Allergic to citrus: what are the manifestations and treatment?

Аллергия на цитрусовые: каковы проявления и методы лечения? With joy we greet you, dear readers! Allergic to citrus refers to food reactions and may develop as our children, and ourselves.

This is an unusual reaction resulting from a weakened immune system. It occurs without specific antibodies, appears spontaneously and evolves dramatically. Let’s examine citrus intolerance in detail and learn how to deal with it.

The reasons for increased sensitivity to citrus

As citrus is not the usual protein allergens, they can not cause a standard food Allergy. Why then the reaction to them periodically observed? In the composition of citrus include the following substances-stimuli:

  • tyramine;
  • salicylates.

Especially a lot of irritants: the mandarins and oranges.

Orange citrus cause eating disorders allergic nature more often than bananas, grapefruits and lemons. The reason for the hypersensitivity is of the wrong immune response to these substances-stimuli.

Аллергия на цитрусовые: каковы проявления и методы лечения? Simply put, the immune system perceives them as a threat and starts to defend himself. Why is this happening? It’s simple: because of the unpreparedness of the intestine to the digestion of citrus (in the case of infants) or due to excessive consumption of fruit.

In addition, the intolerance may occur because of recent severe illness, which greatly weakened the immune system.

Most interesting is that allergies can react to different varieties of the same fruit. Also the reaction depends on the area in which grew citrus.

If the ecology in the area was not clean, the Allergy develops not on tyramine and salicylates and other harmful substances that the fruit has absorbed during growth.

Another common cause of hypersensitivity to citrus fruits are the chemicals which they handle for easier transport and storage. The most dangerous chemicals are:

  • diphenyl — a substance that extends the freshness, preventing mould and decay, which improves the appearance of the product;
  • fungicides, sulfur gas, and methyl bromide — a substance that facilitates transportation, «preservative» citrus and not giving them peresevat.

Let’s say you ate an orange and half an hour later I felt discomfort. How to understand that it is an Allergy? This will help the symptoms, which will be discussed further.

Аллергия на цитрусовые: каковы проявления и методы лечения? Signs of citrus allergies

First, the hypersensitive person will have an eating disorder, as the disease refers to the food reactions: nausea, flatulence and diarrhea, lack of appetite, spasms in the intestines.

Then you will see more typical Allergy symptoms are:

  • urticaria (it can be seen in the photo);
  • diathesis (in infants);
  • rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis in the soil — a runny nose and copious tears;
  • otitis media — the loss or weakening of hearing (rare);
  • the bronchospasm, which often lead to bronchial asthma;
  • anaphylactic shock or edema of Quincke type (in the most severe situations).

Be aware that citrus fruit hypersensitivity in children and adults provoke not proteins and special substances-enzymes. Therefore, these symptoms can appear not only after eating the fruit, but after inhaling its aroma or application to the skin of essential citrus oils.

Who’s harder to move such a disease?

Most often intolerance to citrus occurs in children, but this does not mean that they are taking it harder. Adults have more aggressive effects of substances-stimuli that are composed of fruit.

Аллергия на цитрусовые: каковы проявления и методы лечения? So the kids get off with only local impairments — rashes and itching, and adults have to experience all the «charms» of allergies. Especially dangerous citrus become during pregnancy.

Women bearing a baby, you need to limit their amount in the diet and not to consume citrus exotic, even if you really want.

Treatment citrus allergies

If you ate fruit and I don’t know what exactly went reaction, it is best to consult an allergist. Doctor, with simple tests (allergodil) determines that it is not moved to your body. If the stimulus is known, then he will have to give in the future.

Аллергия на цитрусовые: каковы проявления и методы лечения? Citrus hypersensitivity is cross-shaped. So will have to give up not only from the main stimulus, but also on the cross, for example, chocolate.

What other cross-allergies can occur after citrus? The answer is read in a separate article.

To treat hypersensitivity often suggest folk remedies. Citrus Allergy sufferers make funds on the basis of medicinal herbs is not recommended, as the pollen can also provoke a reaction.

Antiallergic therapy «gradual habituation to the stimulus» in the case of citrus poor tolerance not assigned. Why? Because its efficacy was not confirmed in the experiments with citrus allergies.

Treatment in our case would be extremely therapeutic, consisting of three steps:

  • Symptomatic therapy with antihistamines medications (Zyrtec, Tavegil, Diazolin, Suprastin, lower blood pressure mother or Nasonex nose at a rhinitis).
  • Removal of irritants from the body with the use of sorbents (Enterosgel, Polisorb, Activated carbon).
  • Sparing diet that excludes potentially hazardous foods: vegetables and fruits are orange, chocolate, coffee, flour, and seafood.
  • In milder forms of allergies are assigned an antihistamine. Severe reactions require a radical and bold treatment. Such therapy is carried out with the help of hormonal medicines — corticosteroids.

    Any anti-allergic medication be prescribed by a doctor taking into account characteristics of the organism and state of health ill. We strongly recommend not to self-medicate!

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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