Allergic to bed bugs: what is dangerous and how to cure it?

Аллергия на клопов: чем опасна и как ее вылечить?Hello, dear readers! Bed bugs — the phenomenon unpleasant, though harmless. Most people do not even notice the presence of data being in their home. However, some bugs can be very dangerous.

Allergic to bed bugs more common in children than in adults. Banal microscopic creatures bite can result in swelling and severe skin irritations.

This Allergy the most important time to notice, as the treatment will be effective only if you spend it in a timely manner.

From the article, you will learn how to manifest a reaction to bug bites in hypersensitive people and also about how to treat such allergies.

That is a standard reaction to Kolpino bites?

First look into what is the standard Kolpino bite. It is characterized by:

  • tingling;
  • a little redness round shape;
  • easy swelling;
  • a trail of red dots.

Аллергия на клопов: чем опасна и как ее вылечить?Overall, Kolpino the bite is almost indistinguishable from mosquito. These household parasites are a feature: they almost always leave 2-3 bite in a row. If a person with the immune system is normal, the next morning he might never notice.

If the immune system is weakened, there will be the above-described deterioration. But if the immune system is almost «killed», then it can develop an allergic reaction, accompanied by stronger and more obsessive itching.

Now you know how to distinguish from Allergy standard Kolpino bite.

What is dangerous Kolpino bite for allergies?

In addition to local impairments that have allergies will have to face, it is waiting for another threat infection sore sores. Intense itching especially difficult for children to endure. Combing bites dirty handles, they are entered in the wounds of many harmful bacteria.

If the wound becomes infected, then instead of redness and swelling, as in the photo, there festering. Festering plot will be a long time to heal, after which his place will always be a scar.

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The first signs of a hypersensitive reaction to the bite of Kolpino

The symptoms of abnormal reactions to bed bugs quite pronounced. Allergies are exposed to those who have a genetic predisposition or a weakened immune system. Primary signs:

  • redness of the bitten area;
  • extensive swelling;
  • intolerable itching, which is observed constantly;
  • pain in the bitten area.

Аллергия на клопов: чем опасна и как ее вылечить?This reaction provokes a substance composed of saliva Kolpino — analgesic. There is a perception that the intensity of the allergic reaction depends on the age of the parasite: the younger, the more severe the reaction.

A severe allergic reaction occurs primarily in pregnant women and children up to the age of adolescence.

It can cause: hives — reddish Valderice; runny nose and watery eyes (rhinitis, conjunctivitis); swelling type, angioedema (swollen face and throat, which can result in choking); bronchospasm (paroxysmal cough, choking); shock-anaphylactic condition.

If you experience these symptoms a trip to the doctor is mandatory. Only a specialist can choose the most effective treatment individually, taking into account characteristics of the organism. Anaphylactic as, for example, may end in death. Therefore, to proceed with the appeal to the doctors not to be.

Severe disease develops mainly in those who have hypersensitivity to other insects.

Anti-Allergy treatment of bites from bed bugs

Аллергия на клопов: чем опасна и как ее вылечить?If the illness takes place with slight current, the cure can be done at home by yourself. This should drink antihistamines, the range of which is wide enough.

The most popular are: Tavegil, Suprastin, Zyrtec, Zodak, Diazolin, claritin, Desal. Pregnant to take such medicines without prior consultation with a doctor contraindicated!

Children can only give a modern antihistamines, with a minimum number of contraindications and side effects.

More serious reactions to bed bugs will not be able to cure without AIDS: protivozudnam ointments and corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory hormonal drugs). To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of allergies on the skin will help:

  • Fenistil gel (protivozudnam, analgesic, anti-inflammatory);
  • Psili-balm (active ingredient — diphenhydramine, anti-inflammatory);
  • Afloderm (corticosteroid remedy, which without a doctor’s prescription to use is not desirable);
  • Bepanten (protivozudnam, wound healing);
  • Elidel (preventive an antihistamine in the form of a cream).
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If the bed bugs in «field conditions», for example, at the campsite or in sanatorium, and to run to the pharmacy, there is no way to improve your condition, you can use: plantain is to attach a sheet to the affected area and lock; series — the broth is used in the form of lotions; soda — soda solution to wipe the bitten place.

These people simple remedies will help to dull the itch for some time and partially reduce inflammation.

Cross allergies

Could it be that after the reaction in Kolpino bites will start a reaction to other insects? It is likely, as the body begins to produce antibodies and thus will be prepared in advance to attack substances-stimuli that are in saliva other bloodsuckers.

Hypersensitivity to other bites look the same as to Kolpino. A similar reaction to other insects to be treated the same way as described in this article.

I hope you have learned everything you wanted to know. Read information share with friends on social networks, as hypersensitivity to Kolpino bites found in many. Maybe this will help you friend allergic to recover. Subscribe to site updates and receive notifications of new publications. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)