Allergic to a rabbit: causes and treatments

Аллергия на кролика: причины появления и методы леченияHello, dear readers! Do you like decorative rabbits? Choosing a first pet, kids often ask it of rabbits. For them it is easy to care for, interesting to watch, as they quite contact, moving, harmless.

For example, domestic rabbit you had. And meat rabbits have you tried? Crostini is considered a dietary meat, so it is recommended for those who have problems with stomach, intestines, immunity and overall health.

Crostino suggest to give the kiddies, as there are many nutrients necessary for development and growth.

Unfortunately, rabbits are not as harmless and useful as it may seem. Allergic to the rabbit at the present time has become increasingly common. What is this disease and how to live with it? Now let’s consider different variants of intolerance of rabbits.

Option # 1 — intolerance decorative rabbits: causes

Аллергия на кролика: причины появления и методы леченияRabbit hair causing a hypersensitive reaction in very rare cases. But urine regularly. Increasingly, parents bring kids to allergists or come yourself complaining of allergies for decorative rabbits. Are you curious why is there such a disease?

The fact that the coat of these animals is virtually odorless. But urine and feces emit a sharp, pungent aroma of ammonia. Allergies will bother the owner, even if he regularly cleans the cage and is rarely in contact with animals.

Symptoms decorative rabbits

  • first, skin will appear sore throat and cough;
  • in addition, there is allergic rhinitis, information about which you will find in a separate article on this website;
  • his eyes begin to tear excessively, inflamed, itchy;
  • itches the tip of the nose;
  • appears paroxysmal sneezing;
  • in severe cases, can develop allergic bronchial asthma;
  • in the most severe anaphylactic shock.
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How to understand that the disease is caused by a house rabbit?

To make it easy. Just give the rabbit to someone a couple of days. If you dramatically feel better, so the stimulus acts pet.

Let’s say you haven’t decided on a rabbit, but plan to start it. How to determine if your household is allergic? Go to visit friends or acquaintances who keep ornamental rabbits. To see if intolerance is enough to be near a potential stimulus for 5-10 minutes.

Treatment of hypersensitivity to decorative rabbits

Unfortunately, there is no medication that can remove hypersensitivity like a magic wand. So you’ll have to learn to live with his feature. Allergic attack is easier to prevent than to cure its consequences. If it was, then proceed according to this scheme:

  • get rid of the causative agent of Allergy;
  • probates antihistamines;
  • often ventilate and clean the room, which are;
  • install a humidifier and dry purified air;
  • if you can not get rid of the rabbit, then do not contact him, give care to someone in the household, ask him to change the litter in the cage twice a day.

Having dealt with a hypersensitivity to decorative rabbits, let’s talk about the second common Allergy food reaction to crostino (for meat).

Option # 2 — hypersensitivity to rabbit meat

Does such a dietary product negative reaction? It turns out, is like any other meat products. Just a reaction to crostino not as common as beef or chicken. So many still dispute its existence.

Аллергия на кролика: причины появления и методы леченияThe cause of hypersensitivity to rabbit proteins serve in its composition. In addition, the disease often provoke chemicals and antibiotics with which to stuff low-quality products by unscrupulous manufacturers.

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This hypersensitivity manifests mainly in early childhood: in infants after first complementary foods.

It also occurs in infants due to breast milk (if the mother eats a lot crostini, the allergens go into body of the newborn with her milk, and the excessive number of them in a weak nesformirovannost the body can provoke a negative reaction).

It happens Allergy in children at an older age because of frequent and excessive consumption of rabbit meat.
Disease recognition will be easy. Its symptoms will appear almost immediately after eating the causative agent.

Signs of food sensitivity crostini

  • bowel disorder;
  • vomiting and diarrhoea of greenish color;
  • diarrhea namerevajushijsja pieces of food;
  • a body rash (urticaria or dermatitis), about the same as photo;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • the swelling of angioedema (swollen throat, soft tissue in the mouth area, eyelids, genitals);
  • itching;
  • rhinitis and ocular inflammation — conjunctivitis.

What if there was a reaction to the meat product? The first thing you need to exclude it from the diet of hypersensitive individuals. To relieve the symptoms of the above diseases will help you antihistamine.

But first you need to ensure that the reaction is triggered crostini. To do this, visit an allergist and get tested for antibodies, as well as local Allergy tests.

Treatment of food hypersensitivity

Аллергия на кролика: причины появления и методы леченияTreatment is with antihistamines such as Zyrtec, Diazolin, Tavegil, Suprastin etc. For kids it is better to choose a medical supplies of the current generation (third). They are as safe as possible and do not act on the person sedative.

In addition, to take the anti-Allergy diet and to clean the intestines from toxins. Often the cause of allergic disorders, acts as a weakened immune system and weakens it because of slagging of the intestine and failures in its work.

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Are you curious about what to clean the intestines? For this there are sorbents, such as Activated carbon, Lactofiltrum, POLYSORB. The last two may be given even to infants.

If there was a threat of complications, you will most likely prescribe corticosteroids. It’s hormones with anti-inflammatory effect. Prescribe them only in extreme cases.

And what to do with the local manifestations of Allergy — rash, itch and irritation? To get rid of these symptoms will help protivozudnam and special wound healing ointments. At the present time is their huge variety. Choose wisely and only after consultation with the allergist.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)