Atypical chicken pox: symptoms and treatments

Атипичная ветрянка: симптомы и методы леченияHello, my favorite readers! We used to think that chicken pox is a standard childhood illness, who need to recover in order to develop immunity forever. Are you curious about what is atypical chicken pox?

It is a violation of the standard of the disease. Most interesting is that the atypical can be expressed not only by the absence of standard symptoms, but the presence of unusual complications.

If a nonstandard form of the disease without the characteristic symptoms, then there is practically nothing to worry about. But if smallpox acquired complications and because of this became a custom, then you need to worry about and refer to a specialist.

Let’s see, what could be the custom chickenpox.

Atypical disease — good or bad?

Атипичная ветрянка: симптомы и методы леченияIf chicken pox was non-standard because of the lack of symptoms, at first glance, this is good. Ill is not a rash that you can see in the photo. The temperature rises only slightly or not at all increases.

Agree, it’s great when you can recover and not notice it. But note that this is dangerous, as suffering from extremely contagious.

In addition, if you mix up vetranary a pimple with any other and try to remove it yourself, you will hurt yourself — I’ll leave the infection and will provoke additional inflammation.

After reading the above, judge for yourself, good or bad, if atypical smallpox develops without symptoms. By the way, this happens mainly in children, especially those who were vaccinated. Let’s take a closer look at a windmill, in which the symptoms are absent or weakly expressed.

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Asymptomatic or rudimentary smallpox — features

  • ill feels healthy;
  • he has no fever, and General malaise;
  • isolated rash appears or does not appear at all;
  • pimples do not itch;
  • rashes similar to mosquito bite and often does not turn into blisters.

HАтипичная ветрянка: симптомы и методы леченияif only this form of smallpox occurs in children who recently were born and received a prophylactic injection of immunoglobulin.

But sometimes the chickenpox becomes asymptomatic and without vaccination, and due to the presence of innate immune protection that is passed from mother’s milk.

In adults, atypical viral disease develops in other forms, namely heavy. I propose to read these forms.

Gangrene is a serious complication with a possible sad outcome in loss of limbs

For this type of non-standard varicella is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Valderice filled with turbid fluid;
  • the rash gradually merges into inflamed ulcers and erosion.
  • skin tissue begin to «melt» and die;
  • on the areas where pimples are formed deep ulcers resembling ulcers.

The above non-standard complications indicate the presence of infectious and inflammatory process in soft human tissues. Therapy in this situation is able to design only specialist, and it is held in the hospital.

If not treated, you can even lose a limb. Gangrenous atypical variety of the disease treated for a long time and be specific.

Hemorrhagic profound impact of the virus

Hemorrhagic irregular shape is different from others because the virus starts to affect the cardiovascular system.

Атипичная ветрянка: симптомы и методы леченияA microscopic pest that affects the entire body, gradually distributing on him, that may end with the death of ill. Agree, such an outcome is very sad. So serious about your health!

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The saddest thing is that haemorrhagic disease is difficult to determine, since it has no initial symptoms and develops very rapidly. Because of this, the treatment is almost always late.

In addition, specific treatment of such viral smallpox had not yet been invented, so often it is ineffective.

Generalized — a serious complication that causes multiple organ failure

For this unconventional chicken pox is characterized by the following signs:

  • the rash appears in a huge number of Islands;
  • pimples apply on the epidermis, mucous membranes (all), and even internal organs;
  • ill experiencing severe intoxication;
  • the immune system is completely weakened, which poses a threat not only to health, but also for the future functioning;
  • begins to break the body and the stomach ache.

This kind of atypical chickenpox occurs mainly in those who before infection took serious drugs that kill the immune system.

For example, have undergone chemotherapy. All the internal organs are suffering cease to function normally. The treatment is performed in a hospital under the strict supervision of the doctor.

Having read this far, you have learned what is atypical varicella. Agree, not always it can be harmless. Want to offer for comparison, the standard symptoms of virus disease.

The classic symptoms of chicken pox

Classic smallpox can be divided into three types according to severity:

  • lightweight;
  • medium-heavy;
  • heavy.

Атипичная ветрянка: симптомы и методы лечения

Light weight — the normal state of health, appearance of an eruption in a small quantity throughout two-three days, the temperature is low. Education vetrennay rash quickly pass and do not require virtually any treatment.

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Medium-heavy — light classical intoxication — headache, malaise, weakness and increased temperature up to 39 degrees and more, abundant rash, appearing for five to six days.

The maximum heavy — excessively high temperature, strong intoxication, nausea, muscle and joint pain, excessive rashes that appear with waves more than six days.

That’s all the information I wanted to present you. I hope to read it was interesting. Share read on the social networks with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to updates. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)