Allergic dermatitis in children: important factors contributing to the speedy recovery of the child

Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаHello, dear readers! Allergy is practically the problem of the century to date. The disease affects both children and adults, and the tendency it has every other person on the planet. Most often the disease affects in the kindergarten age.

Allergic dermatitis in children – response of the immune system to the allergen. Simply put, the food enters the stomach, splits, and causes allergic product, which lack the enzyme, and it produces the antigen.

Most often, according to doctors, Allergy in children are caused by unsuitable food that your digestive system of the baby is simply not ready.

There is still another way: the amount of product is so great that it is this enzyme is not enough.


Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаAllergic dermatitis may have completely different symptoms. It can affect the overall condition. Looks like a ailment on the skin:

  • small pimples;
  • scaly areas;
  • redness;
  • moist areas;
  • sores and cracks;
  • severe itching.

In the photo below you can clearly consider the main symptoms of dermatitis in children. You can see that the localization of the rash usually appears on the cheeks, creases of the knees and elbows, and stomach.

Dermatitis can cover large areas and can be only in one place, which then becomes inflamed to redness, the flash dies down and the place just flakes.

Therapy disease

Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаAs such, the treatment of allergies in children is missing, because the most important thing to create certain conditions for the normal functioning of the intestine.

Dr. Komarovsky identifies the following principles of conduct mom, if her children had an allergic dermatitis.

  • Necessary to achieve regular bowel movements, it is possible to apply preparations based on lactulose, and give the drug at the non-standard scheme, which is much smaller than indicated in the instructions.
  • Allergic dermatitis in infants usually is caused by overeating. According to experts, a child who eats from a bottle, always overeat. But the main thing here is not to reduce the amount of food and use enzymes to so-called improve digestion.
  • Reducing the size of the hole in the nipple of a baby who is not breastfeeding, should slow down drink number.
  • It is also possible to resort to a little more than to dilute the mixture, contrary to the norms given on the box.
  • If the child is breastfed, the mother’s nutrition it is necessary to remove oil, fat, whole milk powder and other products of high fat content.
  • For older kids all the recommendations boil down to nutritious food without haste and to the exclusion of sweet.
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    Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаRelatively sweet, it is necessary to say separately about cases like dermatitis began to pass, and if you give the child, for example, cough syrup – cheeks blushed again, although by itself, the sugar can not cause allergies.

    And the point here is this: sugar creates the perfect environment for the distribution and reproduction of putrefactive bacteria remaining undigested.

    Of drugs to help the body of the baby to cope with such reaction may be appointed enterosgel – he absorbs malicious environment, antihistamines – good at relieving the itch and healing ointment.

    Traditional medicine distinguishes flax seed inside and local treatment with various decoctions of herbs.

    If you decide to treat dermatitis folk remedies, they also must approve your pediatrician, because of the plant except the possession of useful properties, can also cause an outbreak of allergies.

    Important rules in the treatment

    We will highlight several factors influencing the disease, observing that the dermatitis will be faster.

  • Diet. The child, be sure to adjust the menu so to eliminate all possible allergens. You should also adjust the servings to avoid overeating.
  • Water. Pure water like never benefits in various skin reactions. To calculate the required amount of liquid children like this: one kilogram of weight per day should drink 30 grams of pure water.
  • Air during sleep should be no more than 19 degrees, the heat and sweating like never, contribute to pathogenic processes.
  • Fresh air must be at least two hours a day, especially this cold time of year. You can see that coming from a walk, a rash in the child becomes less.
  • Hygiene should be as follows: to wash the body with soap and water no more than once a week. This does not apply to the genitals and hands. The fact that go overboard with washing your kids, we wash off the natural protective film of the epidermis.
  • Wearable clothing and linens should be only from natural fabrics.
  • Detergent must be selected so that their composition was natural ingredients. Best suited for children and soap.
  • Carefully review the toys. Among them, there should not be such, the composition of which, there is a malicious chemicals.
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    Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаAntiallergic therapy, unfortunately, has no magic pill make it all go away once and for all.

    It is always a set of measures to be followed by any parent. Just cream or ointment that you can lubricate the affected areas alone will have only a temporary effect.

    Of the medications we listed lactulose and enterosgel, they are safe. Be careful when using any antihistamines, the instructions are that they can cause itching and irritation. This is because they reduce the sweating.

    Another important point, which we could not avoid: the lack of calcium excess of vitamin D. Very often the lack of this vitamin in children can cause allergies.

    By the way, if you remember how we treated already adult to date people, so it is calcium gluconate.

    It is fashionable to assume that it is not absorbed by the body because no perfect composition. We hasten to reassure: it’s digested, it can be given the child, mixed with any dairy product.

    Аллергический дерматит у детей: важные факторы, способствующие скорейшему выздоровлению ребенкаTo conclude, it is noteworthy that allergic dermatitis can be cured without resorting to medications. Enough to handle of a kid’s menu and moderate diet.

    Creating the right living conditions and hygiene, the disease will soon begin to recede. Relapse can be avoided by observing the same rules of food, drink and outdoor activities.

    You also need the child’s temper, spraying his legs with cool water after a shower. It should be remembered that any rash first still it is necessary to consult a doctor to rule out more complex hereditary or infectious diseases.

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    And after that you can proceed directly to therapy. Any applicable medicines only facilitate the state, and the freedom from disease lies inside the metabolic processes of the digestive system. We wish health to your children!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)