

If a person works on agricultural production, the preventive measures are as follows:

  • Use only open silage pits;
  • Grass drying;
  • The wearing of protective clothing;
  • Constant ventilation of rooms;
  • Observance of hygienic rules in the care of agricultural.birds and animals;
  • Care moisturizers and conditioners.

It is best to completely eliminate contact with the allergen and to change the scope of activities.

Well, dear readers, you understand the seriousness of the disease? Suggest not to delay treatment.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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