Allergic angioedema: symptoms and first aid

Аллергический отек Квинке: симптоматика и первая помощьHello, dear readers. There are several forms of the severity of allergic reactions. Considered the most severe: allergic angioedema and anaphylactic shock. This is not ordinary urticaria, manifested by watery rash. It’s all much more serious.

If you experience angioedema or shock it is important to provide first aid, otherwise it can be fatal. How to save an Allergy, everyone should know, as the attack may happen at any time.

Features of angioedema

Type swelling angioedema is a severe reaction of the vascular type, which differs from the banal to hives that affects deeper layers of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue and heterogeneous soft tissue. With

the game of the hardest development of such allergic reactions is anaphylactic shock. What is it?

Anaphylactic shock is a complication of angioedema

Symptoms of this disorder of allergic nature looks like this:

  • the sudden appearance of the strongest itching;
  • shortness of breath;
  • the maximum decrease in blood pressure;
  • weak pulse, which is not very strong;
  • copious perspiration paleness;
  • anxiety, fear, loss of consciousness.

The worst outcome of an anaphylactic reaction is the onset of coma. The above symptoms appear immediately after contact with the allergen. The sooner they appear, the higher the risk of coma and death.

Often anaphylactic shock provoked by:

  • medicines;
  • bites (wasp and bee stings in particular);
  • food.

What to do to this complication not occurred? You need to be able to provide timely medical first aid upon the occurrence of angioedema. But first, let’s learn more about it.

Symptoms Of Quincke

This allergic swelling is an acute reaction, occurs quickly and suddenly. It develops for a few minutes and almost always attacks the mucous membranes and various parts of the face. To swell can:lips (most often), eyelids, scrotum, tongue, soft palate, tonsils.

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In severe cases, swollen:

  • respiratory tract;
  • the digestive tract;
  • the organs of the urogenital region.

Swelling is not accompanied by pain. Instead there is a feeling of «nagatoshi» and tension in the tissues. If you slightly press the swollen place, the dent remains. The feeling of swelling does not cause discomfort in the form of pain.

Angioedema can spread to the brain, so that any diverse neurological disorders.

Аллергический отек Квинке: симптоматика и первая помощьHolding allergic reaction within a few hours/days, after which disappears spontaneously as it appeared. Unfortunately, after healing there could be a relapse, not one. Such a manifestation of puffiness you see in the photo.

In the international classification of diseases, swelling Kwinke got a code ICD 10. What does it mean? This means that the specific causes of such an allergic reaction to this day has not set.

It can provoke the most diverse allergens such as medications, food, bites, etc.

To save an Allergy with angioedema, you need time to give him his first med. help. Want to know how to do this? Then here’s detailed instructions.

First aid allergies with the swelling — action plan

Knowing the symptoms, you probably recognize the above the disease is allergic in nature. If you happened to be near by allergies, which caused the attack, immediately give him first aid:

  • Call an ambulance!
  • If the allergen is known, get him away from the victim.
  • If an allergen was the drug injected intramuscularly or into a vein, the bandage is pressing the action just above the injection site and the injection site you put ice or something cold.
  • If you have Allergy due to bee or wasp bite, apply a bandage above the bitten place, remove the stinger, apply to wound the ice.
  • The patient loosen clothing at the neck and chest. Remove the rings and chains as swollen parts of the body to remove them would be problematic.
  • If the allergic person is in the room, open the Windows, providing fresh air.
  • If angioedema if it’s swelling of the throat or esophagus, in no event it is impossible to clean the stomach, even if you know exactly what the allergen provocateur edema was eaten. Due to the swelling of the vomit can enter the lungs, leading to serious issues.
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    After the arrival of the ambulance allergic will take the doctors. They are required to do the following:

  • Pressure drop (blood) and swelling of the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract to inject adrenaline.
  • To conduct hormonal therapy with glucocorticoids.
  • Give the allergic person an antihistamine and diuretic medicines.
  • Allergic hospitalized in the medical Department.
  • Treatment of edema — what is it?

    The treatment of this serious allergic reaction is carried out in a specific pattern. First and foremost, you need to find the cause — find out what provoked. Then you need to act according to the following scheme:

    • completely excluded from the life of a dangerous provocateur;
    • meds that increase sympathetic tone of the nervous system;
    • to reduce the level of histamine (to take Diphenhydramine, Tavegil, Suprastin) and parasympathetic activity;
    • to conduct vitamin therapy aimed at strengthening the immune system;
    • to take medication that stimulates the production of C1-inhibitor.

    Is it possible to prevent allergies in the form of swelling?

    Аллергический отек Квинке: симптоматика и первая помощьTo prevent any manifestation of Allergy can only be allergic on their own and then, if he knows that it is contraindicated. Prevention is to prevent contact with dangerous food, insects, medications or other provocateurs.

    That’s all the information about angioedema and its complications. If you happen to be a healthy person who has no immunity something, then just be prepared to help the other allergies.

    Allergic swelling can occur at any time, anywhere: in public transport, at work, during a walk in the Park, etc. Know the principles of first aid, in fact, everyone should.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)