Allergic to ragweed: how dangerous and how is it treated?

Аллергия на амброзию: чем опасна и как лечится?Hello, dear visitors of dermatology. Many of us have known allergies to ragweed. This plant spreads rapidly into new territory, so every year it becomes more and more, even despite the fact that every year it is trying to withdraw.

From ambrosia is not going anywhere so you just have to learn to act correctly in the event of Allergy symptoms it. This article is dedicated to. Enjoyable and fun reading!

How dangerous is ambrosia?

Polynnolistnaya ambrosia is a small, herbaceous, flowering period which falls on the late spring and summer.

Аллергия на амброзию: чем опасна и как лечится?When is flowering, the plant produces pollen, which, according to the allergists, is a powerful allergen capable of causing not only the standard symptoms, but asthma.

From an ambrosial allergies it is impossible to insure that the saddest thing. It can occur even absolutely healthy person. It threatens both children and adults.

What to do, you ask? And so the answer is clear: to fight and defend against allergic intolerance. But you have to learn to recognize its symptoms.

The manifestation of ambrosial allergic intolerance

The reaction will begin to occur immediately after the pollen gets on the skin or mucous membranes. Its main characteristics can be described as follows:

  • redness of the eyeballs, conjunctivitis, severe tears;
  • stuffy nose, severe swelling and itching;
  • asthma and severe sneezing;
  • pimples on the body as pictured.

This is a classic symptoms, however, it can atheletica due to various factors. In severe cases is small allergic pimples on code be a serious irritation.

Аллергия на амброзию: чем опасна и как лечится?Allergies feels very bad — there is a strong headache, a constant feeling of irritability, severe cold and insomnia.

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Ambrosial intolerance insidious because its symptoms are often confused with the common cold. Because of this, treated incorrectly, attempting to correct the signs of SARS. Treatment of intolerance that occurred on pollen, complex and specific.

Let’s look at the principles of this therapy in detail.

Treatment ambrosial Allergy medicines

With the appearance of symptoms of intolerance need to take drugs antihistamine (antiallergic) actions. The most popular and effective against an ambrosial reactions are:

  • Loratadine;
  • Tavegil;
  • Suprastin;
  • Claritin;
  • Zyrtec.

These medicines can be purchased without a prescription, but it is better to consult a doctor. He will assess your condition, will pick up individual doses and will recommend the best product for you.

The shots against an ambrosial allergic reactions

Annually if you suffer from intolerance to pollen, consult your doctor and use preventative medication in the form of an Allergy shot.

Technology injectione against reactions allergic nature as follows: for a certain period of time, allergies regularly inserting intravenous small dose of the allergen. In the end, the body gradually develops resistance to this agent provocateur.

Over time, the instigator will cease to cause symptoms of intolerance. Prophylactic course will take a long time (five years average), but the effect of it will remain for several years, and then injectiona will need to repeat.

Folk remedies against an ambrosial allergic intolerance

Some trusted folk or alternative medicine more than the official. If you are among those people, then for you this article presents a folk remedy, able to eliminate the symptoms of allergies above the grass:

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  • Celery + honey — chopped herb mix with honey and leave to infuse overnight. Inside take three teaspoons daily.
  • Nettle — brew the leaves with boiling water and hold heat for ten minutes. The resulting broth is necessary to drink in small SIPS for half an hour before meals.
  • Needles of pine — grind five tablespoons of needles, and then add two spoonfuls of pureed rose hips. The mixture pour a liter of boiling water and boil for ten to twelve minutes. The decoction can be drunk instead of tea during the day.
  • Miraculous diet — this lack of ambrosial allergies

    Now you know how to treat ambrosial intolerance. Of course, it is better to try to prevent its occurrence than to deal with the problem. To prevent or mitigate the symptoms of will help proper nutrition and diet for allergies. For the summer period, when herbaceous plant intensively allocates pollen, avoid:

    • sweet in any manifestation;
    • fruit — melon, watermelon and peaches;
    • sunflower oil and sunflower seeds;
    • herbs — chamomile, calendula;
    • pickled and smoked;
    • alcoholic beverages.

    Cosmetic procedures against an ambrosial allergic reactions

    Beauty is a powerful thing, if applied correctly and competently. For Allergy sufferers, I recommend a procedure called «ozone dropper». The technique involves injection of a saline solution on the basis of ozone inside the veins. This therapy has many positive properties:

    • restores oxygen transport in the body;
    • releases oxygen;
    • normalizes hormonal balance;
    • improves metabolic processes in the body.

    In addition, intravenous ozone therapy will help remove toxicity and activates the protective functions of the immune system. Its effectiveness is confirmed allergies, including those suffering from ragweed.

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    Preventive measures

    To protect yourself from allergies is very difficult, but you can try to prevent her attack. To do this, in the flowering period do not open the Windows in the living areas, especially in the morning and afternoon. Often hold wet cleaning in the house or apartment.

    If you live in the private sector, then get rid of the plants (burn it naturally or special chemicals). Rinse the nose with fresh water with the addition of a small amount of antihistamine.

    If you have to be on the street, then after she must take a shower. If you live in a house Pets, walking on the street, I often bathe them.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)