Allergic to air: can be and how to recognize it?

Аллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?Good day, dear readers! Imagine the situation if you have an Allergy to air. From the air not going anywhere, with him we are in contact constantly. What do you think, is there such an allergic reaction?

And here’s the answer: it happens, and happens quite often. Suffering may not even know what exactly his body reacts.

If you’re wondering what air the Allergy and how it manifests itself, then carefully read the article, where you will find the answers to all your questions.

In the air it may be a negative reaction?

Fortunately, the normal oxygen that we breathe, a negative reaction does not happen. In the street allergies can be pollen, sun, and other diverse allergens, but not fresh air.

But indoors, in an office where it can be dry or too wet, in susceptible human sometimes negative reaction. Let’s check what the air is most dangerous and how to manifest the body’s response to it.

Dry — threat, but this problem is easily solved

People who suffer from hypersensitivity to dry air, begins to suffer from early season to warm the batteries. The heating of the battery have a negative impact on the microclimate in apartments and houses.

Аллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?Normal level of humidity in the room is equal to 60-80%. Measure it by using a special device called a hygrometer.

With the beginning of heating, the humidity drops two to three times. So dry air for the people-the residents of the middle band is unacceptable, and some on his body begins to respond is critical. Air allergies dry microclimate can be diagnosed by the following symptoms:

  • exacerbation of ailments such as laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma.
  • tearfulness of the eyes;
  • dry annoying coughs;
  • runny nose, swelling;
  • a feeling of excessive dryness in the nasopharynx;
  • snoring;
  • morning or night sudden cough.
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Аллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?If you think that your illness has arisen for the above reason, be sure to purchase a device-a hygrometer to measure the humidity in my apartment and the office.

If the moisture level will be underestimated, you will have to buy a humidifier. This compact special device, which is filled with water, after which it evaporates and dissipates it.

If possible buy a humidifier there, we often start airing. Street climate is always more humid than home.

Cold is a frequent provocateurАллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?

The body reacts to cold air negatively due to histamine release in some hypersensitive individuals. The release provokes swelling, redness, epidermal reactions, irritation of mucous membranes.

The existence of such a disease doctors have challenged for a very long time, but in the end agreed that the reaction to the cold there.

It often happens that such deviation is caused by weakening of the immune defense system. It appears mostly in people taking long antibiotics. In addition, cold air, allergies can develop following factors:

  • various other provocateurs — wool, food, etc.;
  • diseases infectious nature of pneumonia, chicken pox, etc.;
  • disease chronic — type sinusitis, thyroid disorders;
  • the presence of the disease in relatives.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • skin rashes and different types of dermatitis;
  • weakness and malaise;
  • rhinitis;
  • conjunctivitis.

To treat this disease quickly, have not yet learned, as I studied it is not enough, as already mentioned above. Therefore, the main principle of treatment is exclusion of factor provocateur.

Damp is the most dangerous

Excessive humidity of the climate greatly affects the number of allergens, namely, provoke the reproduction of dust mites and other disease-causing microscopic organisms. Hypersensitivity to humid air appears as follows:

  • pain and sore throat;
  • nasal congestion;
  • redness of the eyeballs, turning into a festering tears;
  • constant crackling in the voice;
  • irritation of the epidermis.
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The treatment will be as follows:

  • the strengthening of the immune defense system;
  • change of the place of work or residence, if blame climate of the country;
  • frequent mandatory ventilation your home or office;
  • regular frequent cleaning.

If you live in a humid country and can’t move, get an air purifier. This device picks up micro dust particles and bacteria. Does the cleaner? The answer is definitely positive.

The lack of ions — a common provocateur

Аллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?Nature has taken care to ensure that the air presented ions are tiny particles with their charge.

The human body, they are vital. But sometimes malicious factors reduce the number of these particles and provoke the lack of air.

In such a situation occurs ion starvation, which expresses itself as allergies. Leads to ion starvation this:

  • transport;
  • operation of large enterprises;
  • the constant presence in the life of electronic devices.

Signs ion starvation:

  • weakness;
  • lethargy;
  • deterioration of the General condition;
  • the effect of «swollen head»;
  • shortness of breath and suffocation.

To cope with this problem will help ionizer — a special instrument that produces ions. It can be installed at work or at home, and take with you on trips and business trips.

Fresh — is there such an aversion?

In ordinary fresh air, the body reacts extremely positively. However, sometimes there are factors provocateurs allergies, like plant pollen. If you are allergic to pollen appear bright its symptoms:

  • excessive watery discharge from the nose;
  • sudden seizures strong sneezing, constant itching in the nasopharynx;
  • itching and redness of the eye;
  • itching of the tongue and palate;
  • shortness of breath or choking;
  • wheezing in the chest, like the hiss;
  • skin rash — small red, similar to eczema and hives.
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Constantly carry a cleaner is impossible, so the treatment of such allergies must be on medication. Want to know what drugs you should take to remedy these symptoms?

Аллергия на воздух: может ли быть и как ее распознать?There are a lot of antihistamines (anti-Allergy) medications. One of the most popular is Effective. Read details about this drug in a separate article.

A person suffering from the above disorders can be seen from afar. You see it in the photo. I agree so suffer even the enemy does not want. Therefore, if you have signs of Allergy air mandatory go to the doctor-allergist.

He will diagnose and prescribe treatment. Questions about allergic reactions you can ask the specialist on this site.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)