Allergic rhinitis: causes and treatments

Аллергический ринит: причины появления и методы леченияGood day to you, dear readers! The most common, even classic, symptom of hypersensitivity is allergic rhinitis.

In common it is called common cold, but from the ordinary infectious cold, it differs in that it does not pass in a week or two. How to live with this problem for Allergy sufferers? In fact, do not have to suffer and suffer constant nasal congestion.

After reading the article, you will learn why the allergen reacts nasopharyngeal system in the first place, and how to deal with rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity.

Why do people with allergies stuffy nose?

Allergic rhinitis has a code in ICD-10 «J30». This disease is absolutely not contagious, unlike infectious types. It provokes inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nasopharyngeal system. According to statistics, rhinitis due to hypersensitivity hurts 20% of the Russian population.

Аллергический ринит: причины появления и методы леченияThis reaction occurs immediately after contact with the substance-irritant and does not disappear for a long time (a month or two, or even more).

The fact is that allergens penetrate the human body through the nose, so with it, harmful substances come into contact in the first place. Therefore, it responds to stimuli first.

Often rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity develops after exposure to:

  • insect (bites);
  • pollen;
  • dust (household dust mites);
  • yeast and mold fungi;
  • some of food;
  • library of dust (often chronic rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity happens to be working in libraries);
  • medicines-antibiotics.

Manifestations of non-infectious rhinitis

Any disease, including allergic, has the characteristic features by which it can be time to recognize and diagnose.

The symptoms of the above disease is very bright, so to confuse it with any other impossible. Have suffering from allergic rhinitis are observed such deterioration:

  • paroxysmal sneezing without any reason;
  • the complicated nasal respiration (occurs only in the most severe cases, so it is not a common manifestation of allergic rhinitis);
  • annoying constant itching in the nasopharyngeal system.
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Аллергический ринит: причины появления и методы леченияEspecially dangerous is rhinitis on the basis of intolerance in a child. His complication may be allergic adenoiditis, is a disease that affects not only the health but also on the appearance of suffering.

Want to learn about this complication more? Then read an article on him on this website.

Suffering can be distinguished even in appearance. The exterior changes especially noticeable at the time of exacerbation of allergies. This is called seasonal rhinitis. It attacks mainly during the summer and spring, when blooming plants, becomes hot, there is more dust.

An Allergy is swelling of the face, especially the nose, and blushes, «poured». Eyes are always tearful, sore, tired. One tries not to use the nose for breathing. During sleep he begins to snore, or even snoring.

Аллергический ринит: причины появления и методы леченияAllergies in the time of exacerbation becomes irritable, lethargic, tired all the time. Another interesting symptom of allergic rhinitis is the constant desire to RUB the tip of the nose because it itches the most.

The above disease in adults manifests itself not less clearly than in children. Adults may experience it harder, since poor health greatly affects the performance.

This disturbed sleep, which the body, particularly the nervous system experiences severe stress. In the end, possible nervous breakdowns, insomnia, mental disorders of various kinds.

Constant allergic nasal congestion — can this be?

If the above deterioration is only a few months of the year, this seasonal form of rhinitis due to hypersensitivity. But if the nose is clogged longer, the disease may develop into a year-round form.

This is a very serious complication requiring complex and expensive treatment. By the way, if the rhinitis is treated on the basis of Allergy? How to treat a nasty disease? We’ll discuss this further.

Treatment of seasonal and chronic nasal congestion

For the treatment of allergic problems with the nasopharynx is necessary:

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  • Antihistamine, if the attack began suddenly and get worse. In this case, taking the drug of the second and third generation, such as Citrine, Zyrtec, Aerius. These drugs differ from the representatives of the first generation that do not have side effects.
  • Hormonal sprays and drops for nose — intranasal glucocorticoids. Their list includes Pleasance, Budesonide. These medications are appointed of complications, and in those situations, if antihistamines do not help.
  • Antagonists leukotriene — Akalat, Singulair, for example. Such medications will help with rhinitis the medium and high severity.
  • Drops in the nose, narrowing the vessels. They can be dispensed with, if the disease manifests itself is not too bright. The most important thing is to remember that the use of such drugs can not be longer than five days, otherwise they will cause addiction.
  • Hyposensitization therapy — a gradual addiction to substance stimulus. This treatment is useful if nasal congestion purchased year-round in nature. To conduct therapies effectively, it is necessary to define exactly what the body reacts. For this purpose there are special medical laboratory tests.
  • Chelators — Polisorb, Enterosgel and others. They are necessary in order to rid your body of toxins, allowing the harmful effect of substances is greatly reduced and completes faster. Therefore, the hypersensitivity in the form of the common cold will end soon.
  • Preventive actions

    If you don’t want to deal with the constant allergic cold, adhere to the following rules:

    • during the dangerous spring and summer a diet that excludes products-stimuli;
    • often get out of the room, and not only superficially, but completely, as the «General cleaning» will help to get rid of all dust;
    • refrain from «dust collectors» in the interior — carpets, tall cabinets, heavy curtains;
    • avoid contact with substance-irritant;
    • periodically in the direction of an allergist undergoing plasmapheresis — plasmapheresis is a mechanical way, which will help to be cleansed of harmful substances and toxins from the inside.
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    That’s advice that will help with allergic rhinitis make your life easier. Now you know, what drugs help if you experience problems with the nasopharynx allergic soil. Not superfluous to read share information with friends through social networks.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)