Allergic to sunflower seeds: symptoms, prevention and treatment

Аллергия на семечки: симптомы, меры профилактики и лечениеHello, regular visitors and site visitors! Who doesn’t love sunflower seeds? This is a delicious product that can be a good snack to occupy yourself while watching live TV. What do you like more seeds: sunflower or pumpkin?

Did you know that both of these species can develop allergies. Allergy to sunflower seeds is not something rare in today’s world and there is just. I propose to study in detail this type of hypersensitivity.

What is more dangerous: pumpkin seeds or sunflower?

I have to say that is more dangerous than sunflower seeds. Allergic seizures on pumpkin seeds almost never happen, and if happen, are accompanied by light symptoms, such as hives, skin irritation, etc.

But the reaction to the sunflower, especially fried, can be bright and varied. I wonder whether you why? Then happy reading.


Аллергия на семечки: симптомы, меры профилактики и лечениеTo get develop such a disease can a variety of factors. So why it does not appear at all.

Just not all of us are so sensitive to albumin and globulin contained in the composition of cereals food class.

However, the reaction may occur in these substances, as, for example, the oil in which the thermally processed seeds. Often speak negatively about the roasted seeds from Martin.

If allergies can not tolerate the pumpkin itself, then it could well be a reaction to its seeds, which are particles of the flesh even after roasting.

Аллергия на семечки: симптомы, меры профилактики и лечениеIn addition, the body can react to harmful substances that a sunflower draws from the soil during growth. Have you ever heard that after the sunflowers in the fields, nothing planted?

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This is because these plants are too stringy — pulled from the soil everything.

In any case, to determine the presence of intolerance to sunflower or pumpkin seeds can only be a specialist after specific lab tests such as Allergy tests.

Often people are unaware of the fact that he is hypersensitive to the occurrence of the primary symptoms of the disorder on the basis of allergies. And the symptoms are very diverse. Let’s examine them in more detail.


  • a sharp sudden cold with all its symptoms;
  • epidermal itching of the skin all over the body or in part;
  • edema Quincke-type, or her true form (swollen lips, mucous membranes of mouth and respiratory ways);
  • redness, burning and peeling of the epidermal cover (often there is a small allergic rash).

In some cases, the allergic attack can culminate in anaphylactic shock, because the seeds are in a class of products-allergen risk.

It could happen an allergic disorder of the seeds from a baby?

Of course, babies nobody gives seeds, especially roasted. Could it be they have a hypersensitivity to this product? As it turned out, and here’s why:

  • my mom eats this cereal a large number ve;
  • then breastfeeds the baby, not thinking about the fact that he was given everything that she ate;
  • the allergen enters the body through the milk, causing the baby’s symptoms of intolerance.

To provoke a negative susceptibility of cereals maybe mom, if while carrying a baby is too often to eat them. External signs of the disease in infants with the following:

  • minor rash as pictured;
  • redness of the skin resulting from irritation;
  • flaking and intense itching, soreness combed places.
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In addition, the baby-allergies can act up, to tear, to denounce, to show discomfort in other ways. To protect your baby, do not eat grass and other allergens are breastfeeding and do not give them to your child.

How to treat?

Аллергия на семечки: симптомы, меры профилактики и лечениеFirst, go to the hospital to see the allergist and make sure that the body reacted negatively to it sunflower or other seeds.

As long as the doctors will determine the diagnosis, exclude the above product from the diet.

Further, when the diagnosis is established, continue to try not to come into contact with dangerous foods that cause allergic attacks.

During treatment should drink antihistamine medicines, such as Tavegil, Suprastin, loratadine, and the like. Skin rashes need to be treated with antiseptic drugs, such as alcohol-based solutions.

This should be done because combed pimples can cause bacterial infections or any other.

Folk medicine — what it can offer allergies?

Аллергия на семечки: симптомы, меры профилактики и лечениеTo treat intolerance to sunflower seeds or other seeds you can use the root raspberries. From the root you need to make an infusion on alcohol. It is taken daily for six months. Why so long?

In fact, the treatment of folk medicine are always long, as homemade remedies do not have this power, as established pharmacists. But the popular medicines are not afraid to give the child.

Another anti-allergic folk recipe:

  • take egg shells (eggs need to boil, cool and peel);
  • blend it to a fine powder in a mortar or blender;
  • for one application to need as much powder as will fit on the end of the knife;
  • into powder add a few drops of lemon juice;
  • take three times a day until the disappearance of symptoms.
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Thus, compensated the lack of calcium in the body. If your body does not take eggs, it is better to puncture or probates calcium gluconate (hot shots). This method is safer and more reliable.


If you have any hypersensitivity to sunflower seeds, then in the future you can protect yourself from re-occurrence. How? Just don’t eat foods, which are sunflower seeds or oil.

That’s all the information that I wanted to share with you. Tell us about the read friends in social networks. Also don’t forget to subscribe to updates as new articles, not less interesting than this one, regularly. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)