Allergy in children: causes and treatments

Аллергия у детей: причины появления и методы леченияGood day, dear readers. Allergy in children is a frequent phenomenon in our days. A couple of centuries ago no one even thought about the allergies, and now children’s hypersensitivity happens to the second child.

How to recognize disease in their offspring in time? How to protect it from allergic attacks? The answers to the above and similar questions you’ll find after reading the article.

Variety the children’s hypersensitivity

As you know, intolerance is very different. Some react negatively to pollen, other animal dander.

Sometimes even intolerance to the sun or too humid/dry air. How to understand what allergies the child has, if it has already happened? To do this, let’s look at the varieties of intolerance.

  • DustАллергия у детей: причины появления и методы лечения

More specifically, the reaction happens not in the very dust, and to dust micro-mites and the waste products of parasites of data.

As dust contains a variety of substances: pollen particles, mold spores and fungi, particles of wool and fluff and more. The response can be anything.

  • Animal

Cause its not the animal itself, and its saliva, fur, particles of hair and epidermis. Contain Pets animal allergies will not succeed, so as to determine at what reacts his body, hard.

Moreover, a cat or dog will not leave without saliva or skin, but if you are allergic to down and wool, we can find a way out. For example, to have Sphynx (cat) or a Chinese crested (dog).

  • Grocery

Аллергия у детей: причины появления и методы леченияProducts in our diet can sometimes provoke negative reactions because of the substances which contain them in the composition.

Often a negative reaction occurs to the protein, especially in babies up to a year. Often reaction causes the cows milk and its derivatives. In addition, the threat allergies eggs, seafood, nuts — protein foods.

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  • Pollen — hay fever

In the composition of the pollen proteins are also present. They provoke a reaction. Plants produce this essential product is not constant. Therefore, attacks of hay fever often occur in summer or spring.

  • Drug

Children’s bodies are more susceptible to drugs and chemistry of drugs, especially antibiotic nature. Extremely vulnerable is the body of a sucking child.

Often the reaction of the allergenic character, in this case, confuse with side effects. But after the cessation of medication it does not disappear.

Causes of allergies in children

Аллергия у детей: причины появления и методы леченияMany doctors believe that the above diseases are transmitted genetic way. This is true, but not quite. The probability of congenital lactose intolerance is extremely low, as the body of each of us individually.

But to provoke giperwolemicescoy the child’s parents may, if you try.

For the future health of the baby affected by the mother’s diet during pregnancy. This is not just said in their video Komorowski is a popular children’s pediatrician. Pregnant women are not recommended to consume harmful «aggressive» products:

  • meats;
  • fruit-citrus;
  • chocolate;
  • milk in its pure form;
  • nuts;
  • exotic foods (seafood and vegetables).

This is the effective prevention of allergies for the baby. Intolerance in babies often develops due to a refusal from breast milk.

As you know, this decision is not the baby and the parents. No wonder doctors advise to feed babies in a natural way.

And now let’s move on to symptoms of childhood allergies. Knowing them, you will be able to notice and correctly diagnose the disease in his child.

As children’s allergies manifest?

The main symptoms of allergies are always local manifestation occur on the dermal surface. The most common symptoms on the epidermis you can see on the photo. The negative reaction of a small body of anything can be in the form:

  • dermatitis «atopic» or allergic diathesis — tiny red localized rash appearing primarily on the cheeks, which can appear in infancy and persist into adulthood;
  • «hay fever» or rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity, long — term inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose and throat accompanied by runny nose, sneezing and itching, respiratory failure;
  • hives — rashes resembling burns after contact with a Chinese burn, can occur all over the body, including the feet;
  • conjunctivitis — the swelling and itching of the eyelids, excessive tear production, souring and festering eyes.
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In addition, a common childhood symptom and complication allergies is asthma bronchial character. Its symptoms: difficulty breathing, suffocation, pushy, exhausting cough.


Аллергия у детей: причины появления и методы леченияIf you notice the above deterioration of your child, you go to the doctor, who is known as allergist. He will prescribe the tests and Allergy tests. They can be used to identify the substance that creates seizures that will facilitate treatment.

By the way, the treatment of allergies is a controversial issue, as miracle cures that can make a person not sensitive to the allergen has not yet been established. So how then to treat such attack? About it in detail below.

Antiallergic therapy for children

How to treat baby allergic attacks? This is the first question asked by the parents of the allergic doctors. The most effective method of getting rid of this scourge is to avoid contact with the substance that creates it.

Some allergens to eliminate from your life is simply impossible. For example, dust that somehow appears in our homes. In this case, it will help proper care of the sensitive baby:

  • frequent cleaning;
  • regular airing;
  • wet cleaning of surfaces;
  • natural clothing fabrics are composed of no loose particles.

If the attacks are strong, it is better to drink a course of antihistamine drugs. Such medications are not listed on this website. The most popular for children are:

  • The pain;
  • Zyrtec;
  • Claritin;
  • Kestin.

Course of homeopathy will help in that case, if the allergen is removed from the child’s life impossible. This treatment will take much time, but it’s not a problem, considering its efficiency.

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Homeopathy is the regular maintenance of small doses provocateur negative reactions in the body. The immune system gradually gets used to the provocateur and stops him so hard to respond.

That’s all the information about children’s allergies, which I wanted to share with you. Article you can distribute among friends in social networks. If we have on the site you liked, subscribe to its updates. Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)