Allergic to Sphynx: could there be and what to do in this case?

Аллергия на сфинксов: может ли быть и что делать в этом случае?Hello, dear readers. Let’s say you or your child are allergic and really want to have a pet. If you can contain the pet? What to choose in such a situation. Many argue that not all animals are allergenic.

For example, Sphynx — hairless cats. It would seem that no wool, so there can be allergies. But, unfortunately, allergic to the Sphynx it happens not less, than ordinary wool cats. Why? Read the article and find out.

Is there intolerance to bald cats?

In the modern world about 10% of people suffer from allergies to Pets. Among them the majority does not tolerate that cats. Allergic intolerance to these graceful animals occurs two times more often than intolerance dogs.

Allergy to bald cats? Oddly enough, and this is hypersensitivity. It does not arise on wool, and on a completely different substance, which is contained in the cat’s skin.

Why hairless Sphynx may cause hypersensitivity?

Аллергия на сфинксов: может ли быть и что делать в этом случае?Cat’s skin and saliva contains proteins that cause allergic attacks. Protein gets into the respiratory tract and on your skin allergies with dead skin cells the cat’s skin.

You all know that the human epidermis is constantly updated. The epidermis Sphynx, and other breeds, too, is updated, and not less intensively.

Medical studies have proven that the Sphinx and bald dogs provoke allergic attacks more often than wool, twice. Surprised? Unfortunately, it’s true.

So do not believe breeders who claim that these cats are hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic Pets does not exist.

The first reason for the intolerance of sphinxes is weakened immunity of the person. He’s too sensitive to harmful substances that enter the body in different ways. Protein from skin and saliva weakened immune system perceives as a threat and starts to fight with him.

Simultaneously, the body strongly informs the owner that he had problems. Especially often hypersensitivity to bald animals observed in children prior to adolescence.

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All sphinxes are dangerous for people with allergies?

The most popular varieties of this breed are:

  • canadian;
  • Donskoy Sphynx.

These rocks differ from each other only in origin. Don brought in Russia and Canada — in Canada, what can you understand from the title. Both of these species do not have hair, but may cause hypersensitivity for the reasons described above.

How to understand that a bald cat caused the allergic attack?

Аллергия на сфинксов: может ли быть и что делать в этом случае?Cat symptoms of intolerance are very diverse. How to verify that the attack is triggered pet and not something else? In fact, very simple: give pet allergies for a couple of minutes.

This will be enough for the first signs of the disease. By the way, the main features of cat intolerance are:

  • sneezing, swelling and nasal congestion, swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • strong, bringing relief to dry cough;
  • the bronchospasm, accompanied by swelling of the respiratory ways;
  • rashes on the skin (as pictured), such as hives or dermatitis, accompanied by strong itching.

What to do if there is hypersensitivity to the home of the bald pet?

The main principle of treatment of hypersensitivity is the exception of allergen-irritant in the life of a hypersensitive person. Chocolate or coffee you can refuse, but to give a home favorite animal is much more difficult.

What to do if you or your child has had an allergic attack because of a home a loved one a hairless cat? To fix the situation, not getting rid of the pet, is difficult, but possible:

  • remove carpets, because they are difficult to clean from dead skin flakes;
  • as often as possible, wet cleaning of floor and surfaces;
  • don’t let the cat go to the room of allergies;
  • to care for your Sphynx will have another family member who does not have hypersensitivity;
  • replace the furniture with textile upholstery that which is upholstered with imitation leather;
  • linens and clothes wash more often, after washing, put in bags, and only then in the Cabinet;
  • purchase vacuum filter deep cleaning
  • bathe your dog no less than three times per week (for care of the skin of the Sphynx, there are special shampoos that you can use as often).
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By the way, view helpful videos on how to bathe a cat-a Sphinx.

How to treat an attack of hypersensitivity?

Аллергия на сфинксов: может ли быть и что делать в этом случае?In the first place, to take away the allergic cat, send it in the tub to wash and rinse. If the attack is strong, then you need to give antihistamine medications, such as Diazolin, Zyrtec, Cetirizine, loratadine or similar.

If the swelling of the ways to breath, causing allergies had difficulty breathing, then you need to call an ambulance to prevent shock anaphylactic condition.

Home bald pet is neutered. Neutered animals are less allergens, since they stop working the glands that produce a specific scent that attracts the opposite sex.

If you are thinking to buy the Sphinx and want to protect yourself from allergic attacks to observe the following recommendations:

  • Choose cats bright colors. Scientists have found that they are less dangerous for hypersensitive than the dark.
  • In areas where there is a animal, be sure to install humidifiers and air ionizers. The better to the air, the less likely it is allergies.
  • Hypersensitive family member is not recommended often and long in contact with the seal. If it’s a child, which is difficult to explain why your beloved cat can not touch it, then ask him to play with your pet remotely with the help of toys. For example, you can use a stick with a ribbon. So the child will not have fun with a pet, not touching it.
  • The cat hard to teach not to climb on beds and sofas. Therefore, it is better to buy special covers for mattresses and pillows. They are breathable and protect textiles from dust, wool, pollutants and microparticles.
  • When choosing a Sphinx give preference to the cat, as cats provoke hypersensitivity more often.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)