Allergic to gnats: what are the symptoms and how to treat?

Аллергия на мошек: какие симптомы и как правильно лечить?Hello, dear readers! Summer is a very dangerous period for people with allergies. Not only that, all blooming and fragrant, and the insects bite. By the way, is especially dangerous for gipervolemiya people are midges capable of provoking an allergic reaction.

Allergic to midges manifests himself in a special way, so it’s not messed up. The bitten place swells and is itchy for a long time does not heal. Such intolerance reactions can occur in children and in adults.

Are you curious about what other symptoms manifested intolerance to the bites of gnats and how to deal with such allergies? If the answer is positive, pleasant reading.

Why Midge may provoke negative reaction of allergic nature?

Reaction to the bite of midges happens because the saliva that these insects are poisonous, despite their tiny size. From the poison the skin at the site of attack of the midges swells and starts to itch badly.

Аллергия на мошек: какие симптомы и как правильно лечить?At the same time, the body produces antibodies that fight harmful substance, which fell under the epidermis. Swelling if allergies goes the next day, but the itching can remain for several weeks.

It is especially difficult to endure an itch to young children. Combing the site of the bite, they spread the poison on the skin that provokes the intensification of the inflammation. In aggravated the wound in a child can be infected. In this case, it is able to develop into a purulent inflammation.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity to the lice

In most cases, allergic appear only local symptoms, such as:

  • swelling;
  • redness the attack gnats;
  • itching, worse after scratching;
  • the appearance Valderice, swelling or even bullous (purulent) inflammation.

Аллергия на мошек: какие симптомы и как правильно лечить?In severe cases, an Allergy can increase the temperature to deteriorate the General health, to develop swelling Quincke type. The standard manifestation of an allergic reaction to the gnats you see in the photo.

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Severe allergic intolerance due to fleas developing in the case, if an Allergy was bitten by several insects simultaneously. Tiny pesky insects are dangerous and that can carry diseases such as plague, leprosy, tularemia.

After reading the above, you began to be afraid to go outside in the summer? Not necessary, as with allergies on attack of midges can be effectively tackled. The main thing is to treat the bites immediately after they occur.

Treatment moscarini intolerance

Аллергия на мошек: какие симптомы и как правильно лечить?The basic principle of treating allergies of any type is to eliminate contact with the allergen is the causative agent. But in the case of flies that would be problematic, especially if you want to go to the cottage or on a hike.

Gnats are present not only in nature, but in the big cities, and in abundant quantity. Preventing bites is very difficult, so you need to know how to treat them. What treatment can help allergies? The following describes the most effective methods.

To start therapy against allergies is required immediately after the bite. If the symptoms appeared clearly and sharply, you need to probitsa antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs, such as Zyrtec, claritin, Aerius, Allermax.

These medications block the receptors which catch the histamine, making allergic symptoms will gradually fade away.

Relieve itching and heal the inflammation of the bite on the skin will help the people’s effective tips:

  • Great protivozudnam remedy is soda solution (0,5 teaspoons on a water glass). This solution further cleans the wound, if she combed. It does not sting when injected on the epidermis, so that it can be used for children.
  • Extra reduce swelling and relieve itching will help ordinary toothpaste. The main thing that it were a menthol. The affected area need to be processed in a thin layer. Gradually the victim will begin to feel a light chill, which will remove the discomfort.
  • Amazed by the midges, the place you need to process ammonia. This medication relieves allergic swelling, inflammation and burning.
  • To remove the redness and swelling is possible with the help of soap. Choose something, in which at least 70% of fatty acids. Soap should be diluted in water. The solution should be thick. They handled the bite, then do not have to wash it off.
  • If the bite provoked a strong inflammation on the skin that can compress with a light solution of vinegar. Moistened with cotton wool to attach to the wound for five to ten minutes.
  • Against bites helps classic rubbing alcohol. They recommend to wipe the bite immediately after its occurrence.
  • If you are outdoors away from civilization and pharmacies, then use regular vodka. In its composition also includes an alcohol. Processed vodka place cease to itch after a couple of minutes. In addition, this product cleans the wound, if it is combed.
  • Many Allergy that reacts to the black flies, of praise following the recipe — dandelion greens must be finely chopped to mash these a bit and apply to the bite for three hours. Three hours later, the poultice needs to be changed. Some argue that with this recipe, they managed to prevent the occurrence of symptoms of hypersensitivity.
  • To pull the poison from the bitten site will help ordinary onions. It should be cut in half to attach to the hot pan, cool and apply on the wound. Better compress bandage, so how else to keep, he will not. Such a tool can be left on the skin overnight.
  • Almost the same as onions, operates a crushed plantain leaf. It is applied to the wound, and then fixed with a bandage for an hour or two.
  • Now you know how to treat a reaction to muscarinic bite. If you did not get to enjoy the above recipes, which you have developed a serious reaction, take one of the drugs: claritin, Diazolin, Diphenhydramine, and immediately contact your allergist.


    As mentioned above, to prevent the bites of midges is impossible, especially in the summer on the nature. Remember that these insects are all in the evening before sunset and early morning before the heat. So during this time try not to appear on the street.

    If you’re going to go to rest on nature, make sure you take a spray or ointment from insects. Before the walk in the Park or forest, take a shower as gnats react to the scent of sweat.

    The answer to the question: can I be allergic to this tiny insect, as gnats, positive. Unfortunately, this type of intolerance in our country is common. Knowing how to treat the bite of a Midge, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of symptoms of hypersensitivity.

    So spread this article on social networks and subscribe to site updates. Perhaps this information will help your friends to prevent allergies to the midges. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)