Analysis of nail fungus: where I do I need to prepare for it?

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?Hello, dear readers! Medical diagnosis of mycosis is an absolutely painless process. In modern times it is carried out quickly and comfortably for the patient. Despite this, many people are afraid to get tested for fungus of the nails and feet.

Why? Most likely, due to not knowing the methods of diagnosis. So this article is dedicated to analyses that must be undertaken if there is suspicion on this illness.

What are the tests for athlete?

Let’s start with, what specialist you should contact. If there is suspected fungus, go to the dermatologist or mycologist. A specialist will direct to be tested, and in the first place. What? Here is a list of the most common:

Common clinical analysis of blood (for example, gemotest) and urine. They are collected before and after antifungal therapy.

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?The results of these changes will help to determine the stage of the disease, duration since infection and the onset of the final recovery. In addition, collecting blood and urine tests will help to determine the presence of fungal lesions on the internal organs.

For athlete’s foot nail going the affected material and shall be for microscopic analysis. No need to think that you will scrape the diseased nail.

It simply is neatly trimmed and everything. To determine the causative agent of the disease specialist will take a tiny fragment of the affected nail or epidermis.

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?«Microbiological seeding» is the most common analytical event. During this method, the affected by the fungus the material is placed in an ideal for development of fungal growth medium and kept there for some time before the growth of fungal colonies.

Microscopic colony is much easier to diagnose than its individual representative.

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In addition to the above, there are other methods of determining flexible, such as:

  • external non-invasive diagnosis on microflora;
  • fluorescent analyst.

Under the influence of certain drugs and devices fungal skin produce weak acidic and begin to Shine a certain color.

Where tested for fungal infection?

If you have decided to investigated by a specialist, the question arises: where to take samples for fungus? To do that in Moscow it is possible in various public and private laboratories, for example, in vitro.

The best part is that the price of such procedures accessible to everyone. So no need to worry that you are wasting your money.

How is the testing for the fungus, what to expect patient?

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?Many people are afraid to go to the hospital for some tests because I do not believe in yourself, your health and the health of their loved ones. Since the fungus is a highly contagious disease that you can get anywhere, nothing in this shameful not.

To date, the fungus has faced every other person on the planet. Some disease is passed on their own, and others lived with him for years, tormented and afraid to go to the hospital.

Are you curious about how to take biological material for research? Special preparation for the delivery of analysis to the study of fungi is not required. Most importantly, thoroughly wash your feet and wear clean socks.

The specialist will determine what to do with the affected area below the analysis yielded real results and that the patient feel comfortable. Everything happens so:

  • if the nail plate is cracked, the physician will make scraping;
  • in most cases, in addition take nail clippings and scrapings with transverse grooves on the nail bed;
  • if inflamed nail wall, the scraping is done from under him;
  • if inflamed epidermis around the nail, it is part of the dead skin flakes.
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The technician will collect biological material with extreme caution, the patient did not feel any discomfort. I hope you are not afraid to go to the lab. Now let’s see the three most popular analysis of nail mycosis.

PCR is the fastest and easiest

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?PCR allows you to determine the disease in the acute or chronic stages. It can be used to identify fungus, even in cases when standard bacteriological diagnostics shows nothing.

This method has a high specificity and similar accuracy. The possibility of false results is eliminated almost completely.

The above study finds even single microorganisms in just a few hours. Therefore, suffering will not have to wait a few days to get the result.

Home analysis for those who are afraid of doctors

If you are afraid of doctors, I can do a home analysis that was used by our grandparents in the days when medicine was not sufficiently high-tech.

To do this, potassium permanganate was dissolved in water to obtain a pink solution and was dipped into the solution leg. Manganese gives a healthy nail plate yellowish or brownish color, and the affected plates remain what it was before the procedure.

Tank. seeding — a method proven over the years

As the research is being conducted, you already know (could read above). Why to this day it remains popular? Because some fungi it is impossible to determine by other techniques. The only drawback of the tank. sowing duration. The procedure takes 2-3 weeks.

Scraping is a classic and absolutely painless method, which everyone is afraid

Анализ на грибок ногтей: где его сдают и нужно ли к нему готовиться?This is the simplest analysis which is submitted quickly and carried out per day (on average). Fear is not necessary, as any discomfort the patient will experience.

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Scraping allows us to study it affected the material as much detail as possible (through the microscope and with the appropriate reagents).

There is a perception that some patients may tear the affected nail plate for this analysis. In reality, no one removes such a barbaric method.

In certain situations, for example, if the nail has already peeled off, the patient can actually remove it, but only under the anesthesia and if he agrees. The results of such diagnostics will be ready in 24 hours.

Now you know what research is being conducted for the diagnosis of nail mycosis. I hope I have fully satisfied your curiosity and answered all the questions. Share read social. networks with your friends and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)