Allergic to shampoo: hazardous ingredients and hypoallergenic brand

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиGood day to you, regular readers and visitors who have visited the site for the first time! Skin care now meets all the requirements: it is affordable, diverse, able to handle all sorts of tasks.

As an example, consider the shampoos. These detergents we use regularly. Advertising constantly offers new and improved options, describing them only with the best sides. And, of course, for us it works.

Have you ever thought when you choose skin funds that are allergic to shampoo can happen to anyone? To predict when this will happen is impossible. Just have to learn to properly choose such products.

After reading the article, you will learn why the body may react negatively to shampoo, what its components are considered hazardous and how to treat allergic reaction after washing your hair with poor quality tool.

An allergic reaction to the shampoo — does it really?

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиModern means to wash your hair possess a rich structure. Some more chemistry in other natural substances. Excessive sensitivity to data components is quite real.

Moreover, it is observed often enough. Godovogo means can damage sensitive person?

Below you see the list of the most dangerous ingredients that cause allergic attacks:

  • Dyes — the more, the worse

Colored shampoos bribe us with unusual form. To use them nicer and more fun than usual. But we should remember that the brighter and nenaturala colors, the more dangerous tool.

Bright colors can achieve with chemical dyes. By the way, the white shampoo they are also present. Therefore, the most safe variant can only be called transparent emulsion for the hair.

  • Preservatives, prolonging shelf life

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиHow much can be stored without losing its properties, modern shampoos? From one year to three years, as indicated on the label. Do not deteriorate as long they help preservatives the strongest chemical stimuli.

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If you want to find a less safe way, then choose the option with minimum shelf life.

However, the composition of such cosmetics may contain a natural preservative — wax, which too often provokes negative reactions of the scalp.

  • Perfume — the key to a pleasant aroma

In order to make products pleasant and attractive smell, manufacturers add fragrances that cause hypersensitivity not less than preservatives. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself and loved ones buy products to wash your hair with the minimum aroma or no aroma at all.

  • Antibacterial ingredients and thickeners

These substances are in frequent contact with the epidermis destroy the natural protective bacterial layer.

Because of this, the scalp becomes vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Eventually develop various dermatitis, itching and burning, peeling and redness.

Symptoms of an allergic attack

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиImagine a situation: you bought a new shampoo, washed my hair and realized that something went wrong. There was a strange sensation, discomfort. Skin started to itch and redden. How to understand this hypersensitivity, or something else?

To recognize an allergic attack can the symptoms appear almost instantly (within 3-10 minutes after skin contact with irritant):

  • intense itching that persists even after thorough rinsing;
  • burning and pain;
  • redness of the epidermis in areas which contacted the irritant;
  • peeling, in which a large amount of dandruff.

If you do not pay attention to these deterioration and continue to wash your hair, you can bring yourself to swelling Kwinke. This is when swelling of the face particularly the lips, eyelids, mucous in the throat and mouth.

The symptoms of hypersensitivity will be distributed below: to descend to the face, neck and even chest. In some cases, is popping up hives — Valderice small size.

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиLocal deterioration can be accompanied by systemic: asthma, sneezing, runny nose, popularnosti eyes, excessive tearing.

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In addition, the smell of allergenic shampoo may cause nausea and vomiting. Therefore, if after you opened the bottle, you began to feel really sick, then immediately close it and throw it away. This means nothing good with your hair and scalp will do.

How to protect from poor-quality cosmetics of your child?

To prevent allergies in children, it is enough to choose a quality shampoo. Choose hypoallergenic products, for example:

  • Johnson Baby;
  • The net line.

The first option is suitable for the little ones. It can be used from the first months of life. Clean line is popular due to its natural composition, the absence of dyes and aggressive fragrances. Another advantage of this brand — it has reasonable pricing.

Skin reaction to shampoos for animals

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиAllergies affects not only us but also our four-legged friends. They also have to periodically bathe. For animals we choose special care cosmetics.

Such products are designed for cats and for dogs, is a more thorough quality check. But unfortunately, even this may not protect our Pets completely.

Allergic attack is manifested in animals as well as humans. Cause its all the same chemicals in the composition.

If after bathing the skin of the pet turned red, started to itch and peel off, then immediately contact your veterinarian and take along the means by which you washed him. In the future, don’t use it.

Treatment of hypersensitivity due to the shampoo

Аллергия на шампунь: опасные компоненты и гипоаллергенные маркиTherapy against such allergies is no different from the standard. Allergies prescribe antihistamines, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory, wound healing ointment (Bepanten, for example).

To facilitate the course of disease with a properly rendered first aid to be carried out immediately after the first signs of hypersensitivity.

Rinse the head with a large amount of cool running water. Prepare a decoction of chamomile or nettle and rinse them down and take an antihistamine medication (claritin, Fenistil drops for babies, Suprastin or their analogues).

Elimination of the allergen is the main principle of treatment

If the reaction will occur on other types of shampoos, it is better to abandon them altogether. What, then, is to wash your hair? Is it possible to find worthy replacement to modern shampoos? It turns out that in folk medicine has a lot of Allergy-free recipes for shampooing:

  • yogurt + egg yolk (mix, massage into wet hair, rinse);
  • dry mustard, dissolved in water (removes grease and other impurities from the hair);
  • coconut milk + baby soap + baking soda + liquid vitamin E (mixed in a small number of Islands the ingredients and wash your hair in a standard way).
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Now you know what to do when a reaction to the shampoo. Read information you could share with friends via social networks. If you liked the article, subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)