Antiviral drugs for chicken pox: which is better help?

Противовирусные препараты при ветрянке: какие лучше помогают?Good day, dear readers! Antiviral drugs for chicken pox are assigned often, and both adults and children.

Almost all of them act powerfully and quickly. The question is: is it safe to take these drugs, or is better to treat the symptoms of chickenpox by means of national antiviral: garlic, lemon, onion, etc.?

I tell you as a doctor of modern antiviral will not harm the health if taken correctly. What antiviral can be taken during chicken pox? The answer to this question you will get after reading the article.

The mechanism of action of drugs against viruses

Some compare antiviral drugs with antibacterial. This is wrong, as the latter unable to do anything with pathogenic organisms of viral type.

Противовирусные препараты при ветрянке: какие лучше помогают?Therefore, the drugs against viruses is included in a separate group. To understand the mechanism of action of these drugs, you need to study the nature of viruses provocateurs diseases.

These microorganisms consist of nucleic acids — information source and shell.

After they enter the body potential of the medium, they begin to actively proliferate, as the conditions in the human body they seem perfect.

The viruses inserted their information in cells that are known to have the ability to share. Thus, instead of healthy cells in the body begin to reproduce viral cells. The more, the stronger and brighter the disease manifests itself.

Since the introduction of the virus into the body until symptoms of disease is called incubation.

Antiviral drugs interfere with the above process:

  • reduce the activity of the microorganism;
  • stop the division of infected cells;
  • stimulate the immune system to develop resistance to the disease.
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Medications possessing the above properties, are divided into two types:

  • adjuvants — increasing production of interferon (a protein that suppresses the activity of pathogenic microorganisms);
  • direct antiviral action directly affecting the virus.

In addition, they can be divided to different types of pathogens:

  • drugs against influenza viruses;
  • against herpes viral organisms;
  • against rotaviruses;
  • protivotsellyulitnye.

Противовирусные препараты при ветрянке: какие лучше помогают?Sick with chickenpox should be interested in the medications that are aimed at the virus-herpes agent provocateur, as well as those that interact with the interferon. Why herpes? The fact that the instigator of chickenpox very much like the provocateur of herpes.

Individual drug against varicella does not exist. The doctors said once the effectiveness of drugs against the herpes combat chicken pox. After that, the drugs began to prescribe to patients.

The most effective antiviral cure for chickenpox Acyclovir

Acyclovir is described in detail in one of the articles you can find on this site. Why it is considered the most effective? Because it has been proven in clinical studies. Acyclovir is prescribed to combat provocateur chicken pox adults and children in different age.

Acyclovir inhibits DNA synthesis of viral organisms through the introduction of DNA. After that, the pathogens cease to be active and reproduce. A modern analogue of the above medication is Valacyclovir.

He has a better biological permeability, therefore, it is considered more effective. What other tools for oral use have a similar effect?

The most popular drugs that act directly on the virus

  • Famciclovir is a relatively safe medication, which the herpes virus cannot develop resistance. Often prescribed for the treatment of chickenpox in adults has a wide range of contraindications.
  • Ganciclovir — used against all varieties of herpes virus. Two main varieties. One manifests itself in the mucous membranes in the mouth, the second on the genitals. This medication is appointed rarely, as it is considered specific.
  • Valacyclovir — is assigned not only the pox, but at its worst complication is shingles. He has to take it only on the advice of a doctor, as it is not fully studied yet. This tool appeared relatively recently.
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    Drugs that interact with the interferon (adjuvants)

  • Viferon is the most popular medication, often appoints varicella. There are two forms: candles and ointment. More effective are candles. Information about Viferon can be found on this website.
  • Kipferon — it is used to treat symptoms of chickenpox in children aged 2 years. Often appointed only in severe cases. Its main drawback, many believe the high price. Perhaps rightly so, because of contraindications of the medication is virtually no.
  • Tsikloferon — an analogue of the above medications. It not only increases the intensity of the production of interferon, but also gives it extra resistance to the chickenpox virus. Cycloferon is available in different forms. Chickenpox often prescribe pills as they make most convenient.
  • The use of antiviral medications during pregnancy and lactation is possible or not?

    Противовирусные препараты при ветрянке: какие лучше помогают?Pregnant and breastfeeding is also susceptible to various diseases. To be treated it is more difficult, since you have to worry not only about their health but also the health of the child.

    The question is: do I need to drink pregnant and breastfeeding the medication that is described in this article?

    Sane doctors do not recommend drinking any medicine pregnant or nursing no significant readings.

    If no serious drug can be dispensed, it is best to do this will harm not only himself, but also the child.

    If you refuse to drugs is not possible, then a breastfeeding woman the doctor may recommend to abandon breastfeeding during treatment.

    National or professional funds — which is better?

    Not difficult to guess that a more effective professional are pharmacy medicines. Folk remedies is of course good, but not in the case of chickenpox. Virus-the agent provocateur smallpox neither the lemon nor garlic can not do anything. The use of folk remedies is only to eliminate itching and speed up the healing process of pimples.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)