Anal warts-pictures, treatment, removal

Анальные кондиломы: фото, лечение, удалениеHello dear visitor of our website. In this article, we will discuss with you what anal warts are, and how dangerous they are.

Anal warts are the growths in the form of papillae in the posterior bore hole. They usually have a pink color, sometimes merging and forming «Islands».

Between the merged papillomas, you can see the healthy areas of the skin. Meanwhile, the warts located in the anal area, can merge, forming large conglomerates that cover the anus.

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The reasons for their occurrence

Today it is well established that the basis of the disease make pathogenic viruses of the group of human papillomaviruses type 11 and 6. the infection is often sexually transmitted, and condoms are not reliable protection, so currently according to various estimates from 50 to 80% of the population are carriers of the virus.

The virus begins to show itself under the action of some factors that always lead to low immunity, General or local.

Factors for the development of the clinical picture:

  • Fatigue and sleep deprivation;
  • Frequent stress;
  • Somatic and infectious diseases, which greatly affect the level of immunity;
  • The presence of harmful habits;
  • Irrational diet, abstinence from vegetables and herbs, a passion for meat dishes.

Frequent location of anal warts (see photo) — region of the anus, the mucous membrane of the rectum. Accordingly, the complaints will mainly depend on the localization of tumors and their size.

The clinical picture

If no signs of warts, resulting in the perianal region in the form of growths or warts, the disease is asymptomatic.

Approximately half of the patients with asymptomatic and the presence of homosexuality revealed condyloma of the rectum.

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It is important to follow patients anoscope, as the growths can be formed not only on the skin of the perianal region, but also in the anal canal. However, 10% of patients with severe hospital had warts just within the rectum.

The main complaint of patients is the presence of formations on the skin around the anus, and in the localization of warts in the rectum — sensation of a foreign body, the type of the spot located in the anus.The common symptoms are burning and itching, oozing in the field of conglomerates, appearance of secretions, suppuration.

When significant perianal warts signs become more pronounced: there is blood in the stool, pain during defecation growths are injured, the patient touches their underwear, constantly causing bleeding. Such clinical picture is typical for those infected with HIV.

Detachable when condylomatosis has an unpleasant odor, the patient always feels the humidity in the area of the anus. «Companion» of growths that appears on the anus, becomes infected.

Therefore, when inflammation of the warts become red, edematous, sharply painful. Long-term inflammation leads to the formation of sinus tracts, the permanent secretion of lymph or pus. In the latter cases, the patient suffers and overall health, increases toxicity.

Possible complications

The main feature of the virus is a long stay in the body, and therefore, a high recurrence rate. The resurgence of disease was observed in patients after conservative and post operative treatment.

A rare but most dangerous complication is malignant transformation of entities. Seen perianal condylomatosis tendency to degeneration into squamous cell carcinoma.

The principles of successful treatment

For the most effective treatment to the patients required to conduct high-quality full diagnosis and removal of all elements of condylomatosis formed in the perianal region.

Анальные кондиломы: фото, лечение, удалениеIn addition to these stages, you need to treat all related illnesses and diseases that are transmitted sexually.

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In practice, there are numerous methods to cure all forms of perianal warts.

Education is subjected to destruction or excision in any way: cauterization using electric current, chemical treatments with the aim of getting rid of anal warts, the use of laser radiation, cryotherapy, drug administration specifically in the affected area.

Excision to remove anal warts is carried out in hospital or in the outpatient clinic under block anesthesia. Operation complete histological examination of the tissues.

When excision of warts of particular importance given the preservation of the skin anus and mucous membrane of the rectum. This helps to reduce discomfort during surgery, shorten the recovery period and healing.

Most of the patients cannot remove all of the anal warts at one time.

Common complication of surgery is bleeding, so doctors prefer to use electrocautery to the base of each remote warts.

The chemical method is treatment of anal warts using resin wood podophyllum. The drug called Podophyllin, shows a pronounced cytotoxic properties against tumors and has a strong irritant effect on healthy skin.

In practice, experts use different concentrations of the drug (5 to 50%). Most of this 25% solution. A pointed wooden spatula gently apply the medicine only to the surface of the warts, avoiding sections of healthy skin between them.

Then sprinkle with talc. After 8 hours the patient thoroughly washes the area, avoiding damage to the skin.

Unfortunately, therapy Podofillina can lead to complications: dermatitis, perianal fistula, skin necrosis, therefore, strictly prohibited the application of the drug on the mucosa of the anal canal.


The method requires anesthesia: regional or local. Using electrocoagulation reach burn 3A degree, on the surface formed a white scab. The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of obtaining a deep burn, which is unacceptable in the mucous membranes of the anal canal.

In addition, coagulation causes severe pain, spasm of the sphincter, so extensive lesions require the use of General anesthesia. The recurrence rate ranges from 10 to 25%.

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Technique (cryosurgery) is not very accurate because it is impossible to measure the depth of invasion. The result are often extensive wounds, the subsequent separation of the eschar, the formation of large ulcers. Therefore, for warts you can apply a cotton band-aid.

The use of laser

Анальные кондиломы: фото, лечение, удалениеThe advantage of this method is slightly pronounced pain syndrome, the rare occurrence of relapses. However, there is a pronounced disadvantage in the time of degradation of the laser over the wound to produce an aerosol of the active viral particles, which are deposited on the skin.

Some of them survive causes the formation of papillomas at the site of the previous, as well as infection of employees who performed the operation. To avoid such complications suggest to apply a special mask capable of filtering inspired air and cleaning system of the smoke.

Under all treatment approaches need to perform a biopsy for further morphological studies. A biopsy was performed to confirm the diagnosis and rule out diseases such as squamous cell carcinoma.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)