Allergy while breastfeeding: how to avoid it?

Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?Hello regular readers and visitors who have come to us for the first time! Allergy while breastfeeding can happen in any baby. To provoke disorder can accidentally mommy eating stimuli.

Newborns any intolerance begins with intestinal disorders, which, in turn, provoked by the irritant trapped in the body.

Want to learn more about infant allergies that develop during breast feeding? Article will tell you about it.

The reasons why breast feeding may trigger allergies

First and foremost, it should be noted that a predisposition to allergies in infants is inherited from parents or grandparents, and distant relatives. Almost every family has at least one allergic. Therefore, Allergy is not protected, no baby.

Hypersensitivity in infancy begins with intestinal disorders. It serve the cause of imperfect digestive function of the infant gut. The main causes of allergies in infants during breast-feeding can be described as follows:

  • improper feeding moms during pregnancy;
  • the use of allergens of the mother during lactation;
  • too early transfer of the kid to artificial feeding;
  • low quality artificial mixtures;
  • wrong or too early first feeding.

Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?Intolerance at the mothers who feed naturally occurs due to hormonal disruptions and weakening of the immune system.

Lactation is a complex process that will impact on the female body. But this does not mean that this process should be abandoned. On the contrary, breastfeeding is helpful, as it gives the baby everything needed to complete the development.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity provoked by breast milk

Signs of the above diseases in the baby feeding on mother’s milk, do not differ from signs of intolerance to Allergy-adult. The symptoms were:

  • intestinal disorder — diarrhea greenish color;
  • different types of rashes on the skin (often jumps urticaria as in the photo);
  • dryness of the epidermis, accompanied by peeling;
  • red spots on the body.
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Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?In addition, when food allergic disorder suffers respiratory system, which appears stuffy nose, cough, copious tears.

Imagine how tormented the baby have allergies? Caring parents will make every effort to try to prevent allergies. This will help proper nutrition of the mother — a special diet that excludes products-stimuli.

To eat properly during pregnancy and in the future, if mommy is going to feed your baby naturally.

Anti-allergic diet for lactating women

Let’s finally consider what can be eaten nursing mom and what not. Let’s start with the «forbidden fruit», which are products-stimuli:

  • Maximum allergenicity of eggs, sea fish, cow’s milk, wheat, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, citrus fruits.
  • Products with an average allergenicity — milk products, chicken, beef, oats, rice, buckwheat, legumes, potatoes, bananas, peaches.
  • Foods that cause allergies rarer all the others — milk, crostini, lean pork, Turkey, green pears/apples, vegetable greens, currants (red).
  • Breast-feeding should be abandoned completely of the most allergenic foods. The rest can be consumed in small amounts and infrequently. With caution I recommend to eat fruits/vegetables orange and red colors.

    Meat and fish dishes it is necessary to correctly handle thermally not to fry and bake in butter, and boiled or steamed.

    Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?Mommy has to keep a diary in which to record everything eaten in a day. If the baby or the mother will be allergic attack, it will be easier to find a stimulus with the help of this diary.

    Potentially hazardous foods are best to eat in a minimal amount in the morning. In this case the body they are easier and faster to digest.

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    The amount of carbohydrate in the diet of lactating women should be minimal, as the carbohydrates aggravate allergies and increase the risk of its occurrence.

    Proper heat treatment significantly reduces the allergenicity of food

    If you are unable to completely abandon the potential irritants, then cook them correctly. For example, potatoes before cooking you need to peel, chop, cover with water and leave overnight to infuse.

    Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?During the night he will make starch, and nitrates, which most often cause intolerance. Groats can also be soaked in water, but not overnight, and for a couple of hours before cooking.

    Otvarivaya meat, drain the first and second broths. Fruits/vegetables, especially red or orange, can also be baked or boiled, which will reduce their allergenicity.

    The only one that does not reduce the allergenicity after cooking any fish. It is better to refuse.

    Anti-allergic treatment infants children and mothers who are breast-feeding

    For example, did you know that babies can develop intolerance during breastfeeding, and it happened. What to do now? First, do not panic and consult a doctor. It will identify the allergen and prescribe effective anti-allergic treatment.

    Medicines that treat symptoms, for breastfeeding and children are assigned to individual dosages, to determine who can be a doctor.

    Most antihistamines are contraindicated in children up to one year of age. Lactating mums, you can take the following Allergy medications:

    • tablets second and third generations;
    • Ibuprofen and Paracetamol anti inflammatory;
    • bronchodilators (if bronchospasm);
    • corticosteroids;
    • vitamins;
    • sorbents.

    Infants-allergies, too, can give antihistamine generation 3, but only in the form of suspensions or other liquid forms. Dr. Komarovsky’s school advises us not to be afraid of hormonal corticosteroids, if they are prescribed by a pediatrician.

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    Аллергия при грудном вскармливании: как ее избежать?Kids sometimes assigned Zyrtec and Suprastin — powerful antihistamines which are characterized by high safety. Sorbents are often used also for food giperchuvstvitelnost as help flush the irritant from the intestines.

    To eliminate the symptoms of skin allergies, you can use folk remedies, e.g. decoctions of herbs: chamomile, succession and celandine. Recipes broths can be found on the forums of young parents, as well as on this website.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)