Aspirin from vitiligo: TOP 2 best application method

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияGood day, dear readers! You’ve heard that Aspirin is widely used in a popular alternative medicine? This drug has unique properties that can be advantageously used for various purposes.

The article describes how to use aspirin for the vitiligo — the depigmentation of the skin. Try this treatment people say that it is very effective and helps to get rid of the visible white spots.

The beneficial properties of acetylsalicylic acid

Traditional medicine is Aspirin used as a blood-thinning drug. With its help relieve fever, help with pain, prevent blood clots, and prevent cancer.

In addition, acetylsalicylic acid is widely used in traditional medicine and even in the home. With its help, preserve crunchy vegetables and treat dermatological diseases, even such as vitiligo.

What Aspirin is good for the skin?

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияThe drug regulates the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, eliminates inflammatory processes in the epidermis. So it is added to facial masks designed for oily epidermis. How Aspirin affects the spots of vitiligo?

Acid in its composition, improves blood flow, stimulates the blood flow to the upper epidermal layers. Blood is delivered to the epidermis the nutrients necessary for the production of melanin — the coloring pigment.

Therefore, treating the stains with Aspirin, you saturate them with nutrients and restore the natural color of the skin.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that the treatment of vitiligo Aspirin it is advisable to hold. You wonder how used this unique medicine against depigmentation of the skin?

Method # 1: acetylsalicylic acid + vinegar

Recipe with vinegar enjoys the highest popularity. This treatment of pigmentation is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • take 5 pills of Aspirin;
  • crush pills to a fine powder;
  • stir powder in 200 ml quality Apple cider vinegar;
  • the resulting mixture RUB the discolored areas once or a few times a day.
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Don’t be alarmed if during the processing of spots, you will feel a burning sensation and mild discomfort. This is normal, because Aspirin vinegar are quite aggressive and quickly penetrate into the epidermal layer of the skin.

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияMild irritation will accelerate blood circulation in the epidermis. Vitiligo after treatment will begin to take place in a couple weeks.

Before using recipes based on Aspirin, make sure that no allergies to the drug. To do this, apply the product on the inner surface of the elbow and wait 15-20 minutes.

If the Allergy is, its symptoms in form of swelling, itching and redness will appear immediately.

Let’s say you have no allergies to Aspirin, but is a reaction to Apple cider or plain vinegar. What to do in this situation? Will have to find an alternative to the above method. Instead of the first method can take advantage of the second.

Method # 2: Aspirin + baby cream or vaseline

The tool less aggressive, but no less effective. Mixed with baby cream or vaseline Aspirin quickly improves the condition of discolored skin, so that its color is gradually restored.

This method is recommended to start practicing at the initial stage of vitiligo. Treatment scheme are as follows:

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода применения

  • acetylsalicylic acid tablets crush in a mortar to a fine powder;
  • mix the powder with vaseline or any baby cream therefore, to get 3-5% ointment;
  • apply it to depigmented areas and gently RUB;
  • after the treatment the skin come out for a few minutes in the sun;
  • with each treatment time, increase exposure to the sun;
  • put the cream in a glass container and store in the refrigerator.
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This treatment of vitiligo will last from one to two months. It is best done in summer, as the sun this season as active as possible.

Why folk remedy for vitiligo are considered to be more effective than a traditional pharmacy?

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода применения

Vitiligo is a very complex and mysterious disease. It can provoke a variety of reasons, for example:

  • stress and hormonal imbalances;
  • problems in the internal organs and glands;
  • heredity;
  • the deficiency of vitamins;
  • autoimmune deviations.

Traditional medicine has not yet found an effective way that can get rid of depigmentation. Vitiligo therefore propose to treat in a comprehensive manner. While being treated concomitant diseases, which could be the main cause of the depigmentation.

Sometimes this treatment is sufficient for recovery, but in most cases it does not give the desired result.

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияDue to the lack of a clear scheme of treatment, no one can guarantee a successful recovery. At the present time doctors continue to search for effective treatment methods of vitiligo, but in vain.

Traditional medicine offers a more targeted methods available for each. Folk remedy to really help. Don’t believe? Then check out the reviews on vitiligo treatment by acetylsalicylic acid.


Victoria writes:

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияThe husband of my friend was sick with vitiligo for 7 years. Over the years he tried a variety of traditional and innovative means. Nothing helped until, until he tried Aspirin with vinegar.


By this means he got rid of age spots completely for a month! Therefore, I can confidently say that recipe Aspirin + vinegar really works.

Arseniy wrote:

Аспирин от витилиго: ТОП-2 лучших метода примененияSick of vitiligo after moving abroad. Perhaps the illness provoked a change of climate. Was sick for 3 years, tried to heal all that was advised by the doctors, friends and news sources. Gradually resigned to the fact that I will not be able to get rid of stains, as nothing helped.


One day came across a method of using Aspirin with vaseline. Decided to try, and was pleasantly shocked by the effect. Folk remedy began to operate through the week, and after 3 months the spots were almost invisible.

Now you know how to treat vitiligo with Aspirin. Read information recommend share with friends on social networks, and if you subscribe to the updates site, then do not miss fresh no less interesting article. All the best and see you soon!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)