Allergic to diapers: how to manifest and what brands are the most dangerous?

Аллергия на памперсы: как проявляется и какие марки наиболее опасны?Hello, dear readers! At the present time, diapers have become a must-have accessory that simplifies caring for infants. Can not do without them none of the parents. Did you know that there is an Allergy to diapers?

Often confused with the usual irritation, which is not treated properly and on time. If you do not want to run the health of your little children, then read through this article, which is devoted to hypersensitivity to diapers.

How to understand the baby’s allergies or something else?

At the present time all know that not every manufacturer of diapers has a conscience. Some put in the composition of their products harmful substances that can cause negative reaction of the infant organism. Could it be a hypersensitivity to diapers? The answer is simple: you can!

Suppose you noticed on the buttocks or in the genital mutilation of their baby irritation. How to understand that it is an Allergy? Carefully inspect the newborn and pay attention to the following factors:

  • whether on the epidermis bubbles Valderice, specks of red;
  • swollen the skin that is in contact with the diaper;
  • flushed if the epidermis;
  • a peeling;
  • what kind of rash jumped red swelling or small red bumps.

Аллергия на памперсы: как проявляется и какие марки наиболее опасны?In the case covered by diapers should be intolerance, rash is as pictured: small red, or red spots of various shape and size.

Similar skin blemishes appear if the diaper rubs. In addition, they can provoke an ordinary nappy rash. To accurate diagnosis, you need to know the symptoms of infant Allergy.

Symptoms covered by diapers should be of intolerance

The main symptom of the above disease — inflammation of the skin that occurs mainly in those areas that come into contact with an irritant.

Boys rash can jump on the priest, on the penis, inner thighs, the girl on the genitals, between the legs, etc.

Covered by diapers should be hypersensitivity can be recognized by these signs:

  • lesions are located under the diaper, and the rest of the cover stays clean;
  • jump small pimples or red spots of various shape/size;
  • skin peeling, itching, to which the baby reacts negatively;
  • the child behaves restless, irritated, crying, cranky, may refuse to eat;
  • in some cases, when the allergens penetrate through the epidermis into the blood, can appear the systemic impairments, such as bowel disorders and intoxication.
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Babies-allergic person must show a doctor who will set an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Why the baby may become allergic?

Аллергия на памперсы: как проявляется и какие марки наиболее опасны?Reaction allergic often notice after a change of manufacturer of the diapers.

Forums young moms complain about the diapers «Series» and claim that they more often cause irritation of the epidermis of the baby. And which do not cause allergies? Among the most secure diapers include Libero, White Baby, Diaper.

Antiallergic therapy for children affected by diapers

What to do with allergic rash, jumped from diapers? Babies most of the modern medicines are contraindicated. The drug should be selected very carefully and cautiously. Do not self medicate!

Аллергия на памперсы: как проявляется и какие марки наиболее опасны?Parents need to show a newborn an Allergy specialist, who will prescribe anti-allergic medications.

To ease the baby’s intolerance, which appeared on a diaper will help the following drugs for topical (applied to the skin) applications: Bepanten, Drapolen, Desitin.

These ointments are applied on the affected uchastki of the epidermis several times a day (often 1-3 times).

They relieve itching, soothe the skin, lessen the progression of the disease. Some parents believe that the best anti-Allergy treatment are herbal concoctions of traditional medicine.

Remember, kids under one year of age is strictly forbidden to give the decoctions of herbs (any) reception inside! Decoction to wipe, be washed, but in any case not to drink!

To prevent diaper rash in a child in the future will help simple tips:

  • Check out the forums of young parents, some diapers are considered hazardous and allergenic.
  • Often undress the baby. After he removed the diaper and washed the baby, give him 15-20 minutes to lie down naked. Air baths prevent irritation and diaper rash.
  • Change the diapers in time! Some parents, trying to save, holding the baby in one diaper for as long as possible. Because of this, the skin decomposes and, of course, is covered with pimples.
  • The wound in the epidermis of the newborn cannot be treated familiar to us antiseptics, such as iodine, Zelenka, hydrogen peroxide. These drugs hurt excessively delicate dermis and will only aggravate the irritation.
  • After every diaper change, carefully wash the baby. It should always be clean. The fact that most of the irritation under the diapers were caused by the urine and feces.
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    Аллергия на памперсы: как проявляется и какие марки наиболее опасны?Traditional medicine can offer some great recipes of herbal decoctions that can be added to baths or used for wiping the problem areas.

    Best anti-Allergy folk remedy is a decoction of the herbal tea: chamomile, succession, celandine.

    Herbs taken in equal number of Islands and filled with boiling water, then boil a few moments, and then insist to cool.

    Cups of broth is enough for a full bath. The condition of the skin kids cover after a swim much better.

    Now let’s see helpful videos from Dr. Komarovsky on diapers.

    That’s all the information about the allergic potential of the diapers. Now you know how to manifest infant Allergy looks like a skin sick and how to cure this irritation.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)