Allergic to sweet: how to manifest and how is it treated?

Аллергия на сладкое: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?Dear guests and regular readers, welcome to our website! Allergic to sweets, like any another such reaction is a response of the immunity to penetrating into the organism antigen-protein. Who loves sugar? Of course, it’s our kids sweet tooth.

Therefore, it is among the children of hypersensitivity to sweet most common. In addition, this disease affects adults, especially those whose immune system is weakened for some reason.

What threat intolerance of sweet Goodies? How to prevent and cure? Are you curious about what is hypersensitivity to sweet? If the answer is positive then you came to the right place because the article will tell you in detail about «sweet waters».

Causes: what triggers the abnormal immune response?

The main factor causing an abnormal reaction of the body is improper absorption of food, which consists of a carbohydrate — sucrose. The intestine is able to digest the sweet incorrectly in several cases:

  • the children of this age — due to the lack of enzymes, which occurs due to the digestion;
  • in adults is due to excessive consumption of sugary and unhealthy lifestyles, which leads to disorders of intestinal functions.

Due to lack of digestion in the gastrointestinal tract fermentation begins, during which the unsplit components of sucrose penetrate into the blood and cause a reaction of the immune system and allergies.

The second reason — the ingredients

Not always hypersensitivity to the Goodies develops sucrose. In the composition of cakes and sweets may be other food irritants, for example: cocoa, chocolate, nuts.

The composition of these products are proteins, causing a negative reaction of the immune system in hypersensitive individuals. In any case, the disease appears equally in adults and in kids. How? Certain characteristics, which will be discussed further.

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«Sweet Allergy» symptoms

In fact, the most common symptom of the above diseases are skin irritation. These include:

  • diathesis (tiny rash on the face, most often on the cheeks);
  • urticaria;
  • peeling and unnatural redness of the epidermis;
  • 1-2 mm bumps all over my body.

Аллергия на сладкое: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?In almost all cases, rashes are very itchy, thereby bringing discomfort to hypersensitive person.

Symptoms appear: immediately — «quick response» that has revealed itself in a few minutes after ingestion of irritants; slowly — within a few days.

The most severe manifestations of hypersensitivity to sweet are:

  • edema Quincke-type — nabuhaut lips, mucous membranes in the mouth, the eyelids, the skin around the mouth, neck and throat, genitals (in rare cases);
  • anaphylactic shock — loss of consciousness, the maximum reduced pressure, breathing problems.

The heavy currents of the disease should immediately call the doctor and the epinephrine. What to do if the symptoms of the standard «easy»?

It can endure, but what if in today’s world there are drug anti-allergic medicines, is able to eliminate the problem almost instantly.

Knowing how to look for signs of hypersensitivity to sweet, you can easily identify the disease. You know how she to be treated? If not, read.

Therapy against the «sweet oversensitivity»

To treat the disorder provoked sweetie, you need this plan:

Аллергия на сладкое: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?To abandon the stimuli completely. If you don’t know exactly what triggered the illness, consult an allergist and find out, not to protect themselves from all forms of sweet.

If the disorder appeared in infants who sweet is not powered, then consider a change of diet should be his mother. The stimuli can enter the small organism with mother’s milk.

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To resolve the instant manifestations of intolerance are used tablets, suspension and other forms of medications antihistamines group. Children are often prescribed Diazolin, Suprastin, Enterosgel.

These medications are safe and effective. Among adults, allergies are antihistamines, such as Zyrtec, Zodak, Tavegil. This is a minimum list, as determined by the drug will help the allergist.

Skin allergies eliminate ointments and creams with protivozudnam and anti-inflammatory effects. Popular among these is Solution and Lokoid.

Аллергия на сладкое: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?In addition, to cope with the rash can folk remedies listed in a separate article, which you, if you want, can find on the website.

When food hypersensitivity often prescribed sorbents — POLYSORB or Activated carbon, for example. They can be derived from the intestinal remnants of undigested food, allergens and toxins. Polisorb can be given to babies under one year of age.

To improve bowel function will help enzyme medicines Mezim, Festal, for example.

The main varieties of «sweet oversensitivity»

If you need to determine the cause of the disease, and the ability to go to an allergist there, check out the list of the most common sweet stimuli.

By the way, below described features and the different «sweet allergies», with which you can accurately establish the diagnosis. So, an attack of hypersensitivity can provoke:

  • cocoa, a rash appears on the forehead and cheeks;
  • chocolate — most often occurs in babies up to two years and a half;
  • candy — the reaction is accompanied by a disorder of the intestine;
  • med — most often leads to severe manifestations (shock and swelling) and cause hives (Valderice as after contact with nettles);
  • sugar — the more you eat, the harder it will be for the disease.
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Now you know, could it be an intolerance to sugary Goodies. Read can share with friends on social networks, and if you do not want to miss the updates of the site, then subscribe to them. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)