Are there warts from frogs or is it a myth?

Hello, dear readers. Still, some parents scare their children by the frogs: if they touch it «scary» creatures, then their skin will come out ugly warts.

What do these amphibians have earned a reputation and whether there are generally warts from frogs. This is what our today’s article.

Myth or reality?

Бывают ли бородавки от лягушек или это миф?Of course, many people saw live frogs in the forest, on the river, at the local zoo in the end. Their species are many, but we’re talking about ordinary frogs living in our area.

If you take it in hand, you can feel that her skin is soft and rough, well, it’s also slippery and nasty. This roughness give her «warts».

There are warts contagious? In fact, these growths have nothing in common with all known human knots.

It’s a skin cancer. The epidermis on their top of the partially stratum, due to which these glands resemble spikes with blunt tips.

Frogs this skin is just necessary to enable them feel comfortable in their environment.

And how warts appear in humans? Warts are benign skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus.

Frogs can be carriers of the virus? It can only develop in humans, so the creatures can infect you with the disease. But people growths can.

How is the infection?

Бывают ли бородавки от лягушек или это миф?To become infected with HPV, you can:

  • in direct contact with the patient;
  • in the process of using his personal belongings;
  • through sexual contact;
  • in public places (baths, saunas, pools, etc.).

As you can see, toads and frogs are not on the list. You can go to upset my grandmother, who always told you that these creatures can infect you with warts.

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A person gets sick due to lowered immunity, bad habits, stress, presence on the body wounds and cuts, poor personal hygiene.

All of these factors can awaken the human papillomavirus, which is actually available in the body almost 90% of the world’s population.

But not all growths appear on the body, you ask? Yes, because most people are the right way of life, hardened, eat rationally and avoid contact with patients.

The virus may manifest itself as a month, and after 10 years all this time, he will have to wait for the right moment.

What are warts?

Бывают ли бородавки от лягушек или это миф?Skin growths can be flat, filiform, common, Palmar, or plantar, senile, genital.

Some of them are quite harmless, but there are those who need to treat or remove. This is because they RUB against clothes, prevent you safely move or cause others neglect.

Treatment of skin lesions

Бывают ли бородавки от лягушек или это миф?If you like signs, here’s another one. In Wales – a town in England the local argue that for getting rid of warts, you need to chop on a stick, the frog, and then lubricate the wart the frog.

Then the poor creature is thrown away, and as soon as it dies, the knot will start to dry up and eventually fall off. We do not recommend such a poor experience with amphibians – still does not help.

It is actually much easier. To get rid of warts, you do not need to run through the swamps in search of frogs. Enough to go to a clinic where an experienced doctor will tell you how to remove an uncomfortable growth.

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Usually wart is conservative and operative methods. If you elect the first conservative, then the doctor will prescribe you creams and means to treat warts at home.

Fortunately, now on the pharmacy shelves these drugs abound. They are all quite effective and in a short time will be able to relieve you of unpleasant knots.

If the wart is inconvenient, you experience pain and discomfort, in this case, the dermatologist will offer you surgical removal of tumors. Options are possible

  • Moxibustion liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Laser removal;
  • Surgical excision.

All these procedures are safe and effective.

Бывают ли бородавки от лягушек или это миф?If you do not wish to go on reception to the doctor, to help you traditional methods of removing skin lesions. We do not advise to self-medicate.

Some treatments have contraindications and side effects and this is not myth. Better before removing to go on consultation to the dermatologist, and he, in turn, will tell you should use something or not.

Traditional methods of treatment involve the use of garlic, juice of celandine, acetic or salicylic acid. Of course, this is not the whole list of folk remedies. We presented the most effective of them.

So today we dispelled the myth about whether frogs can give you warts. Yes, it’s very unpleasant, but no more.

The majority of which are safe for humans (not counting those who live in the jungle). It is not necessary to frighten their children and relatives, but rather tell them about the preventive measures of skin diseases that your family has never met with such a phenomenon. Be healthy!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)