Allergic arthritis: what causes and how to cure it?

Аллергический артрит: почему возникает и как его вылечить?Dear readers, Hello! Sometimes an Allergy develops into serious disease, such as allergic arthritis and infectious-allergic inflammatory rheumatic process.

These complications can cause improper treatment, or its absence altogether. Joint inflammation on the basis of hypersensitivity often develops in children.

If you want to protect your child from these diseases, then read this article which will tell you about arthritis allergic soil, namely about the symptoms, causes and methods of treatment of such complications.

Allergic rheumatic arthritis is the main reason

The main cause of the articular inflammation on the basis of Allergy is a malfunction in the immune system. During this disorder the person has hypersensitivity to anything: food, animal hair, pollen, stings, etc.

In contact with above mentioned substances in the body, it begins to create antibodies. They blend in with the harmful substance-an allergen and deposited in diverse tissues.

Аллергический артрит: почему возникает и как его вылечить?If the deposition will occur in the articular tissue of the knee joint, for example, they will begin to develop inflammation. This phenomenon will definitely provide the standard symptoms of arthritis.

Articulate inflammation on the basis of giperwolemicescoy can develop only after secondary contact with the allergen provocateur in the body. During the initial penetration that does not happen.

The above complication only affects Allergy sufferers, predominantly in childhood. This disease is treated successfully, if you notice it in time. So how to recognize arthritis on the basis of Allergy? You need to know its symptoms.


  • the disease begins acutely, so it is called «reactive»;
  • accompanied by a sharp deterioration of the General condition;
  • the sustavchikov, especially large, there is pain during movement;
  • the diseased articular tissues begin to swell, become inflamed and the tissue around them become hot;
  • the skin over the inflamed area appears red or dark-red spot;
  • on the epidermis jumps allergenic characteristic rash;
  • the disease is sometimes accompanied by swelling Kwinke and such complex manifestations;
  • fever, nausea and diarrhea.
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Arthritis because of giperwolemicescoy appear from allergies:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • food allergies;
  • intolerant of medications.

«Reactive» type of disease occurs mainly in people with bronchial asthma. The standard course of disease observed in food or medication allergies.

To cure the latter is easier and faster, but «reactive» arthritis is treated. Most importantly, time to diagnose and to adhere to the following recommendations.

Therapy against arthritis allergic

The treatment of articular diseases have arisen on the basis of intolerance, is this:

  • first and foremost you need to stop allergen exposure on allergic (if ill doesn’t know what he has so the body reacts, it is necessary to take Allergy tests to determine hazardous substance);
  • assigned to anti-allergic;
  • if the pain is severe («reactive» form of the disease), that are assigned non-steroidal drugs anti-inflammatory action;
  • ill sustavchikov can’t succumb to stress and overwork.

Having dealt with one form of arthritis on the basis of hypersensitivity, let’s move to the second infectious-allergic form.

Infectious-allergic inflamed — causes

Аллергический артрит: почему возникает и как его вылечить?The causes of this complication of giperwolemicescoy to this day unknown. But doctors suggest that it occurs due to allergic reactions in the nose and throat in children and adults.

This type of articular disease is also called «Ostankinsky arthritis» and «rheumatoid infectious».

This kind of popularnosti appears because of giperwolemicescoy to the causative agent of some infections (oddly enough, but also allergic to viruses).

To diagnose the complication can be in ten or twenty days after suffering a disease of infectious type.

Infectious-allergic joint popularnosti subject:

  • children of either sex;
  • adult women.
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The primary symptoms

The symptoms of the above complications in joint tissues are slightly different from symptoms previous complications. The disease attacks small and large sustavchiki, accompanied by light pain, is not detected on the radiograph. Otherwise, its manifestations are as follows:

  • ill refuses to eat;
  • he has a moral tension and moodiness;
  • he goes limping, trying not to use my hands;
  • complains of painful sensations in the extremities.

Articulate to diagnose allergic disease-infectious type is not easy. The diagnosis is made after exclusion of possible other similar ailments. Symptoms complications you see in the photo.

The card ill after confirmation of the diagnosis «allergic» or «infectious-allergic» arthritis is diagnosis code ICD-10: M13.8, «other specified arthritis».


Treatment of complications allergic-infectious type is the child and older people with:

  • of glucocorticoids;
  • special drugs that are injected into the joint;
  • medication against inflammation (Aspirin, Ibuprofen);
  • antimicrobial;
  • drugs, the development of deactivation reactions of giperwolemicescoy (antihistamine).

In addition, can be prescribed antibiotics, such as Penicillin or Erythromycin. The course will last at least one to two weeks. The sooner the diagnosis, the easier the disease is treatable.

After the detection of any complications of hypersensitivity to exclude any contact with the substance-an allergen. Remember that only its secondary ingestion can cause complications.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)