Allergy to hyaluronic acid: can it be as shown?

Аллергия на гиалуроновую кислоту: может ли быть и как проявляется?Good day, dear readers! Allergy to hyaluronic acid can occur for various reasons. To understand how dangerous this substance is, one must first understand what it is all about.

Hyaluronic acid is often offered in beauty salons and clinics to slow down the aging process of the skin. Why?

This substance found in connective, nervous and epithelial tissue in the human body, and therefore, it is quite normal for us. At a certain age acid ceases to be produced in the same quantity, which leads to its disadvantage.

Because of this, the body starts aging that appears on the skin in the first place. Preparations on the basis of the above acids replenish its reserves in tissues. Consequently, ageing is slowed down.

Hyaluronic acid is administered by injection, and is added to creams and ointments for care of the epidermis. If it is so useful, then why Allergy? The answer read below.

Causes hyaluronic intolerance

Аллергия на гиалуроновую кислоту: может ли быть и как проявляется?First, the hypersensitive body can individually do not perceive the above the substance if it is produced artificially injected into the body unnaturally.

Secondly, any substance introduced into the body through injections or orally (or in any other way), is perceived as alien. Allergies react to such interference is too much, why get the characteristic seizures.

Intolerance of hyaluronic acid refers to the reactions of immediate type. Simply put, an allergic attack will begin immediately after drug administration. It can detect symptoms, which is difficult with something confused. Let’s look at it in more detail.

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Symptoms hyaluronic allergies

Acid the organism of the allergic reacts locally. For such typical Allergy symptoms are:

  • instant itching of the skin, which is in contact with the substance;
  • burning and redness;
  • change the color of the epidermis at the site of injection or treated with a cream;
  • swelling;
  • rash of various types (most commonly urticaria).

The appearance of allergic reacting to hyaluronic preparations you see in the photo. Why take that risk? It’s simple: for the sake of beauty, youth and attractiveness. I have to say, from allergic reactions no one is immune.

If you have decided to undergo procedures with hyaluronic acid and don’t want to get allergies, you must check for its presence at the allergist.


Аллергия на гиалуроновую кислоту: может ли быть и как проявляется?How to check you ask? With the help of medical allergodil: on the skin bore a small scratch, in which are included various substances-stimuli.

After some time, the epidermis begins to respond to stimuli. The brighter the response, the higher the risk. This is a substance-an allergen for each individual are hypersensitive.

Another way to determine if there is intolerance to the above acid: after injection, carefully follow the place in which it was made. If it swells and does not decrease in size after three days, it indicates the presence of intolerance.

As determined by the allergic and the irritant, provoking her? It’s very simple: with the help of laboratory researches:

  • study of specific antibodies is the most sensitive and rapid method;
  • elimination tests — the gradual elimination of irritants.

The dangerous consequences of «injections of youth»

Аллергия на гиалуроновую кислоту: может ли быть и как проявляется?The worst symptom hyaluronic intolerance is swelling of Quincke type, which may develop into anaphylactic shock. For swelling angioedema is characterized by swelling of the lips, eyelids, mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

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If after treatment with hyaluronic acid there are such symptoms then immediately call an ambulance, so as to save an Allergy to adrenaline. And what treatment is assigned when standard signs of allergies?

Anti-allergic action

When the first signs of intolerance is necessary to abandon treatments with hyaluronic acid in the future; to address to the allergist.

Doctor after accurate diagnosis, prescribes treatment, which is performed using:

  • antihistamine drugs — blockers of H1-receptors (particularly popular — Zyrtec, Zodak, Tavegil, Suprastin);
  • corticosteroids — hormonal medication that prevents and stops the inflammatory processes (most often the drugs for local use).

Аллергия на гиалуроновую кислоту: может ли быть и как проявляется?In addition, unpleasant visible signs of the Allergy on the face or other areas, has interacted with acid, will help to eliminate traditional recipes such as herbal decoctions and infusions of for washing, baths with herbs, etc.

The list of the most effective folk remedies with anti-allergic effect, you can easily find on this website.

If you are going to apply hyaluronic acid read safety precautions:

  • The first time allowed to use only the minimum dosage, then you need to carefully monitor reactions of the organism. If no reactions occur, then you can safely carry out the procedure with acid in the future, but not too often.
  • A substance that can cause allergies, in any case can not enter in the blood vessels.
  • Treatments acid should carry out a qualified specialist who knows his business and experience. Therefore, do not refer to a little-known salons and clinics whose reputation is controversial.
  • «Injections of youth» and other similar procedures acid is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and people under the age of 21 years.
  • After the procedure at least a week can not take alcohol in any form.
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    Now you know does hyaluronic intolerance in reality. I hope this article answered all questions and was interesting. If it is useful to you, please do tell about it to their friends in popular social networks. Also don’t forget to sign up for site updates. Good health, until we meet again!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)