Allergic laryngitis: why does it appear and how to recognize it?

Аллергический ларингит: почему появляется и как его распознать?Hello, dear readers. Sometimes the Allergy manifests itself very irregular. One of these unusual manifestations is allergic laryngitis. It is an inflammation of the larynx, however, his character infectious.

Therefore, if suddenly you have a sore throat, think about it, could it be this is a symptom of allergies? Laryngitis due to intolerance is often confused with ordinary infectious. While assigned to the wrong treatment, which can harm the body the allergic.

After reading the article, you will learn how to distinguish normal from allergic laryngitis and learn all the details of this non-communicable disease.

Features and causes of non-communicable disease

This disease is often referred to as a special form of inflammation of the throat, as it does not provoke bacterial or viral microorganisms. What, then, provokes non-infectious laryngitis? Correctly, the allergens, which, incidentally, can be varied:

  • food — sugary, fruit, berries, milk;
  • household factors — wool Pets, chemicals for cleaning, paint-substances, cosmetics;
  • substances of natural origin flavors of the herbs and plants, pollen, pollen (poplar, for example);
  • medications — Supplements, antibiotics;
  • industrial polluters of the environment.

Infectious laryngitis can occur due to pathogenic microscopic organisms — bacteria and different viruses. This differentiates it from non-infectious. The rest of the symptoms of the diseases are almost identical.

There are two types of allergic inflammatory process in the larynx:

  • acute — occurs after a single contact with a harmful substance that may require urgent medical intervention (removal of tonsils);
  • chronic — lasts more than a month, triggered by regular prolonged contact with the allergen, develops due to the lack of proper and timely treatment.
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To provoke chronic laryngitis due to intolerances is very difficult. For this you need not to pay attention to symptoms of disease and not curing it completely, thus exacerbating the situation of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

In adults Allergy laryngitis often arises from working in hazardous enterprises — factories, factories producing anything and the like.

In children, the development of non-infectious inflammation triggered by:

  • accommodation in a room with dry air;
  • the presence of other allergic reactions;
  • excessive consumption by the mother during pregnancy dangerous (allergenic) products.

Аллергический ларингит: почему появляется и как его распознать?If a teenager has any of the above illness of a chronic nature, then most likely it will be added to pharyngitis or chronic sinusitis.

After reading the information on non-infectious disease, you probably want to know how to distinguish it from the ordinary, triggered by bacteria and viruses. To do this, let’s look at the symptoms of allergic laryngitis.

Symptoms as an allergic inflammation of the throat?

The symptoms of non-infectious diseases acute and chronic types are different. For a start I suggest to see the manifestations of acute disease:

  • uncomfortable feeling during swallowing;
  • shortness of breath;
  • constant feeling «coma» in the throat;
  • shortness of breath;
  • hoarseness of voice;
  • burning and feeling of dryness in the throat;
  • cough.

The most unpleasant symptom, perhaps, is the last of the list. The nature of the cough may be different: sudden attacks of varying severity, or persistent cough.

During the chronic non-communicable diseases can join it infection. There are special cough with sputum, increased temperature, severe pain in the throat, General intoxication.

Аллергический ларингит: почему появляется и как его распознать?How do you think can allergic laryngitis to give relapse? And I’ll tell you that it can. More to say, so often the case in repeated contact with the substance-an allergen. If the disease will give a relapse, it turn into chronic.

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So, if you have it once because of an Allergy in the future much try not to provoke a re-occurrence.

There is also a lightweight version of non-infectious inflammation of the throat. It appears after a short contact with the substance-an allergen or a small its use.

This lightweight laryngitis allergic nature has less pronounced symptoms:

  • difficulty swallowing;
  • slight pain and discomfort in the throat;
  • irritation and mild coughing.

Lightweight non-communicable disease will be alone a few hours after the appearance of these symptoms. But more serious forms have to be treated. How? Read about it below.

Principles of treatment

If the disease first appeared in an acute form, it is necessary to turn to doctors. Often this disease requires hospitalization (treatment is carried out in stationary conditions). The hospital allergies will keep at least seven to ten days. He will appoint:

  • alkaline inhalation;
  • corticosteroids;
  • antiallergic medication;
  • antispasmodics.

Аллергический ларингит: почему появляется и как его распознать?After recovery, allergies should be sure to take skin Allergy tests. These analyses will help to identify the harmful substance, which have to be avoided in the future.

How to treat acute infectious laryngitis, clear. Now let’s define how to treat chronic at home. So, to cope with the disease will help you:

  • warm baths (water temperature should gradually and smoothly increase);
  • drinking mineral alkaline water (you can buy at the drugstore or at the supermarket);
  • inhalation with soda;
  • acceptance of Pain (or other Allergy), Diphenhydramine and hot shots;
  • sedative medications.

In addition, to alleviate the condition and improve health by using these steps:

  • complete elimination of alcohol and Smoking cessation;
  • frequent airing and damp cleaning of premises;
  • observance of silence (easy, not strain your vocal chords, the disease will retreat faster);
  • drink and abundant (you can drink warm teas, water, without dyes, additives and gas).
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We advise you to view helpful videos about the difference between allergic cough infectious.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about allergic laryngitis. I hope you will heed the advice and will properly treat this disease non-infectious type.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)