Allergic to the fungus, as manifested and how is it treated?

Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?Dear readers, good day. The fungus is a major allergen, which is found in house dust. Very often, doctors diagnose in adults and children allergic to fungus.

Sometimes this intolerance is added to the reaction to mold, which is also the faithful companion of any room with high humidity.

Sometimes people just do not understand what he is intolerant and may not recognize its symptoms. In the meantime, the fungus does its dirty business.

Alas, not always allergies can change places of residence or work due to his illness and then the question arises about the treatment of allergies.

In today’s article, I will describe symptoms, causes of allergies to different types of fungi, and give actionable advice for the treatment and prevention of such intolerance. So, read carefully and start fighting with the humidity immediately.

How does this type of Allergy?

You live quietly in their apartment or house and suddenly you start something like a common cold:

  • Frequent sneezing;
  • Wheezing, coughing;
  • Itching and skin rashes;
  • Chronic rhinitis, the ongoing year-round;
  • Bronchial asthma, which is sometimes accompanied by severe symptoms;
  • Watery eyes;
  • Aggravation of respiratory diseases in autumn and spring.

Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?These symptoms can manifest in both adults and children. And not always intolerance is associated with place of residence.

Those who conduct professional activities in the underground, mines, chemical labs, libraries and other places of high humidity, most are allergic to fungus and mold. Even ordinary air can lead to such ailment.

The fungi that cause allergies

  • Fungi of the Genus Alternaria (alternaria alternata) or molds.

Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?This vast group of fungi, which is a powerful allergen that causes a severe form of asthma. The most common breeding places are: gardens, orchards, meadows. That is, if you live in a private house, then beware.

Allergic reaction spores produced by fungus. They are easily carried by air entering the human body.

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If you notice in the apartment or house mold (greenish or white spots), then you know it is fungus. It grows on paint materials, stones, and Wallpaper.

  • Fungi blue.

This is a blue or gray spots, which destroy the surface of wood.

Blue not only creates an unsightly appearance, but also forms a moves penetration into the wood of water, only increases the humidity. I note that pine is the most susceptible to such effects.

  • Rot.

It also affects the wood.

  • Actinomycetes.

Are microorganisms which belong to the lower fungi and bacteria. They live in the soil and are the cause of such diseases as actinomycosis.

  • Candida.

Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?It is a yeast fungus exists in every human body. Ideal when it is balanced in the intestinal microflora with beneficial bacteria.

If it’s no good, then there is thrush, which deprives the body of nutrients, which leads to an increase of toxic waste. Such imbalances can lead to chronic allergies.

By the way, products with mold can also cause intolerance, which will be accompanied by hives, itching, rash, swelling of the mucosa and skin.

Here is a list of foods containing mold:

  • Raw yeast dough;
  • Cheese elite;
  • Stale vegetables and fruits;
  • Sauerkraut;
  • Kislomolochny (yogurt, sour cream);
  • Drinks (champagne, kvass, beer);
  • Canned juices;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Marinated, smoked fish and meat;
  • Sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce).

What factors cause allergies?

The child and adult are often an allergic reaction can be a consequence of the following reasons:

  • Heredity (predisposition from birth);
  • Plants. In the soil the fungi multiply very well.
  • Finding a long time in air-conditioned, moist, damp areas.
  • Contact with moist soil, rotten leaves, which are the source of the fungus. This applies particularly to lawn and garden work in spring and autumn.
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    Causes intolerance in adults:

  • Work in subway, mines (underground).
  • Agricultural work.
  • Work in air-conditioned rooms.
  • Professional activity in the factories for the manufacture of animal feed, food products, microbiological laboratories.
  • Rules for the treatment of allergies such

    For successful treatment it is necessary not only to avoid contact with the allergen, but also to follow some rules:

    • Not to consume foods with mold;
    • Try not to plant in the house plants;
    • Not to be out in the garden-the garden in autumn-spring period;
    • Avoid being in damp areas, especially in cellars and basements;
    • Do not dry clothes in the living room;
    • Throw all of the old, smelling of mildew (it’s better to burn);
    • To use special means for the care of a mold;
    • To carry out regular cleaning in the apartment.

    If you adopt these measures, you reduce the Allergy symptoms. However, you still need medication.

    Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?Self-treatment is not engaged – it is better to consult an allergist. Only he will be able to distinguish Allergy to fungus from other types of intolerance.

    If you have a runny nose, you will be assigned to nasal sprays and regular washing with the nose with saltwater, cough – syrups and pills, for asthma – related drugs.

    All this you need to drink antihistamines, which relieve all manifestations of intolerance of fungus.

    In addition, I recommend to pass the examination to exclude fungal infection is a serious implications of the presence in the apartment or in the house of fungus.

    Autolymphocytotherapy against allergic reactions

    Аллергия на грибок: как проявляется и каким образом лечится?It’s another quite effective method of treatment. Carry out the procedure can be children from 5 years old to adults. The essence of treatment that uses your own immune cells of the patient in order to increase the General immunity and resistance to allergens of all kinds.

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    In the laboratory from the blood of a patient taking only the lymphocytes. After that they are introduced in the lateral part of the shoulder of the patient. The number of lymphocytes, you need to enter prescribed only by a doctor after proper examination and inspection.

    Treatment scheme is determined for each case individually and depends on the severity of the disease. Typically the interval between treatments is equal to 2-6 days, and all procedures will be 6-8.

    After this therapy, you can gradually undo antihistamines and strict diets. Only do this is only under the supervision of a doctor.


    Well, dear readers. If you have all of the above symptoms, you should see a doctor. Perhaps it is hypersensitivity to the fungus. Suggest you to share the article with your friends and acquaintances, because they too can be such a problem and thanks to you, they will be solved.

    I also recommend to watch a video on how to get rid of mold in the house.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)