At the foot of the boil: how to treat the disease and its main causes

A furuncle or boil is called inflammation, in which pus accumulates in inflamed follicle and surrounding its tissues. At the foot of the boil formed anywhere, but most often where there is daily contact with clothes, where the hair grows. Infection once in the body, causing swelling, redness and tenderness in the affected area of skin. If at the same time with the abscess had a fever or a weakness, nausea, you should immediately seek medical help.

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  • Causes of boil on leg
  • Risk factors
  • Signs of boils
  • The importance of seeking medical attention
  • Diagnosis and treatment of boils on the legs
  • Methods of treatment
  • Recipes for effective
  • Plates of garlic
  • A mixture of honey and egg yolk
  • Fir oil ointment
  • Aloe
  • Possible complications
  • Preventive measures
  • Causes of boil on leg

    Although many of the boils are small and often pass by themselves, you should not delay treatment because the consequences are very heavy. Causes of boils is an infection that can penetrate into the body under certain conditions.

    In most cases boils are located on the surface of the legs, mainly below the knee, the buttocks, the hips. Pathogenic microorganisms mainly through microtrading and various scratches on the skin. When combing painful tubercle infection penetrates easily, particularly if the boils are located on the legs.

    Risk factors

    As a rule, the main causative agent of purulent process in the skin is Staphylococcus aureus. Such microbes are almost everyone, but their intense multiplication and growth begins due to the following favorable factors:

  • poor hygiene of the body;
  • minor cuts, abrasions and injuries of the skin;
  • lowered immunity;
  • malnutrition;
  • beriberi;
  • problems in the process of metabolism;
  • diabetes and other diseases.
  • Signs of boils

    On the leg ulcer is formed in several stages. In the fevered place once there is a little swelling and mild itching, then there is an abscess, redness and swelling in the affected location. The color changes to dark crimson, and the knot becomes tight and painful. Later in the middle of purulent inflammation appears rod may have a fever. The last phase is a breakthrough of the abscess and access all of the contents out.

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    Among the first signs of boil release:

  • severe itching of the skin;
  • a small bump or swelling on the body;
  • the manifestation of redness;
  • the rod in the form of white dots in the middle of the formation;
  • a breakthrough of boils and purulent and serous masses.
  • Any deterioration of health, soreness, high temperature should be cause for an immediate visit to the doctor.

    На ноге фурункул: чем лечить заболевание и его основные причины

    The importance of seeking medical attention

    Because the boil on my leg and any other place is a suppurative process, the infection can easily invade other vital organs with the blood and lymph. You can’t ignore the first signs of skin diseases, it is often in the untimely appeal to the doctor developing serious complications. When painful education breaks during the week, you need to contact the surgeon who will help to open it and remove the pus. In the initial stages it is better to consult the dermatologist.

    Diagnosis and treatment of boils on the legs

    To confirm the diagnosis the doctor a fairly standard examination. In severe cases, appoint other modern methods of examination, and if the boil does not heal for a long time, you will need to take a blood test to check sugar levels. If the abscess on the leg, only one is likely to need home treatment, and in the case of multiple lesions patient is sent to hospital.

    Treatment depends on the stage of development and number of ulcers. The first rule of successful therapy prevents squeeze the boils, which can lead to more ulcers. When purulent process is not self-prescribe antibiotics. Drug and the popular treatment in the home is allowed only in the initial stages in the absence of complications.

    If the contents of the abscess may not come out or there were other dangerous symptoms for the patient, appointed surgery.

    На ноге фурункул: чем лечить заболевание и его основные причины

    Methods of treatment

    Once the boil it should be treated around alcohol, previously with the affected area the hair. Next, the abscess smeared with a solution of iodine or green fodder. Antibacterial effect of fukortsin, and also helps to ripen the rod in and out purulent contents Ichthyol ointment. When the first symptoms use Vishnevsky ointment, which also contributes to the extrusion of pus.

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    Antibacterial drugs are prescribed in form of injections or tablets. Experts recommend to take cephalexin, metronidazole and others. If the seal is very painful and can not break through, during surgery, making the incision, treating the inflamed area produces the anasthetic means. Necessary suture. After the cut it leaves a wound that needs to be processed carefully with antiseptics. To do this, apply compresses with ointment, for example, tetracycline or gentamicina to prevent re-infection.

    People’s medicine is aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process and the early exit of purulent content. Often use various herbal decoctions and infusions and lotions from them. Before home treatment is best to consult a doctor and to choose the most effective methods of folk or traditional treatment. Usually for the treatment of furuncle on the leg is sufficient to disinfect a bump and apply a bandage with a special ointment or a mixture of natural ingredients of traditional medicine.

    Recipes for effective

    Many simple and affordable for everyone products help to remove the pain in the initial stages.

    Plates of garlic

    Common product to expedite the discharge of pus and maturation of the rod is garlic, thin plates of which is applied to the sore spot on his leg. The procedure is repeated every three hours.

    A mixture of honey and egg yolk

    You will need one egg yolk, a little honey and rye flour to form a soft pellet. Folk remedy applied to the leg on the affected area and top fix bandage.

    Fir oil ointment

    Take a little ointment Vishnevsky and add equal proportions of fir oil. Gently apply on the boil and attach the adhesive tape on top of fabric or gauze bandages.

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    Copes well with suppurative process the aloe plant, from which the pulp is applied to inflamed skin.

    На ноге фурункул: чем лечить заболевание и его основные причины

    Possible complications

    In advanced cases, boil leads to blood poisoning. If the infection is close to brain, there is a risk of developing meningitis. Fever, nausea and vomiting, and sudden deterioration of health can be symptoms of serious pathology. The result of activities of microbes in the brain becomes life-threatening the patient’s encephalitis. The most dangerous are ulcers in the nose, ear and face, but a running abscess on his leg may be cause for surgical intervention.

    Preventive measures

    To prevent the development of boils on the leg and in other parts of the body, you must follow these rules:

  • any wound or cut should be immediately treated with antiseptic;
  • it is important after shampooing to moisturize your feet with cream;
  • monitor daily hyena body;
  • to prevent chronic processes in the body;
  • eat right and take vitamins.
  • Furuncle is a serious condition and you should not rely on self-treatment, and even more so to squeeze out the abscess. If the ulcer on the leg one, it is when properly handled poses no threat to human health, but multiple lesions should be treated under strict medical supervision. If you eliminate the causes of skin disease one can get rid of unpleasant rashes.