Allergic to washing powder: how to deal with it?

Аллергия на стиральный порошок: как с ней бороться?Hello, visitors and regular readers! An Allergy to washing powder are increasingly common. Modern manufacturers of household chemicals do not think about how to make their products safe for Allergy sufferers, and on how to reduce the cost of production.

Because of this, in the composition of washing powders appear dangerous chemical substances that can harm not only the adult but also the child wearing wet clothes.

How to protect yourself from such an Allergy? Who and why might it lead? Let’s examine the intolerance of washing powders completely.

Why there is intolerance to household chemicals?

The reasons are many. Perhaps, at the present time there is no perfect detergent that does not cause allergies for anybody. In the composition of household chemicals present a set of harmful chemicals that can cause local and systemic damage to the body.

Especially dangerous are phosphates — substances, softening the water and increasing the functionality of the detergent. In addition to phosphates, allergies can cause:

  • bleaching substances;
  • flavoring components.

Аллергия на стиральный порошок: как с ней бороться?Flavors often become the provoker of allergies, as it is not washed away during rinsing, and long retained in the fabric after washing which contacts with the skin.

Local irritation is the main symptoms of intolerance to the washing means. The main but not the only one.

Inhaling the scent of powder in the wash socks or wash the product we get inside a dose of flavours and harmful substances.

Because of this, there may be a systemic disorder of various kinds. Let’s take a closer look at the signs of intolerance washing powders.

Symptoms of allergies to household chemicals

As mentioned above, the main symptoms are local reactions:

  • itching;
  • irritation;
  • redness of the epidermis;
  • swelling;
  • rash as pictured;
  • skin peeling and soreness.
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Аллергия на стиральный порошок: как с ней бороться?Such reactions may occur on body areas that have come in contact with the powder or clothing, wash with it.

In most cases, suffer the hands, as during washing they are constantly in soapy water. If the components of household chemicals hit the respiratory system, it starts shortness of breath, nausea, sore throat, cough.

In the most serious cases develop swelling of angioedema and shock. The Allergy may be not only the adult but the child, which was washed with allergenic powder clothes. Symptoms in children are no different from the above.

How to protect your baby from Allergy attacks, triggered by household cleaning products? To learn the answer, read the next paragraph of the article dedicated to children’s allergic reactions to washing powders.

Intolerance of washing powders in infants and older kids

Causes of child allergies to household chemicals can be described as follows:

  • The weakness of the immune system. Due to the fact that the immune system is not fully developed, children are very vulnerable to all sorts of stimuli.
  • Weak and overly sensitive skin. In infants the epidermis is thin and sensitive. In addition, children’s cover has high permeability. Harmful chemicals that are not washed in the rinsing process, penetrates through the skin into the body of the newborn, which appear systemic allergic worsening of gastrointestinal disorders, rash, cough, anxiety.
  • At the present time you can find special powders for infants and young children. Manufacturers claim that the composition of such detergents no chemicals and fragrances. How do you think it possible to be allergic to them?

    The special baby powder is safe or not?

    Аллергия на стиральный порошок: как с ней бороться?The most popular means for washing baby clothes is powder «Eared nannies.» Parents are satisfied with the quality of washing with this tool, but all the complaining in the social. networks and forums for its allergenicity.

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    Children’s intolerance to powders provoke phosphates and surfactants. In the «Eared nanny» there are others, but in smaller quantity. So you can not say that this powder is suitable for all children.

    If «Eared nannies» the child had a reaction, then try to replace it with a safer means of «Aistenok». This tool is available labeled «hypoallergenic».

    What kind of powder is considered the most dangerous for Allergy sufferers?

    The majority of complaints related intolerance to household chemicals, there is the Laundry detergent «Tide». It has a strong odor, which many people think is unpleasant, and complex composition, in which there are different types of chemical stimuli.

    Treatment powder hypersensitivity

    Аллергия на стиральный порошок: как с ней бороться?Signs of acute Allergy can be removed with the help of antihistamine medicines. Which of them are suitable for children, see the separate article on this website.

    The most popular antihistamines include: Zyrtec, Zodak, loratadine, claritin, Enterosgel. In some cases, suffering the necessary hormonal corticosteroids.

    The appearance of intolerance should abandon household chemicals, not only from powders.

    If the disease has not yet made itself felt, but you are prone to allergies, then stick prevention rules:

    • rinse your Laundry at least two times, changing the water after each rinse;
    • the water for washing, pour the minimum amount of detergents (less than indicated on the package);
    • baby clothes wash soap;
    • do not use washes with a pungent aroma.

    Folk recipes will help you to remove local (skin) Allergy:

    The itching will subside in time, if irritated skin to ice. Lotions from infusions of hops, elderflower, chamomile, celandine, nettle can help relieve inflammation and heal the rash faster. Bath with oatmeal will relieve itching, burning and will soothe the affected skin.

    How to replace detergent if allergic to penicillin?

    If the treatment helps and you are not allergic to the powders occurs again and again, you have to completely abandon household chemicals. But how to life without tools for washing and cleaning? Fortunately, harmful household chemicals can be replaced by safe counterparts:

    • soap that washes well, has no fragrance, does not cause allergies (for washing in the machine it is better to grind the soap on the grater);
    • ash, which is diluted with boiling water, strain and use for washing (the most interesting that ash removes even the most stubborn dirt better than any bleach);
    • mustard powder, which perfectly removes grease (can use for washing dishes);
    • «soap root» which is sold in pharmacies;
    • «soap nuts» which can be purchased online.
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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)