Allergic to tomatoes: the main causes, symptoms and treatments

Аллергия на помидоры: основные причины, симптомы и методы леченияHello, dear readers! Tomatoes or tomatoes serve as an integral part of our diet. This is a generic product. In various kind of tomatoes are added to almost all daily meals.

Did you know that an Allergy to tomatoes at the present time is not uncommon. It can develop at any age has serious consequences.

Let’s examine this type of food hypersensitivity in detail to able to identify and eliminate it.

What can negatively react to the body?

The reason for the reaction does not have to be tomatoes. Provoking her can of tomato juice, ketchup and other processed products, and seedling and pollen plants.

Most Allergy sufferers intolerance is called processed tomatoes. Symptoms occur in 72 hours (average) after consumption of the irritant.

What is the cause of hypersensitivity to tomatoes?

In tomatoes there are many components that are useful for children and adults. Some of them are able to provoke severe reaction to an allergic background. Want to know what? Below you see the list of the most dangerous tomato components:

  • protein «profiling» (provokes reaction to the pollen, which doctors call hay fever);
  • «beta fructofuranosidase» (allergen, which can be destroyed by heat treatment);
  • protein-Transporter of lipids (irritant, which is not afraid of heat treatment).

The main causes of the response to the above tomato ingredients:

Аллергия на помидоры: основные причины, симптомы и методы леченияIndividual immunity Allergy begins to respond to a stimulus according to certain individual reasons.

Hereditary in the family of the hypersensitive are the people with the same disorder.

Chemical — composed of imported tomatoes often contain toxic chemicals, which they watered during growing to extend shelf life.

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Pesticide — in the poor quality of tomatoes has a lot of pesticides and mineral fertilizers.

Red, yellow, brown or orange — what kind of tomatoes are the most dangerous?

What do you think, could it be that the color affects the allergenicity of tomatoes? It turns out that can. Scientists have found that the safest are the yellow and orange varieties, but the most dangerous — red and brown. The more intense the color the more the composition of the stimuli.

Stimuli in tomato tops

Hypersensitive may react not only to fruits but also in leaves or seedlings of tomatoes. Touch have you ever tomato plant? Its leaves are succulent and supple, just like trunks. The foliage emits a pleasant tomato flavor.

This is because in its composition there are alkaloids in a large number ve. The main and the most dangerous is the «Tomatin». It becomes the cause of the local (skin) reactions.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity tomato

To recognize a food allergic disorder would be easier if you know its characteristic symptoms. In most cases they are the same as that of a child and sensitive adult. Here is a list of the main signs of hypersensitivity to tomatoes:

  • from the bowel — disorder, pain, diarrhea, nausea;
  • from the epidermis rash as pictured, itching, urticaria and dermatitis;
  • on the part of the respiratory system — runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, swelling of the nose and throat;
  • severe consequences — anaphylactic shock, swelling of the type of angioedema (swelling of the mouth, throat, genitals, eyelids, dyspnea).
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The first deterioration occur immediately after eating tomatoes. In hypersensitive slightly swollen lips, itchy or a sore tongue, a feeling of the presence of a foreign object in the larynx.

In addition, in the oral cavity can immediately jump Valderice, and a slight tingling that is often felt before Valderice, will serve as a warning.

Dangerous reaction to tomatoes for pregnant?

During pregnancy any deterioration on the basis of hypersensitivity dangerous, not only for future moms, but also to the fetus. In this position, to take an antihistamine is undesirable.

Tablets are assigned only in situations if the benefit exceeds the risk. Simply put, make them appropriate, if the Allergy is life threatening.


Suspecting an Allergy, immediately contact the hospital to see a specialist-an allergist. To diagnose the disease will help simple tests:

  • determination of IgG levels (if high, then there is allergic);
  • Allergy tests (on the epidermis bore micro-scratches, which entered a potential irritant, and if a reaction occurs, then the diagnosis is confirmed);
  • application patch (the technique allows to reveal presence of a contact hypersensitivity).

Anti-allergic treatment

Аллергия на помидоры: основные причины, симптомы и методы леченияThe basis of treatment for any Allergy is the exception of the stimulus of life is oversensitive. In our case, the allergic person will have to give up tomatoes in any form.

You can gradually accustom themselves to the stimulus, using less allergenic tomatoes (yellow and orange).

Thus, the body will gradually harden and eventually will cease so much to respond to a stimulus.

Hypersensitivity to tomatoes is often accompanied by cross-reaction to Prairie grass, but rather their pollen. So ill have to avoid contacts not only with the primary stimulus, but with the pollen of various plants.

Treatment of acute attack of hypersensitivity is done with:

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  • Antihistamine medications such as claritin, Zyrtec, Clemastin, Desal, Tavegil, etc. Antihistamines block certain receptors, after which the reaction ceases to evolve.
  • Corticosteroids — hormonal drugs with potent anti-inflammatory action. These drugs are prescribed only in severe currents of hypersensitivity. In standard cases, they are not appointed.
  • Antiallergic ointments, such as Fenistil, Bepanten, Thank you. The ointment will help reduce itching and quickly heal the rash.
  • Sorbents — activated carbon, POLYSORB, Laktofiltrum. Sorbents will withdraw from the bowel toxins and irritants. Because of this hypersensitivity is not complicated.
  • Now you know that in the tomatoes causes a negative reaction and how does this sensitivity. Read information you could share with friends on social networks. If the site you liked, subscribe for updates and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)