Allergic to pads: why do I get and what should I use?

Аллергия на прокладки: почему появляется и какие лучше использовать?Dear readers, good day to you! In these days, every woman enjoys strips (dailies or normal). So allergic to pads in our day has ceased to be a rarity.

Do you think that it is a part of the strips is provoking the hypersensitivity? The composition of female hygienic means rich in stimuli, the list of which you will learn from this article. In addition, after reading it, you will learn how to recognize and treat hypersensitivity.

The causes of hypersensitivity

The most common cause of intolerance of the pads is the material from which they are manufactured. Modern hygiene products have a complex structure consisting of several layers.

Therefore, they are composed of diverse materials and substances that enhance moisture-absorbing properties and gives a pleasant aroma.

Hygiene products are:

  • natural — made of natural components;
  • synthetic — made of artificial components.

Аллергия на прокладки: почему появляется и какие лучше использовать?The first are considered hypoallergenic, however, have several disadvantages, for example, quickly crumple and create discomfort. Therefore, the number of girls who prefer a synthetic strip, is increasing every day.

Nowadays we can distinguish three most popular hygiene products that can cause allergic attack:

  • Conventional gaskets. In their structure there is an internal layer which consists of cellulose (paper) and a special sorbent, which is often a substance that transforms water into gel. The outer layer is in contact with the epidermis and mucous membranes can be made with natural materials and synthetics: cotton, porous polymer etc. by the Way, the latter option is more convenient because it retains the original form and does not create discomfort.
  • Daily — a simpler, but no less necessary. In their structure there are three layers (and not always): the upper absorbent and lower. In this case the absorbent is produced only from cellulose. Therefore, data hygiene provoke hypersensitivity less frequently.
  • Tampons and hygienic means, do not come in contact with the skin. In their composition there is only extruded wool and a special cord that allows you to withdraw the tampon.
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    The main stimuli consisting of hygiene items are: adhesive, whereby the strip is held to lingerie; fragrances, prevents unpleasant odor, dyes, performing a decorative function.

    In addition, intolerance of personal hygiene can cause a disregard for the rules of hygiene. All manufacturers indicate on the packaging that the pads need to be changed not less than once in four hours.

    But because of the current pace of life, many women simply do not have time to follow the instructions. From the various skin irritation, which can indicate allergies. What other symptoms characteristic of this hypersensitivity?

    Signs of reaction to hygiene products

    • in the area of contact of the subject with the skin there is swelling;
    • the skin and mucous membranes turn red, itch, break out in a rash as pictured;
    • there is a feeling of burning, constant discomfort;
    • in the area of the sexual organs can experience pain.

    The above deterioration reaction is accompanied not only on the strip. Hypersensitivity can provoke and tampons. The discomfort will be more, and in the vagina.

    Flavors — the most dangerous component

    Often there is hypersensitivity to fragrances in different types of hygienic means.

    Аллергия на прокладки: почему появляется и какие лучше использовать?If the woman will follow, time to change pads or tampons regularly take a shower, then the above substances do not need it. Therefore, from the strips with a fragrant chemical additives, such as Dreft, it is better to refuse.

    By the way, the popular natural pads Naturella also available flavoring, but it is a natural chamomile extract and not chemical. substance. So Naturally can be called hypoallergenic hygiene.

    Besides chamomile, the composition may contain aloe. These pads are also suitable for Allergy sufferers, but not all. The exception are those women who have hypersensitivity to chamomile or aloe.

    Treatment of hypersensitivity to sanitary protection

    Knowing how does such a hypersensitivity, you will notice and recognize her. Even if you are sure that cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes was allergic, still refer to a specialist allergist who can confirm your assumption, and prescribe medications.

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    First aid in the event of a reaction to pads or tampons

  • To eliminate the irritant and wash the injured inflamed area with cool water without soap. This will subside the itching. Just do not overdo it with the temperature. The water should not be too cool, otherwise, instead of getting rid of the itching you’ll get a cold.
  • On the irritated areas you need to apply antihistamine ointment, in which no hormonal substances. I recommend to use Fenistil or Bepanthen.
  • No extra is the intake of antihistamine medications orally. Modern anti-allergic drugs to drink one tablet a day, which is enough to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.
  • Until the complete disappearance of rashes and discomfort should stop sex life. Sex can aggravate the situation and increase the irritation.
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    Аллергия на прокладки: почему появляется и какие лучше использовать?This treatment remains popular due to the availability and versatility. To cope with the uncomfortable manifestations of hypersensitivity will help sitz baths.

    Pour boiling water (100 ml) tablespoon dried calendula flowers and steep for an hour and then pour into the tub with warm water and take it five to ten minutes.

    Chopped nettle leaves in the amount of two tablespoons pour two cups of boiling water and let it steep for a few hours, and then add the infusion into the bath. St. spoon Veronica drug pour two cups of boiling water and after complete cooling add in a bath.

    Sitz baths are the most convenient and simple method for treatment of the affected areas of the body if you are allergic to hygiene.

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    Now you know, could it be a hypersensitivity to strips and what causes it. Read what you can share with your friends in social networks. If the site you’re pleased, then be sure to subscribe to his updates. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)