Antibodies to cytomegalovirus (IgG positive)

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)My dear readers, we are pleased to welcome you on pages of dermatological portal! Today we talk about the anti-CMV.

Let’s say you passed a standard set of diagnostic tests in the planning process of the child, while carrying the baby or just because, just in case, and the diagnostics found under «antibodies to cytomegalovirus».

CMV-a virus is one of the herpes viruses that is impossible to get rid of, therefore the infected person becomes a distributor of infection for life.

What are antibodies and how they are related to the virus? What do the results mean «IgG» or «IgG»? Let’s deal!

Antibodies – what are, why our body needs and what is the source?

First things first – find out what it all means: antibodies, immune resistance, etc. CMVи the Human immune defense system works as well as antiviral program of the PC device.

She finds the viral particles following their introduction into the body and produces reliable long-lasting protection, is able to kill or slow the enemy.

CMV is a herpes virus, a microorganism infection which occurs in different ways mainly in childhood, after which it forever remains in the human body.

The immune system can’t kill the CMV virus completely, but can greatly to affect him, so he will cease to be too dangerous for us.

After virus attack the immune system gives the command for the production of antibodies-proteins or Ig, if abbreviated. These substances (proteins) can be different and divided into the classes G, A, M, D etc. We are only interested in two types of Ig: M иG.

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)The first proteins (tips) produced in the blood after the first virus attack to active suppression of the growth of CMV. Unfortunately, these antibodies are fickle and will soon die.

Then who will protect us? Change the above to come to new antibody – specific IgG to the disease.

G-proteins the previous smaller, more tenacious and constantly updated. Until the body is to produce them, people will be protected from the disease.

That’s why most adults the disease develops completely asymptomatic.

Antibodies can destroy only those viral particles that are outside of healthy cells. CMV-the virus is extremely treacherous, so quickly captures different types of cells in our body and gives them their DNA.

The infected cells start to produce new viral particles and regularly released new data volume of particles in the body, which then fight the above-described antibodies.

Because of this ability of CMV-infection the infected person remains a carrier of CMV for life.

Now you know that are antibodies to CMV and where they come from. Haven’t guessed what the result of the diagnosis, which says «IgG» or «IgG»? If you have not guessed, then read carefully the following paragraph of the article.

The diagnosis result is positive or negative: how to decipher?

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)

If after passing this test you will be given help with the conclusion of «IgG positive», then you have immunity from the herpes ailment.

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Just so it does not appear, so you can be sure that you have already contracted the virus provocateur.

Most likely, it happened a very long time to analysis, you were not even aware of the presence of CMV in the body.

There is another option in the diagnostics will be written, that Ig G class not found. This means that you have not yet acquired immunity against viral herpes, and most likely never encountered.

What other options are you can see in the results? Here is their list with a detailed explanation:

  • IgM negative, первичныеG-proteins+ and вторичныеG-balkanologie + – the result is ambiguous, showing either a recurrence of the disease, or late stage of primary infection;
  • M-antibody — G-beloperone — G-belgelerine + is the most common option, which is the norm, and it shows that you have CMVи immune resistance to it (don’t worry, this disease infected 90% of the world population);
  • IgM +, primary and secondary IgG – or + you have been infected recently and are now in your body there is an active struggle against the provocateur, as well as the process of developing immunoglobulins.

Immunoassay diagnostic method also shows the avidity of antibodies to CMV infection.

Knowing her, the doctor will tell much about the process of development of the disease in each individual case, for example:

  • the avidity index of not more than 50% of the pathology present in the body recently as immunoglobulins it only began to be produced;
  • avidity 50-70% ambiguous or questionable results, indicating that the analysis should be repeated after a couple of weeks to improve accuracy;
  • the avidity index more than 50% of CMV-infection in the body appeared a long time ago.

Now you know how to understand the results of diagnosis for antibodies to the CMV virus. Some this test already passed, and others have yet to do it.

If you belong to the second group of people that have yet to be diagnosed, then you will probably be interested to know more about it. Let’s find out what it is and how it’s performed.

ELISA test for diagnosis of antibodies to CMV infection: what is it and how is rent?

Immunoassay testing is the precision of modern diagnostic methods that allow to find in the blood any antibodies.

In order to distinguish one from another IgG and identification of the causative organism, a sample of biological fluid of a person treated with special enzymes.

These enzymes are associated with immunoglobulins claim, so I will reveal their presence, if they exist, of course.

If the reaction does not occur, then the person is given the result marked «negative».

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)ELISA analysis is actively used in our country.

In foreign countries in recent years have increasingly used the technique of Western blot sections, more modern and reliable.

It is fundamentally different from the above, but gives a similar result.

This diagnosis is very simple and virtually painless. You just need to donate blood from a vein and wait one to two weeks. To donate blood is recommended in the morning on an empty stomach, and before that you shouldn’t drink alcohol, eat fatty foods and nervous.

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And do I need to be tested for antibody to CMV infection?

At the present time is a voluntary procedure which you can go on their own.

I recommend that you be tested for antibodies to CMV, if you are going to have a baby or a child is too have a weak immune system.

The fact that CMV infection for newborns and for people with immunodeficiency can be very dangerous. To protect yourself and baby from the negative effects, you need to know in advance, if there is a virus in the body.

Pregnant women are screened for immunity to the various hidden diseases is assigned a mandatory. And what if during pregnancy showed Ig to the above virus?

Immunity to CMV infection in pregnant women: to panic or not?

It all depends on what antibodies were found. If during pregnancy you have determined the G-proteins, it is actually good as it means that you are immune to CMV.

This immunity will be passed to your child and will protect him throughout pregnancy and the first months of life. In addition, this result guarantees that during pregnancy CMV infection you can’t catch it.

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)It is known that the infection and the first outbreak is considered the greatest hazard to the fetus, as it may adversely affect his physical development.

No need to panic only if G-proteins are positive, and M-protein– negative. And if the opposite?

Then you have to be nervous and to undergo additional screening, as the presence of these immunoglobulins is the evidence of the first outbreak of infection (the most dangerous).

Where you could get pregnant? For example, at the time of conception of the child from his sexual partner or in the course of communication with a stranger on the street, as the virus is transmitted by air.

Remember, if diagnosis is made at the fifth week of pregnancy and later only once, then he will not be able to be as informative as possible.

Your doctor will know when it was infected and this is very important. So donate blood to antibodies in the planning process of pregnancy or the beginning of the period.

Immunity to CMV infection found in a child: what to do?

In the beginning of the article said that most people infected in early childhood. If the child has found a specific G-immunoglobulins to CMV infection, so he’s already infected and he had already developed a strong lifelong immunity.

Don’t panic and calm down, so as to avoid infection is almost impossible. Recall that CMVпередается in all possible ways, like any other herpes.

Parents, of course, will be interested in how dangerous this infection is for the child.

If he has a normal immune system, then the maximum that he faces, this particular aggravation, resembling a strong sore throat. CMV infection, like other types of herpes, recurs periodically – wakes up and gives symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • temperature rise;
  • weakness;
  • sore throat and redness as angina;
  • runny nose and conjunctivitis.
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The disease will progress a couple of weeks and usually no complications, as the immune system will be to restrain her. Fear of infection need only be the case if the child is to have surgery or complicated treatments that reduce immune defenses.

To be safe, doctors always refer patients before surgery for tests to search for antibodies to the hidden different types of infections.

Prevention sverhsekretnoj herpes infection

Unfortunately, effective prevention to date does not exist. Doctors haven’t invented a vaccine or drug that could protect against infection or to kill the infection in the body completely.

Антитела к цитомегаловирусу (IgG положительный)So the best protection against negative consequences of the disease is our own immune system.

In the modern world provocateurs herpes disease may not be Robinson Crusoe. It was a joke but in every joke there is a weighty truth.

Herpesviruses, including CMV, are transferred in all sorts of ways, so to predict when there will be contamination, and to protect against them is impossible.

The only thing you can do is regular immune system. If our immune system will be all right, then we don’t have to fear any girisindeki.

To strengthen the immune system do sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat properly and adequately, and avoid stress.

Do the right conclusions

So now you know what CMV is and where in the body are the antibodies to it.

After reading the article, you should conclude and remember that the presence of G-Belkov in the body is a good thing, as these substances will protect from recurrence and complications of viral herpes disease. Therefore, if you are found, don’t panic and relax.

The experience worth it if you have no antibodies, and if you are planning a pregnancy or have an immunodeficiency. The infection of CMV at the wrong time can cause many serious problems!

I hope I answered all your questions about the infection and the immune resistance of our body to her.

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I wish you good health and a robust immune protection from viruses! Up to new meetings!

Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)