Antibiotics for chicken pox: when and how appointed?

Антибиотики при ветрянке: когда и какие назначаются?Hello, dear readers! Antibiotics for chicken pox are assigned very rarely. Drink them just like that, without consulting a doctor, unhealthy. However, in some cases without serious medication can not do.

What? This article will tell you about the reasons to treat chicken pox, a serious medications and about medications that can be taken by patients adults and children. An enjoyable read.

What are antibiotics?

This is a complex special drugs, which are prescribed in extreme cases. If you cook simply, they are products of the micro-organisms (often fungi), and synthetic derivatives of these products.

The action aimed at the destruction of bacteria. Consequently, the answer to the question: is it possible to cure the common chicken pox (a viral disease) with antibiotics, suggests itself. Against viruses they are, unfortunately, powerless.

In some cases, an antibiotic is prescribed?

Антибиотики при ветрянке: когда и какие назначаются?Treatment serious medication is assigned in the case, if viral disease associated bacterial infection. If this occurs, chickenpox becomes complicated (for example, bullous).

When introducing the chicken pox receiving antibacterial drugs is mandatory. Pimples are filled with purulent contents due to the fact that they begin to isnegative bacteria.

The usual antiseptic medicine here is powerless. They come to the aid of a more serious antibiotic.

Important facts that you need to know about these drugs is that they are powerless against viral pathogens. Therefore, when the conventional light chickenpox to drink them useless.

Antibiotic medicines are available in wide range. Are you curious about which ones are assigned to adults and which are children? Then this article is for you.

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For patients with viral illness adults

Pox in adults is always complicated and is not as fast as the kids. If the situation becomes too serious, the patient is prescribed antibiotic drugs. In what cases is this happening? But in any:

  • If viral disease is joined by a secondary bacterial infection. She can join in the course of injury, scratching or squeezing foldericon. In this case, prescribers penicillin group.
  • If there are infectious complications, such as vesicles.
  • If chickenpox develops into pustular, bullous, and gangrenous. Read more about these complications, you can read a separate article on this website.
  • So what antibiotics can appoint an adult? The most popular is:

    • Agumentin — a semi-synthetic penicillin-type medication whose main component is amoxicillin. Often the patient is recommended to drink one pill a couple of times a day throughout the week.
    • Amoxiclav — antibiotic combined type with the same main component as the previous. It is considered as safe as possible.

    We strongly recommend that you self-medicate! To determine what antibiotic is necessary for you, it can only be a doctor.

    The body of an adult more durable and hardy. It is relatively easy to tolerate the influence of serious medication and recovers quickly. And what about the children? Do you need antibiotics for chicken pox kids? Read the answers below.

    For patients with viral disease of children

    The above drugs have substantial toxicity. They have a lot of side effects. For children they can be even deadly.

    Антибиотики при ветрянке: когда и какие назначаются?Therefore, if there is a possibility to conduct treatment, without them, the need to use it.

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    Antibiotic medicines for the treatment of varicella in children are granted very rarely. In what cases can this happen?

    Yes, the same as that of the adults. By the way, joining a secondary bacterial infection can provoke such complications:

    • a sore throat;
    • otitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • sinusitis.

    Антибиотики при ветрянке: когда и какие назначаются?If these complications arose from your child, it is likely to cure it without antibiotics will be very difficult. But if after chickenpox appeared rhinitis or bronchitis, take these medications is contraindicated.

    They will only harm the digestive tract, which the child will develop dysbiosis and similar disorders.

    Now you know whether to give antibiotic drugs kiddies at the windmill. Are you curious about which ones are assigned for complications of varicella in children and adolescents? Then here is the list:

  • The first kind of antibiotics for children varicella — cephalosporins. In this group consist of Akcetin, Sinnet and Zinacef. Their primary action is anti-inflammatory. The above drugs have low toxicity and are relatively safe for children.
  • The second type of natural and synthetic penicillin (Amoxicillin flemoksin, and Amoxiclav Augmentin). The human body gets used to them, so they can make even the youngest children.
  • The third most effective form — macrolides. Among these antibiotics kiddies can give a Sumamed, Azithromycin and Hemomitsin.
  • How to select antibiotics for children and adults?

    The doctor prescribes these drugs only after analysis. In the course of this analysis determined the reaction of bacteria to diverse substances present in their composition. According to the analysis of the expert picks the perfect drug for each individual patient.

    This treatment will be as safe and effective. Therefore, we should not neglect the consultation and to appoint a treatment yourself!

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    That’s all the information I wanted to present you in this article. I hope to read it was interesting.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)