Antihistamines when the chickenpox: full list for adults and children

Антигистаминные препараты при ветрянке: полный список для детей и взрослыхHello, dear readers! Today you will learn about what antihistamines are often prescribed by doctor for the treatment of chickenpox.

This is a very important and useful information, because sometimes itching when disease becomes intolerable and often only anti-inflammatory medication can help to cope with it.

Suggest to read the article carefully and remember everything I tell you.

What are antipruritic drugs?

Антигистаминные препараты при ветрянке: полный список для детей и взрослыхHistamine is a substance that our body produces when occurring in the allergic and inflammatory processes. It antihistamines remove (or significantly reduce) itching, swelling of the skin, pain.

Any prescribed medications that spectrum will soothe your skin and also nervous system.

There is now a 3-generation drugs of this type. I will try as much detail as possible to describe them all, and also present you with a complete list of medications that thicket only prescribed by doctors in case of varicella.

1st generation antihistamines

These medicines were invented in 1936, but still enjoy great popularity among doctors. However, they need to drink several times a day in large enough doses.

They have the following pharmacological properties:

  • Have hypnotic, sedative effect;
  • Reduce muscle tone;
  • Give a strong, quick effect;

Антигистаминные препараты при ветрянке: полный список для детей и взрослыхOften when chicken pox is necessary to precisely such a lightning action, especially when strong itching in children. But it’s also worth noting the disadvantages of such medicines.

These include a short-term effect (up to 8 hours maximum), the possibility of habituation, an extensive list of contraindications and negative effects.

Side effects:

  • Psychomotor agitation (especially in children);
  • Blurred vision;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Constipation;
  • Aggravation of glaucoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases;
  • Amplification of airway obstruction.
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Unfortunately, this is not a complete list of possible complications. Every drug has a detailed instruction which must follow and not to ignore the possible contraindications.

So here’s the list of 1st generation drugs:

  • Diphenhydramine;
  • The pain;
  • Suprastin;
  • Fenkarol;
  • Tavegil.
  • To quickly get rid of the symptoms of the disease in a child you can give him a quarter pill of Suprastin (for children from 1 year old) and half the pills for children from 3 years, but no more. Then you wait for the doctor, then follow his instructions.

    2nd generation anti-allergic medicines

    I will not describe their pharmacology (it all antihistamines are the same), will only tell you about the advantages over the first generation.

    • Non-addictive;
    • No sedative effect;
    • Their minimaltechno a day;
    • Does not suffer from physical and mental activity;
    • Therapeutic effect after ingestion and lasts up to 1 week;
    • All products presented group are not absorbed in the digestive tract.

    However, they can have a cardiotoxic effect, so people with heart problems such medicines are not prescribed.

    So, to the treatment means 2 generations include:

  • Sucking;
  • Klaridol;
  • Lomilan;
  • Klarotadina;
  • Claritin;
  • Loragexal;
  • Ruppin;
  • Kestin.
  • 3 — the new generation of antihistamines

    Антигистаминные препараты при ветрянке: полный список для детей и взрослыхIt is a prodrug, which at the time of entering into the body are converted to active metabolites. They prescribed for different allergic reactions in adults and children, particularly varicella.

    They reduce activity and concentration and do not affect cardiac activity, and hence the anti-allergic medicines safer.

    1. Telfast;
    2. Hismanal;
    3. Was trexel;
    4. Zyrtec;
    5. Aerius.

    What can be given to children

    Children doctor can prescribe any medication. However, you have to say about your child’s allergic reaction to certain medicines, as well as about existing chronic and other diseases.

    This will avoid complications, negative effects, because chickenpox can lead to very negative consequences.

    Now for kids many medications are available in the form of suspensions, drops, syrups, simplifying their reception. It is also possible the simultaneous intake of tablets and ointments (I will talk about them below).

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    Antihistamines when carrying a child

    Антигистаминные препараты при ветрянке: полный список для детей и взрослыхWe’ve talked about the fact that this disease can be pregnant women. Almost all anti-Allergy drugs are contraindicated in this tremulous period (especially in 1 trimester).

    All treatment is carried out under strict control of the grabbers. Unfortunately the chicken pox when carrying a baby can leave a very negative footprint, so the doctors take a risk and prescribe antihistamines, but only in small doses. As a rule, Telfast, Zyrtec, Clartin.

    Ointment against itching

    To facilitate and reduce the itching are advised to use creams and ointments. These include:

  • Fenistil gel;
  • Acyclovir;
  • La Foi;
  • Calamine;
  • Viferon;
  • Infiel;
  • Iricar.
  • Again, we strongly recommend not to self-medicate. Before the arrival of the doctor, you can apply one of the above ointments, but the treatment produce only after medical prescription.

    Now I will tell you about the sedative means, which is not prohibited to give children and adults alike.


    If you give your child medication for the first time, start with small doses to avoid an allergic reaction. About the choice of such tools with caution, as some of them are addictive and have a strong effect.

    So, the most popular antidepressants include:

    • Oil of thuja – EDAS;
    • Soothing jelly Debit;
    • Valerengen (for the children after 2 years);
    • Homeopathic drops – notta;
    • Homeopathic pellets – Naughty;
    • Nervoheel (for children from 3 years);
    • Tincture of peony, Valerian, mint, chamomile, motherwort.

    Also, if a baby has no fever, give him a bath with potassium permanganate. Rose water will soothe the damaged skin, relieve itching and dried Valderice. Just don’t wipe the baby after bathing, and primakovite a soft towel.

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    And if you doubt that you can swim when chicken pox, then read a separate article on this topic and watch the video of Dr. Komarovsky.

    So, my dear, on it I finish the story. Subscribe to updates to the website and share the information with your loved ones through social networks. I wish you not to be sick. Good luck!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)