Allergy to milk: why it happens and how is it treated?

Аллергия на молоко: почему бывает и как лечится?Good day, dear readers! From childhood we are taught to drink milk regularly, as it is useful. This product is indeed rich composition, but not everyone fits.

Statistics says that a milk Allergy is observed in ten percent of children in the infant (gogodala) age.

Adults complain of such a problem no less.

Why develop a special sensitivity to cow’s milk? How to deal with the above problem? That can be allergies? The answers lie in the article.

What is the increased susceptibility of the milk?

Allergy is called the response of the body to ingested protein antigens. In cow’s milk such antigens -irritants 25. The most dangerous among them is considered to be beta-lactoglobulin.

Аллергия на молоко: почему бывает и как лечится?Proteins structure comparable to the chain, which consists of many links. Once in the intestine healthy adult, these units break up due to certain enzymes and absorbed by the body.

In the intestine of a child under one year of enzymes is not enough, so some foods are not broken down completely. «Undigested» chain of protein can’t be absorbed by the intestine, which appears immune response in the form of a Allergy attack.

Infant reaction to milk is quite common. It can be:

  • true — if it happened in the above scenario, and the reason for the hypersensitivity was caused by the lack of enzymes in the intestine toddlers’;
  • pseudoregma — occurs in older children and adults with normal full set of enzymes due to excessive consumption milk.

Аллергия на молоко: почему бывает и как лечится?Now you know what distinguishes the infant from hypersensitivity adult.

The reasons for such disorders in an adult of either idiosyncrasy or provoked by excessive consumption of milk products.

In infants causes a lot more. I have to say, often infant reactions develop because of improper behavior mom.

Let’s consider the main factors provocateurs dairy sensitivity in breastfed babies.

Intolerance of milk in babies occurs because:

  • special genetics — if the mother is prone to allergic diseases;
  • polluted environment — if the pregnancy took place in an area with dirty environment;
  • pathologies during pregnancy — stress, illness, abortion, etc.

To recognize the above the disease symptoms, which are the same as for infants and for adults with allergies formed.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity to milk products

Problems in the digestive tract. In babies under one year is loose stools to unnatural colors. In the stool may appear undigested particles of food, e.g., milk in storageno condition. In adults, disorders are more natural, resembling food poisoning.

Reaction of the epidermis. Frequent allergic reactions in infants milk is the scab — crust on the shag of the head.

This symptom may indicate not only about the dairy sensitivity, but also on the reaction mixture. Body of adults covered with small reddish hives or a rash, as pictured.

Edema Quincke type. It is a severe form of reaction of an organism to a stimulus. Swollen lips, tongue, eyelids, the area around the mouth. In this case the skin does not itch. If time does not help the victim, it may lead to asphyxia — suffocation.

The defeat of the respiratory system. To this symptom are: runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, bronchial spasms.

Could it be a reaction to other types of milk, if there is in a cow?

Аллергия на молоко: почему бывает и как лечится?Hypersensitive will have to completely eliminate cow’s milk from your diet. The question arises: can it goat’s milk? There is no single answer, as we are all individual.

In case of hypersensitivity to the protein of bovine origin may develop hypersensitivity to any other proteins of milk. Therefore it is better to go to an allergist and be tested with a special allergodil.

Is it possible kislomolochny?

Oddly enough, but dairy allergies give kislomolochny in small doses and not very often. Hypersensitive infants it is given at the first fishing lures instead of natural unprocessed milk.

In the manufacture-made dairy products a large part of the protein is cleaved, whereby the concentration of potential allergens is minimal.

How can I replace product-irritant?

Аллергия на молоко: почему бывает и как лечится?While the body will react negatively to dairy products, they will have to exclude from the menu of allergies. But how to live without them if they so useful?

Milk of animal origin can be replaced with vegetable that will not cause a reaction even in hypersensitive people: soy, rich in minerals; oat, a rich source of vitamins; rice, has a positive effect on digestion and metabolic processes.

Acute allergic reaction should be properly treated. How is it done?

An acute attack can be eliminated using:

  • antihistamine drugs block the receptors which catch the histamine, which provokes a reaction;
  • sorbents that help to eliminate toxins and undigested food from the intestines;
  • corticosteroids are able to prevent complications and arrest, even anaphylaxis;
  • local protivozudnam ointments and creams for treatment of allergic itchy rashes.

Any medication should appoint a specialist (in our case the allergist). For the prevention of dairy intolerance have to give up not only from the main stimulus, but also on products which he is present: cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, fortified milk.

I advise you to watch a very useful video from the doctor Komarovsky.

Now you know, could it be intolerance to dairy products of animal origin, and for what reasons.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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