Allergic blisters: how to prevent their appearance?

Аллергические волдыри: как предотвратить их появление?Greetings, dear readers. Allergic blisters — this is a mandatory symptom in virtually all types of hypersensitivity. This kind of rash is extremely unpleasant, is frankly disgusting and can cause a lot of discomfort.

She is constantly itchy, bursts, flakes. If it will get infected, it will happen infectious inflammation, which is why conventional Valderice can become purulent.

Given the above, you certainly wanted to know what to do in case of blisters and how to get rid of them quickly. The answers lie in the article, so happy reading.

Types of allergic skin reactions

Valderice is the primary response to a stimulus. Such eruptions typical of many epidermal diseases that occur on the basis of hypersensitivity. Let’s look at the kinds of blisters, and more specifically allergic diseases that are accompanied by them:

  • Urticaria is the most common local reaction. It is characterized by multiple Valderice jumping all over the body. These rashes. Most worryingly, Valderice because Kropiwnicki can increase in size to huge inflammation.
  • Atopic dermatitis — instant reaction. It is characterized vesicles that are severely itchy, sore, burning. If the Allergy becomes severe, these vesicles transformed into a huge watery blisters from transparent or slightly turbid contents. Complication of dermatitis on the basis of hypersensitivity is often a pyoderma, which provokes an infection into the body through broken or torn vesicles.
  • Atopic dermatitis is a papule, which gradually merge. This disease is an allergic type has a feature — papules begin to itch severely in the evening. Are rash mostly on delicate areas of the skin, for example, on the neck, in the area of genitals, elbow and knee bends.
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    Symptoms of blisters on the basis of hypersensitivity

    To confuse the Allergy in the form of blisters with something else easy, because this skin disorder is common to many dermatological diseases. To understand what exactly it is allergic, it is possible according to the following criteria:

    • in the first place, after contact with an irritant will appear kropiwnicka and itching;
    • the skin on the future of red rashes;
    • the epidermis becomes dry, rough to the touch, «exhausted»;
    • possible mild or severe swelling.

    Local manifestations of hypersensitivity are accompanied by others:

    • excessive tears and mucus from the nose;
    • itching in the nose and eyelids;
    • sneezing;
    • intoxication;
    • signs of a cold or flu.

    For example, at home or in a child you notice suddenly developed Valderice. If this irritation is accompanied by the above deterioration, it is necessary to consult a doctor and identify the stimulus.

    In the future will have to avoid contact with him. And what to do with the rash? How to get rid of it quickly?

    Antiallergic treatment folderico

    Local therapy with hypersensitivity is carried out by:

    • corticosteroids for topical use (ointments, creams, etc.);
    • drugs on the basis of tar (will suit even the usual tar soap);
    • antibiotics and antiseptics for local use (to prevent or cure bacterial infection attached);
    • protivozudnam, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory creams, lotions, etc.

    These drugs can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription. However, I do not recommend self-treatment, especially pregnant and nursing. Also I do not advise to choose their own medicines for their children. It should deal with a professional allergist.

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    Treatment allergic folderico pregnant

    Аллергические волдыри: как предотвратить их появление?Pregnant contraindicated hormonal medicines. Antihistamines need to select and apply very carefully, even if they are intended for outdoor use.

    Pregnant antihistamines only fit 3rd group — the most modern, and in small doses and only as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Folk medicine against skin allergies and irritations

    To get rid of folderico on the hands and other parts of the body will help folk remedies. Often used herbal decoctions and infusions. The use of such medications, allergies can only be the case if his body normally reacts to grass.

    So, you want to know how you can quickly eliminate the rash allergic folderico? Then here are some recipes:

  • Baby allergies well help bath with the ordinary Lavrushka, which is in every kitchen. From Lavrushka need to prepare a decoction which is poured into the bath in the amount of glass/bath. After the water treatment of rashes need to treat zinc paste.
  • If Valderice burst and in their place there are «wet» wounds, it will help the bath with chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, chamomile, rosemary, korostenya, elecampane.
  • If irritation on the skin very itchy, it will help the cabbage brine. It must be applied daily on affected areas of the body.
  • To get rid of skin reactions on the basis of hypersensitivity for a year or two will help infusion series. They need to replace tea or coffee (a drink everyday). The infusion must be constantly fresh, which can be identified by color. Quality it light Golden.
  • If allergic local character is running, the skin should be treated with tincture of Ivan da Marya. This herb has the strongest healing effect.
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    Preventive measures against skin rashes

    To prevent the occurrence of itchy blisters due to hypersensitivity, you should avoid contact with the irritant. Especially cautiously it should behave in the spring and summer, when many plants release the allergen-pollen.

    In addition, it is better not to communicate with the animals, as their fur causes immediate allergic reaction of the epidermis. In order not to irritate the skin further, wear loose clothing made from natural organic materials.

    That’s all the information about allergenic folderico. I hope you found everything you were looking for. If so, tell your friends about it on social networks and subscribe to the updates of this website. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)