Allergic dermatitis: symptoms and treatment

Аллергический дерматит: симптомы болезни и лечениеWelcome to our site which is dedicated to the skin and problems with it. Each of us, one way or another, experienced peeling and redness in the skin sections.

You are lucky if you never happened! To date, according to statistics, the dermatitis has the highest frequency of occurrence. The age of speed and information leaves its imprint on our body.

In this article we will try to accurately present information that fully discloses the causes of dermatitis, the main symptoms and principles with which to approach the treatment of this disease.

How to distinguish allergic dermatitis on your skin?

We begin, perhaps, with symptoms of this disease. Allergic dermatitis has many different and insidious manifestations on the skin.

He may reflect on the state of the organism as a whole. Let’s list the most common symptoms:

  • a rash of small pimples;
  • redness of the skin;
  • peeling;
  • severe itching;
  • swelling problem areas;
  • ulcers and moist areas.

On the condition of the patient allergies may be affected by the lethargy, fatigue and drowsiness. We are presenting you a few photos, which filmed different parts of the body with allergic manifestations, so you get good examples of this disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

Аллергический дерматит: симптомы болезни и лечениеTo determine the exact pathology first, a dermatologist is necessary to exclude more serious diseases, such as:

  • eczema;
  • toxicodermia;
  • psoriasis and other.

Beginning with patient interviews and tests gradually emerges that looks like the picture of the disease and how clear its causes.

In the case where data are insufficient, additional tests are appointed so-called Allergy tests or allergenicity.

Through the study of blood, the result makes it clear what contributed to the outbreak of dermatitis. According to the obtained results it becomes clear which product should be deleted to avoid deterioration of the patient.

According to the statistics of the latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) allergic reactions, according to the latest decades are becoming rampant.

When allergic contact dermatitis is slightly easier as in the definition and exclusion of substances contributing to the outbreak.

What you need to pay attention

In order to construct a treatment plan, you must first understand and eliminate the substance that promotes the response of the organism as of the manifestations on the skin.

Let’s see what can affect the body in a similar way:

  • food and drink;
  • medications such as external and oral;
  • the environment in which lives the patient may work with hazardous substances and chemicals.

Factors contributing to the development of Allergy can be reduced immunity and genetic predisposition.

Permanent stresses and nervous tension also is not the best way affects the condition of the skin and the whole organism.

I recommend to watch the video where the dermatologist says about proper diet:


  • Diet is the first thing you should pay attention. Menu of the patient should consist of the generally accepted proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. What not to eat — so it’s citrus, chocolate, almost all berries and fruits. In children from the diet also eliminates red apples. In infants, when pathology regulate feeding his mom. In fact, the principle of supply and details of the diet should recommend a doctor, under whose control is the treatment of the disease. Diet in Allergy – it is something without which no tablets, no ointment is simply not going to help.
  • Tablet means are selected based on the patient’s age, stage of disease and General condition of the skin. Well antihistamines relieve itching and inflammation. In acute forms – assign sorbents and excessive drinking.
  • About the miraculous properties of water are described in many books. And water is that for dermatitis plays a very important role. It perfectly removes toxins and undesirable components, which provoked the reaction of the skin.
  • Ointment or cream is needed as an auxiliary means that will simultaneously heal and protect the damaged epidermis. The shelves of pharmacies contain many such external funds. But most often, recently come across positive reviews about the miracle ointment prescription Department. The medication is quite expensive, but the modifications are visible after the first application. The ointment is useful especially when a rash found on the face or on the hands.It will heal the inflammation much faster than the advertised drugs of wide application.
  • When the dermatitis is wet in nature it makes sense to burn these places Zelenka or fukortsin. These simple familiar to us from childhood drugs quickly dried the inflammation and will promote wound healing.

  • Immunity is the Foundation of our health and resistance not only to toxins, but also viruses. Therefore, special attention should be come to lifestyle. As we know, components of the immune system — it is not only proper nutrition, which we have already said, and sleep, air and regular life. These factors need to be observed, as, for example, in the presence of the eight-hour sleep and a quiet life, but without going for walks – especially health will not increase, and Vice versa,the line — lots of air and sleep, and stress. It is important to all. Need to sleep eight hours at night, need to walk at least one hour a day. Not to succumb to stress, and nervous bursts. You should try to change your bittaker way to a healthy lifestyle and strong immune system is your constant companion. Then, even with hereditary predisposition to dermatitis chances of getting it will decrease many times.
  • Please note that in the treatment of pathology in children, walking in the air play the most important role.

    Besides the fact that the air in the room where the baby sleeps you need to moisturize, the temperature should be about eighteen degrees Celsius, as recommended by Dr. Komorowski, and to walk on the street needs at least two hours, especially in the cold season.

    By the way, cold, very beneficial to the skin and perfectly removes inflammation in problem areas.

  • Traditional methods can be internal and external. Immediately need to mention that babies anything from medicinal herbs to recommend it is impossible. Any component in a small body, burdened with allergies that can cause unpredictable reactions. Adults, you can safely try herbal teas. You can use chamomile, oak bark, and other series. Following preparation: take a handful of herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool to body temperature and wipe inflammation several times a day. For dermatitis it is better not to mix several herbs, choosing any one.
  • Treatment of folk remedies is good because you eliminate contact with toxins and harmful chemicals in the body, preferring natural substances.

    At home you can also prepare the following tools:

    • Mask of herbs, which consist of several components (e.g., a spoon of cream and one drop of birch tar) and overlap with fifteen – twenty minutes and then wash off with warm water.
    • Cream taken in equal proportions of glycerin and fresh milk and the starch brought to the desired consistency – good job with the peeling and redness.
    • Four tincture of plantain leaves in half a glass of white wine for seven days is used several times a day as a lotion.
    • A decoction of the mixture of hops and a succession of equally applied several times a day as lotion patient.

    To natural remedies also include essential oil in dilute, and with the addition of milk or cream.

    We would not recommend the use of oil without additional consultation with the doctor, as even when marked «hypoallergenic» — essential oil by itself is the concentrate of a plant, and how to react to it the body during acute allergic dermatitis in advance, nobody knows.

    Prevention of Allergy

    Аллергический дерматит: симптомы болезни и лечениеThough the pharmaceutical industry does not stand still, and pharmaceuticals are produced every year better and safe, it is better to prevent disease than to treat it.

    And prevention of dermatitis – this does not mean to abandon the oranges and chocolate for life.

    Under the prevention of the disease, we first of all understand the immune system. And for this we need to radically revise the way of life and habitual daily actions:

    • healthy sleep for eight hours, and most importantly, it is in the night time;
    • measured meals three-four times a day in small portions;
    • menu should be rich in vitamins, natural, unprocessed food, vegetables, fruits and lean meat;
    • charging or simple physical exercises should be your companion forever;
    • gentle hardening contrast shower in the morning or showering your legs with cold water in the evening;
    • to avoid stress and nervous tension, to try to think positively.

    Prevention of dermatitis in infants is reduced to the diet of the mother. According to the rules of the first months of life diet nursing women should consist at first of only a few products, cereals and meat, then, little by little you can expand the diet, introducing each product, one per day in small portions.

    After your baby turned six months, you can try citrus fruits, chocolate and other products that are considered allergens.

    Thus it is necessary to carefully observe the reaction of the baby’s skin and its General health.

    In young children up to three years prevention of dermatitis is also a sparing diet, where foods with a high content of allergic components are also put small parts in one day.

    But as practice shows, the child of three years old could easily live without chocolate, and vitamin C, derived from lemons and oranges it can get from kiwifruit which, according to the latest data, perfect substitute for citrus. And the content of vitamin C in it several times more.

    Separate point we will give this phenomenon in children as allergic dermatitis to lactose contained in milk.

    This type of Allergy should be treated by a doctor, and to appoint a special diet, he can only according to the test results the baby.

    Interesting facts

  • First memory in the history of dermatitis from the II century ad.
  • In 1906, he introduced the term «Allergy», and the one responsible for it was appointed as «histamine».
  • The prediction that the most common disease to the beginning of our century will be different dermatitis was published in 1993.
  • Home mite is recognized as the most common source of allergies.
  • Licking postage stamps can be deadly if you are allergic to fish, because the glue is made from fish waste.
  • Dermatitis and more popular among young people under the age of 35 years. As the metabolism slows down, and the risk of dermatitis is reduced.
  • Alcohol can trigger an outbreak of allergies, although by itself it is not a histamine.
  • Yogurt – healthy! Scientists have shown that those who consume dairy products daily is almost not at risk of this disease.
  • Cats are more allergenic than cats and dogs cause allergic reactions less frequently than cats.
  • Vitamins b, C and E reduce the risk of this disease.
  • Conclusion

    Аллергический дерматит: симптомы болезни и лечениеSo you found out today what is allergic dermatitis. There is a variety of dry and wet. It is manifested, as a rule, peeling and itching or wet wounds.

    Cause allergies, usually food, drugs, or contaminated environment. Often it could even be dust and Pets.

    Therapy dermatitis usually comes down to the exclusion of the product or of different types. As a Supplement, to remove the inflammatory process during an exacerbation assigned antihistamines.

    For skin healing and softening of the affected area, apply ointment. When wet well suited to the solution of brilliant green alcohol.

    In the period of exacerbation of Allergy must be very careful to treat your body. First of all, you should try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    In addition to compliance with hypoallergenic diet, you should drink enough pure water for a quick detoxification and cleansing on a cellular level.

    By the way, to get rid of toxins the doctor may also prescribe adsorbents. Strengthening the immune system is important not only for allergies, and as you know, colds and viruses.

    A healthy immune system well prevents the recurrence of the disease. So you need to include in the mode of the day charging and hardening.

    Also to adjust your day so that time for a healthy sleep was not less than eight hours.

    You need to work by day and sleep by night. As you can see, there is nothing complicated! Be always healthy and dermatitis may bypasses your side!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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