Allergic pharyngitis: why does it occur and how is it treated?

Good day to you, dear readers! Common complication of hypersensitivity is allergic pharyngitis. It is easy to recognize, because the symptoms he is bright, aggressive and noticeable. Let us study in detail the complication of Allergy to be able to protect themselves.

Features of pharyngitis allergic background

Allergic pharyngitis — an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the pharynx, triggered by the stimulus. Stimulus can be anything:

  • pollen, plants, trees and herbs;
  • the dust — home, library, production;
  • fur — cats, dogs, farming. animals;
  • unfavorable environment;
  • certain factors at work — harmful fumes, dust, particles of materials, chemicals;
  • medications — antibiotics and other;
  • food — a variety of foods;
  • tobacco smoke.

Аллергический фарингит: почему появляется и как правильно лечится?The above disease refers to class ICD 10 — J31. She stands next to allergic rhinitis, which according to ICD 10 is J30. It occurs in children no less than adults have allergies.

By the way, have allergies often causes the complication independently. How? It’s simple: does not apply to their health responsibly. Please see my list of reasons provocateurs of pharyngitis on the basis of hypersensitivity.

The main causes of the complication

The disease is the result of a local reaction. When hypersensitive the body gets stimuli, he begins to actively defend itself, releasing antibodies and provokes an attack of allergies.

To provoke the complication is quite easy, if you continue to contact with an irritant. The reasons for developing pharyngitis, is as follows:

  • allergies lives in areas with dirty environment;
  • often located on the street next to the public and other vehicles;
  • smoke or drink alcohol, poisoning your body from the inside;
  • working in hazardous enterprise;
  • consume irritating foods — shellfish, nuts, chocolate, food with chemical harmful components.

Аллергический фарингит: почему появляется и как правильно лечится?In addition, irritation of the pharynx on the basis of intolerance can be triggered by bacteria, viruses, fungi. Such complications include streptococcal pharyngitis.

Also exacerbates the risk of complications bad heredity — if a complication occurred in close relatives.

In any case, the allergies appear the characteristic signs by which he will be able to recognize the disease. Let’s look at them.

Symptoms of pharyngitis on the basis of hypersensitivity

At this disease symptoms are very specific, allowing to mix it with something else is almost impossible. The disease manifests itself the same for Allergy sufferers-adults and young. All the signs involve swelling of the pharynx:

  • suddenly there is a feeling of «vivaldis needles» in the throat;
  • you may feel the presence of a foreign body in the throat;
  • throat is irritated, itches, hurts (permanent or paroxysmal);
  • there is a dry cough, not bringing relief;
  • stuffy nose, and mucus is not released (this occurs only when complications in the throat);
  • temperature Allergy is normal (in children may slightly rise);
  • in children sometimes there is itching and pain in the ears;
  • on the skin in the throat can cause a rash as pictured.

The most terrible is the flow of pharyngitis in allergic laryngitis. The symptoms: shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing; hoarseness; dyspnea of varying severity.

If strep throat allergic the soil will become chronic, aching to feel bad every morning without any reason, even if exposure to the stimulus was not.

Аллергический фарингит: почему появляется и как правильно лечится?Suspect on the above complication allergies? Then refer to the following doctors for accurate diagnosis of allergist, immunologist, physician.

After allergodil and blood tests tells you exactly what happened and why. Tests can accurately determine the stimulus, as well as cross-irritants, which can also be dangerous.

What to do if complications are not managed? Now I have to treat it. How to treat pharyngitis on the basis of hypersensitivity? This will be discussed further.

Therapy against allergic respiratory complications

Successful treatment depends on the behavior of allergic. With acute pharyngitis allergic on the background of allergies should refrain from the most common products-stimuli: whole milk, chicken eggs, seafood, citrus fruits, meats, flour-based sweet products, chocolate.

Аллергический фарингит: почему появляется и как правильно лечится?The right diet will help speed up the healing process. How to stop the symptoms?

Using antihistamine and desensitizing agents, which need to drink courses to complete disappearance of symptoms.

Such drugs include: loratadine;, Diazolin, Diphenhydramine;, Zyrtec and side effects of the drug.

In addition, to stop the development of complications on the throat will help injections of calcium gluconate (in the vernacular «hot»). Ill also assigned treatments:

  • inhalations with mineral water;
  • irrigation of the throat with medicines with sea water;
  • rinsing with salt solution+soda, saline;
  • the use of immunomodulators — Immunal, Echinacea tincture, Bioflora.

The treatment of pharyngitis on the basis of sensitivity, and must necessarily be complex. If this disease will join and bacterial, which, unfortunately, happens often, the doctor may additionally prescribe an antibiotic drugs.

In any case, do not treat yourself! In the world there are doctors.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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