Antihistamines for dermatitis: can I apply independently?

Антигистаминные препараты при дерматите: можно ли применять самостоятельно?Good day, dear readers! Spring is a wonderful time of year when nature comes alive, blooming bushes and trees.

But for Allergy sufferers this time is a real challenge due to the pollen of flowering plants. Let us look at the drugs that relieve acute conditions, and can prevent the body’s reaction to the allergen. We will talk about antihistamines.

What are antihistamines?

Let’s start with the fact that histamine has been found in the early twentieth century, and still he is considered a substance that regulates many processes in the body.

A substance able to provoke a response to stimuli. Drugs that provide effective therapy were introduced much later and was called antihistamines.

Since the introduction of the first pharmacy means they don’t once been a significant improvement in and all sorts of changes.

However, antihistamines for dermatitis has always been indispensable.

In what diseases are they effective?

Data anti-Allergy agent used for dermatitis of any kind, as well as other symptoms of the body:

  • hives, having allergic factor;
  • Quincke’s edema, anaphylactic shock;
  • rhinitis seasonal forms;
  • serum sickness and others.

What are antihistamines?

Drugs of this group are divided into three subspecies: the first, second and third generation. They are a little different influence and effect, and when reactions to him.

Preparations of the first generation

Антигистаминные препараты при дерматите: можно ли применять самостоятельно?They usually prescribe high doses of sedative and they have abilities more than others. May cause drowsiness and to relieve muscle tone. The duration of the basic substance is about 4-5 hours from the first dose. At a sufficiently quick reaction of the organism to them – the effect is unstable, often temporary. The first subgroup means include:

  • Diphenhydramine;
  • Suprastin;
  • Tavegil;
  • The pain and other.
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Drugs of the second generation

Антигистаминные препараты при дерматите: можно ли применять самостоятельно?Unlike the first, the second generation product – has a calming, sedative and relaxing effect.

It does not reduce the activity of the mental and physical and has a fairly rapid and lasting effect. But this means has the problem of cardiac toxicity.

So, in the event that you antihistamine second generation it is necessary to control the cardiovascular system.The second subspecies include:

  • Fenistil;
  • Claritin;
  • Gitalong and others.

Drugs of the third generation

Антигистаминные препараты при дерматите: можно ли применять самостоятельно?Third generation antihistamines. Then sedation is not observed at all, and the action aimed at the speedy removing of exacerbation of allergic dermatitis. Here is an example of drugs that belong to this subgroup:

  • Effective;
  • Telfast;
  • Loratadine.

Antihistamines can still be divided into categories of use depending on the age of the patient.

All three generations you can pick up both for treatment of the disease in children and adults. But choosing a doctor primarily comes from the results of the analysis and allergodil.

Thus, atopic dermatitis can assign Diazolin, the drug of the first group, and this really Helps.

Category of medication and its dose will depend on the patient’s General condition, its age and how pronounced an outbreak of dermatitis.

While seborrheic — and all antihistamines can not be appointed as preference is usually given antifungal components in tablets.

For contact dermatitis, as a rule, the lesions are treated with external ointments, and in infectious the effect is primarily on the causative agent.

Thus, after running casually antihistamine medications, we realized that there are three categories that are divided on the principle of action and side effects and several categories, dividing this group according to the age of the patient.

On this basis, we can say that self appoint myself to such funds is strictly prohibited, as you can then get side effects and problems with them much more than from allergies.

Therefore, noticing the body’s reaction to any product, chemicals, cosmetics, pollen, etc., should immediately make an appointment to see the doctor.

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If the acute form of the disease is so strong that you can’t wait you need to call emergency ambulance.

In the end I recommend to watch a video about this drug:

Health to you!