Allergic to dandelions: is there and what about allergies?

Аллергия на одуванчики: существует ли и как быть аллергикам?Greetings, dear readers! Can it be allergic to dandelions? These beautiful plants in our country at every step. They are so gentle and subtle that seemingly can’t harm a human.

But, in fact, dandelions are not as harmless as it seems. Allergy, that they provoke with serious complications and can even be deadly.

Why do I get this rare type of hypersensitivity? Anyone can develop this disease? I propose to study the intolerance of dandelions in full.

Really if there is intolerance of dandelions?

This disease really exists, but it is so rare that some doctors deny its existence to this day. Most powerful stimulus in the composition of the flower is pollen.

It wrapping from the dandelion in all directions from down causes a sensitization — increased sensitivity of the human body or allergies in common. To recognize the disorder can be a characteristic symptoms.

Signs of the hypersensitivity oduvanchikova

Symptoms can be diverse, depending on the severity of the reaction. For example, allergies in a lightweight form appears as follows:

  • the eyes become red, the skin around them becomes inflamed and swollen, there is plenty of tears, itching, and even pain;
  • the nose provides, there is discharge (clear liquid), nasal cavity is constantly itching;
  • allergic sneezes, coughs, as the body tries to expel harmful substances independently;
  • jumps up on the skin hives or a small rash of allergic nature.

Аллергия на одуванчики: существует ли и как быть аллергикам?At the same ill feel permanent moral tension so as normally to isnegative with the above impairments difficult. He always wants to sleep, he can’t move down the street.

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If allergies are not engaged in their health, the disease will grow into a weighted form. In this case, it is possible serious complications in the form of:

  • state of anaphylactic shock;
  • edema Quincke type;
  • of bronchospasm;
  • intoxication;
  • the shortness of breath.

What is a cross form oduvanchikova intolerance?

Аллергия на одуванчики: существует ли и как быть аллергикам?Ill with oduvanchikova intolerance may be faced with a cross-over of the disease. What is the complication? This is when one stimulus (the pollen of the dandelions in our case), the body begins to react more negatively to other substances.

The following stimuli in the cross-oduvanchikova allergies is also dangerous for the allergic: bananas, melons, sunflower seed oil, sunflower seeds, melons, potatoes, chamomile.

How to determine that the disease is provoked precisely the dandelions?

Noticing the symptoms of an allergic reaction, you should go to an allergist, who conducted tests and will establish an accurate diagnosis.

The most accurate analysis is allergiavaba — skin, Guinea pigs are small scratches, in which the doctor injects drugs with a low content of various stimuli, and then monitors the skin reaction.

If after twenty minutes the skin will be swollen or a rash, the diagnosis is confirmed.

Oduvanchikova hypersensitivity in children

Аллергия на одуванчики: существует ли и как быть аллергикам?Are you curious how does the above Allergy? Symptoms in childhood makes itself felt more aggressive. Deterioration often occur abruptly and hold for a long time.

Children’s allergies should be treated without delay as it can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases and cause new diseases, such as asthma.

Treatment of folk and traditional

For the treatment of disorders provoked by the dandelions, use a variety of techniques:

Medical method. Acute symptoms of allergies can be eliminated with the help of different types of antihistamine drugs. The most popular are Zyrtec, Zodak, Suprastin, Diazolin.

To speed up the healing process powerfully with sorbent (POLYSORB or Lactofiltrum), which will cleanse the body of irritants, toxins, toxins.

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Аллергия на одуванчики: существует ли и как быть аллергикам?Immunotherapy for Allergy sufferers. Ill injections administered on the basis of the pollen of the dandelions. Gradually the body gets used to the stimulus and ceases him so hard to respond.

Such preventive therapy should be done before flowering dandelions. It lasts not less than fourteen days.

Method. Brewed calendula flowers should be consumed three times a day a tablespoon. This tool will help to remove the signs of allergies.

In addition to calendula, anti-allergic effective folk remedy is the infusion series. Also helps tri-color violet, drenched with boiling water and infused for half an hour.

Preventive tips to help prevent allergies

  • avoid contact with the irritant;
  • do not go outside in the hot, dry, windy weather (in this weather the air is full of pollen);
  • go out only in the afternoons and evenings as the lunch pollen stands out more intense;
  • moving in their own car, do not open the window;
  • ventilate the house, do wet cleaning on a daily basis;
  • after coming from the street rinse your mouth and rinse the nose;
  • purchase a humidifier and an air purifier;
  • to protect yourself from pollen sensitive eyes help glasses;
  • for recreation and walks choose the places which don’t grow dandelions;
  • if you live in a private house, then get rid of this plant your plot.

Adhering to the above rules, you can prevent allergic attacks. Dandelions are not blooming all year round, so to be ultra-cautious constantly allergies don’t have to.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)