Allergic to meat: how it is manifested and treated?

Аллергия на мясо: как она проявляется и лечится?Dear readers, good day to you! Food Allergy to meat is probably one of the few true reactions of intolerance.

It manifests at an early age, often in infancy, when parents try to incorporate this product first solid foods or use it in excessive quantities, feeding the baby at the same breast.

What causes cold sensitivity? What medications will help alleviate the condition of Allergy in allergic attack? How to recognize hypersensitivity in infants and adults? Want to know the answers? Then read, as all of them are present in the article.

In meat products provokes a negative reaction?

First, let’s look at the causes of hypersensitivity to the meat. Trigger the disease components of muscle fibers and blood components of animals/birds.

The most dangerous irritants are:

  • immunoglobulins;
  • serum albumin blood;
  • proteins, mainly of the contractile (myosin, tropomyosin, actin);
  • alpha-galactose.

If you react negatively to these substances, then you have an hypersensitivity. To determine the cause of allergies (irritant) will help Allergy tests — tests for antibodies and others. They can go in the direction of an allergist.

Additional provocateurs

Аллергия на мясо: как она проявляется и лечится?Unfortunately, not all meat products available nowadays in the markets are grown in high quality conditions.

Often animals and birds are fed low quality feed, antibiotics and chemicals. Why, you ask? To accelerate growth, protect against diseases that occur because of poor conditions of detention.

Cross-reactions — another reason of intolerance to meat

Cross-reactions often act as a cause of hypersensitivity to meat. As an example, take the reaction to chicken eggs.

In parallel with this disease have an Allergy may develop a reaction to chicken meat. Another example: in reaction to horsehair can happen cross-allergic to horse meat.

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What kind of meat is useful and what is dangerous?

Аллергия на мясо: как она проявляется и лечится?Want to know which meat products are better and safer to eat? In very rare cases found bad reaction to the rabbit meat. That is why it is advised to give small children and hypersensitive.

The chicken, which we all believe to be useful and diet, in fact, is one of the most dangerous stimuli. Replace chicken meat turkeys.

Physicians awarded him the title of «best hypoallergenic meat product». It is recommended to add to food stuffs for infants.

Can reduce the risk of heat treatment?

Heat treatment does kill a large part of the stimuli in the composition of meat products. So if you are prone to allergies and want to protect themselves from the disease, it is better longer process meat products high temperature.

The most useful method for thermal processing anti — steam.

Let’s say you ate a delicious dinner and felt unwell. Or your baby after the feeding of meat began to feel bad. How to understand that it is an Allergy? To diagnose the disease by symptoms, which will be discussed further.

How to distinguish allergies from other ailments?

To confuse hypersensitivity with something else is quite difficult. Her symptoms are as follows:

  • first, does the stomach appears intestinal disorder with all the attendant;
  • second, does the skin — jumps hives or other allergic rashes, itching and swelling;
  • thirdly, there is rhinitis (nasal obstruction, paroxysmal sneezing) and conjunctivitis (eye inflammation, excessive secretion of tears);
  • in the most severe cases occurs anaphylactic shock and edema of Quincke.
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Symptoms of negative reactions to meat products in infants with the following: diarrhea unnatural greenish color; flatulence; cramps; restlessness; rashes in the mouth area, face, head, abdomen and chest; cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis.

Meat intolerance in Pets — myth or truth?

Аллергия на мясо: как она проявляется и лечится?Could it be an allergic reaction to meat from Pets. It turns out, maybe, and not less frequently than their owners. Dogs often react negatively to the bird.

The sensitivity they have shown practically the same as in humans: jumps a rash on the skin appear redness, accompanied by itching, it may be swelling.

Animal Allergy you must immediately show the vet who will prescribe treatment and prevent complications.

And complications of hypersensitivity can be very diverse, even death. Knowing this, the question arises how to treat human allergic attack?

Anti-allergic treatment reactions to meat products

If you suspect sensitivity to meat, then you need to see a specialist-an allergist and be tested to determine the irritant. Symptoms of hypersensitivity are removed by using certain medicines:

  • antihistamines;
  • sorbents;
  • corticosteroids.

The first are prescribed to kids and adults for blocking histamine receptors. Among them are popular are: Diazolin, Suprastin, Zyrtec, claritin, Tavegil, Fenistil (local symptoms).

Аллергия на мясо: как она проявляется и лечится?The second output from the intestine to the remains of the stimuli (meat in our case). These include: activated carbon, Enterosgel, Polisorb.

Corticosteroids — hormonal medications to prevent complications. They are administered in extreme cases with severe allergies.

Except for the treatment of hypersensitive people should stick to a diet. From the diet will have to exclude a product-irritant and possible allergen cross. For example, if the reaction provoked the chicken, the need to exclude not only her, but the eggs.

If hypersensitivity is manifested in a child after first feeding, the meat from its composition it is better to exclude. Wait with the addition of this product in the diet of the baby. To teach your baby to meat better gradually, starting with the year.

To provoke a reaction for meat products from infant toddler and maybe even improper diet of the mother. So mums feeding babies Breasts, you should not use potential irritants in large quantities and often.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)