Allergic to bees: how to manifest and can it be cured?

Аллергия на пчел: как проявляется и можно ли ее вылечить?Greetings, inquisitive readers. We all know that bee venom is the most useful and valuable natural medicine. But in some cases it can pose a serious threat to life.

Allergic to bees, or rather bee venom, a threat that may end in serious complications. To avoid this, you need to be able to render first aid and to recognize such intolerance, and it needs to know its symptoms.

After reading the article, you will understand the bee Allergy is not worse from an Allergy specialist.

Why the body may adversely react to the poison of the bee-toiler?

Аллергия на пчел: как проявляется и можно ли ее вылечить?The main causative agent of allergic reactions is poison. It includes, in addition to utilities, there are protein compounds and biological diverse substances, many of which pose a threat to Allergy sufferers.

People suffering from allergies are able to overcome the poison inside for five to ten minutes. Therefore, in addition to pain, swelling and redness, they bite, nothing appears.

But the body of Allergy sufferers can not be so quick to deal with a harmful substance. The consequences of a single bite in this case, it can be much more serious.

The symptoms of allergic immunity of bee venom

Аллергия на пчел: как проявляется и можно ли ее вылечить?Symptoms help doctors make the correct diagnosis. It is therefore important to study them. Reaction after a sting of a bee can develop and manifest immediately, but can flow slowly.

It can be limited only to local deterioration, however, in most situations, an Allergy observed systemic deterioration. Why? Because the bee injects its poisonous juice deep enough, which he instantly enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body.

The best version of the Allergy will have only local symptoms:

  • severe pain at the bite location;
  • itching and irritation of the injured area of the skin;
  • quite a large swelling and redness;
  • pimples, similar in appearance to urticaria.
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At worst the system:

  • itching all over the body;
  • swelling of the mucous membranes and the skin (angioedema, the details of which can be read in a separate article, and also other swelling);
  • shivering and signs of fever;
  • swelling of internal organs;
  • muscle spasms;
  • arrhythmia and decreased blood pressure (blood pressure);
  • acute heart failure;
  • CNS disorders;
  • anaphylactic shock.

If after contact with striped fluffy insect Allergy appear similar symptoms, then he needs urgent help, otherwise the consequences can be even fatal. Severe Allergy to bees and wasps you see in the photo.

By the way, the hornet’s immunity is almost the same as bee. Symptoms and treatment principles of these diseases are very similar to each other.

Rendered first aid to the bitten by a bee allergies

First aid can not only smooth out the manifestation and course of the disease, but to save the life of the allergic. It is therefore important to be able to provide it, even if you have no allergic hypersensitive to insect venom. Is first aid:

  • Immediately after bee stings, you need to remove the stinger. The longer it remains in the wound, the faster and more efficiently applies its contents (poison). If the bite produced a wasp, look for the stinger useless, as it it leaves. To remove this bee «weapon» to be very careful not to break it and not to injure the affected epidermis. It is better to use tweezers or special medical.
  • Soaked in ammonia, peroxide or potassium permanganate piece of cotton or a bandage must be applied to the injured place. Better if the compress is cold. The cold slows down the reaction of receptors, which symptoms will not be as pronounced.
  • The victim needs to provide plentiful drink, filling, thus, the supply of fluid in the body. You can drink water, tea, but not mineral flavors and flavors and the juice.
  • Allergy ideally should have a passport that is issued by a doctor. It contains full information about how is allergic at it, and the list of medicines which they need. Allergies should wear a medical supplies for first aid with you. If you experience symptoms of bee venom treatment is with drugs such as claritin, Tavegil, a Dimedrol, Suprastin (antihistamine).
  • If you have any systemic complications listed above, it is necessary to impose the patient warmers with warm water and cover with a blanket. To normalize the blood pressure can help Kordiamin (20-30 drops for an adult).
    After rendering such assistance allergic delivered to the hospital. Further treatment prescribed by an allergist, given the symptoms and the complexity of the reaction.
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    Allergy in pregnant

    Аллергия на пчел: как проявляется и можно ли ее вылечить?If a bee sting Allergy-pregnant, then most likely there’s a problem, because when you are pregnant, do not most of these agents.

    Allergic pregnant should know in advance about allergies and to carry medications prescribed specifically her in an interesting position. The most serious complication of Allergy in this case may be the rejection of the fetus.

    If you are not sure that you have no immunity bee venom, you better get tested — get tested. How to check for this Allergy? Very simple — go to an allergist and be tested.

    A bee stung dog allergies, what to do?

    Аллергия на пчел: как проявляется и можно ли ее вылечить?Our beloved Pets can also be allergic. What to do if a conflict with «inside the beehive» originated from dogs? First, you need to immediately get the stinger out. Possible (if the pet is given), squeeze the venom along with blood.

    Sometimes it is advisable to make a small incision, but it is better if it will take the vet. After you extract the stinger immediately take your pet to the doctor, especially if he started to show signs of an allergic reaction.

    To the doctor you can make a compress of gauze soaked in potassium permanganate or apply to wound the ice. If the house includes antihistamines for animals, it is best to get a shot.

    But if you don’t know how to do a shot, then simply pour the dose specified in the regulations, the pet in his mouth, so he swallowed. It will not give maximum effect, but at least temper the manifestation of a reaction to bites.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)