Allergic to chicken: can be and how manifested?

Аллергия на курицу: может ли быть и как проявляется?Dear readers, we are pleased to welcome you. Chicken and eggs are permanent components of our diet. This type of meat is considered to be light weight and diet, and therefore, completely safe. Is it so in reality?

Not really, since some people can’t handle this deliciousness. Allergic to chicken can be formed for certain reasons not only held on an adult, but in infants and older children. I propose to study food allergies more chicken.

Cause — what triggers the development of disease?

Cause this disease are capable of certain factors, namely:

  • proteins consisting of chicken and similar products containing albumin and purines;
  • alpha-galactose — for it is our body creates specific antibodies, as intolerance provoked by this substance, is considered the most severe and can manifest anaphylactic shock;
  • side of different products in the meat chemical components to enhance flavor or extend shelf life as well as an antibiotic, the fed bird;
  • the remnants of skin or feathers on the meat;
  • genetics — if the family had a chicken intolerance, it can appear in any family member.

In most situations the hypersensitivity is transmitted from parents to children. Could it be that it occurs spontaneously? Maybe if the allergies suffered the following diseases:

  • pancreatitis;
  • dysbiosis;
  • gastritis;
  • the cholecystitis.

Allergic to chickens can have cumulative type of manifestation, not appear immediately after consuming small portions of meat, and develop slowly, gradually like a time bomb.

The more unbearable the provocateur gets in, the more vivid will be the symptoms. By the way, how does a chicken intolerance? The answer lies below.

The manifestation of the disease in children and older people

Symptoms of this disease, and older people almost indistinguishable. In adults symptoms may be more intense and noticeable. So, hypersensitivity to chicken is manifested in these symptoms:

  • the skin is covered with different size red rash;
  • the epidermis becomes dry, tired, rough;
  • there is a severe itching, but not always.
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The above are the safest and most harmless signs of the disease. It is the reaction of a local character that occur in most people with allergies. But there are also severe cases when the symptoms become more pronounced and widespread. Severe allergies manifest themselves as:

  • rhinitis — copious mucus from the nose;
  • lacrimation, conjunctivitis;
  • diverse inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • cough allergenic type, during which secretes mucus;
  • tingling of the skin in the eye area and mouth;
  • spasmodic pain in the abdomen;
  • eczema.

Аллергия на курицу: может ли быть и как проявляется?Here is such a terrible thing could be a hypersensitivity to chicken. By the way, have Pets, it also happens.

For example, in dogs, the disease manifests itself in the form of lesions on the epidermal cover that itch so much that the pet is scratching their blood. The cat has an allergic condition may be similar.

If Pets appeared the above signs of allergic intolerance to chicken, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. What to do if such a disease occurred in a person? First, you need to go to the hospital and conduct Allergy tests.

As diagnosed and treated chicken intolerance?

The disease is determined using a 3 allergodil:

  • blood and epidermal samples;
  • igE;
  • igG.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, allergies prescribe a special diet called «skinny meat». Chicken is replaced by lamb or Turkey. In addition, suffering can crostino, which perfectly absorbed the child’s body.

Аллергия на курицу: может ли быть и как проявляется?Allergies should take an antihistamine medications in the form of tablets and ointments for treatment of skin rashes. In addition, he should understand that intolerance of chicken affects the digestive tract.

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Therefore, in the course of treatment included drugs for restoration of intestinal microflora.

Treatment of diseases of allergic nature is a long process and requires patience. Allergies should avoid any contact with dangerous food for him. If avoiding contact is not successful, you can spend a medical emergency:

  • To give absorbent — it can be a classic activated carbon or a more serious tool.
  • Enter the enema — one liter of fluid is taken table spoon salt and half spoon of baking soda. Ten pounds of weight you will need 0.5 liters of a solution.
  • To give a strong antihistamine medication for ingestion.
  • Features of chicken intolerance in infants

    It would seem that the body of the baby and surfing the allergen can’t get. However, this can happen if baby is fed breast milk.

    The allergen enters the body of the baby with mom’s milk, so if he had symptoms of hypersensitivity, the first thing to take action you need mother. Mom must eliminate chicken from your diet.

    Often allergies in infants appears as follows:

    • the kid acts up;
    • pulls the legs;
    • his tummy distended;
    • often vomiting and diarrhea;
    • the skin is red, covered with small rash.

    If you experience the above signs of illness should call the doctor and treat the baby from her. The mainstay of treatment, elimination of the allergen provocateur from the diet.

    Threaten any of the allergic foods produced the chicken?

    Аллергия на курицу: может ли быть и как проявляется?The above bird can give not only meat but also other food that we eat no less meat. What do you think, is it possible to have allergies to eat chicken eggs? And here is the answer: it is not desirable.

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    This is because protein containing ovalbumin, lysozyme, ovomucoid, insidious is a strong allergen. If the allergic person has an intolerance to chicken, and eggs, he likely would not accept. Symptoms of intolerance to eggs looks like this:

    • it swells the throat and mucous membranes in the mouth;
    • there is a «pressurized» rash on the skin;
    • skin itchy and scaly.

    That’s all the information on chicken of intolerance allergic in nature. I hope I gave answers to all the questions. If you read it was interesting, then share the read with your friends and subscribe. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)