Baneuoqin will help to get rid of chickenpox

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиHello, dear visitors of the site about dermatology! In this article we will discuss a highly effective medicine which treat a variety of dermatological diseases.

Baneuoqin when the chickenpox can be necessary if the virus disease will be joined by a fungal or bacterial (or there is a threat).

It is a powerful antibiotic, intended strictly for outdoor use. Want to know what makes it so remarkable? Then happy reading.

Form of release and General information

There are two forms of money:

  • powder;
  • ointment.

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиThe drug is produced in Austria, and hence its quality. The powder has a fine structure and pure white color, but it could be with a yellowish tinge. Ointment (many call the cream) is sold in aluminium tubes of 20 g, has no smell and is quite comfortable to use.

Powder cost is a little higher than the cost liquid formulations and in the range of 300-500 Price RUB ointments, in turn, equates to 250-350 rubles.

The main components of the medication are antibiotics of the aminoglycoside:

  • bacitracin;
  • neomycin.

Thanks to the antibiotic in the composition Baneuoqin always acts quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let’s find out how the drug affects the person.

The principle of operation

Two of the antibiotic in the composition reinforce each other’s action. They destroy malware of different types of bacteria that can isnegative in the epidermis and other layers of the skin.

During chicken pox to a viral infection can join in bacterial causing pimples will start to be filled with turbid purulent contents, to dig, to scratch harder and take longer to heal. In that case, you need the above medication.

By the way, it is effective against various pathogenic microorganisms:

  • gram-positive bacteria — Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, anthrax, Listeria, etc.;
  • gram-negative bacteria, the causative agents of gonorrhea, Haemophilus influenzae, Proteus, Fusobacterium, Salmonella and others;
  • fungi — actinomycetes.

By using a product in the form of ointments and powder, can not be afraid for the fact that bacteria will develop resistance to it and addictive. This will not happen, so the treatment in any case will produce the desired result.

The drug is so safe that they even smear the navel in children, newborns. Many experts say that the cream and powder are the same. However, indications in the instructions are different. Want to know which cases are being ointment and powder?

Indications ointment

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиThe ointment recommended for the treatment of pustular skin defects of different complexity and purulent infections. She disposes of infectious disease, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing of skin defects.

Given the above, we can conclude that varicella is more expedient to use a form of Baneuoqin. But the doctors think differently. Often appointed powder.

Indications powder

The powder acts on the bacteria faster and more ruthless. This form of medication is used not only for treatment developing infections, but also for prevention. It significantly accelerates the healing process of skin defects and even a little relieves itching.

I, as a specialist, it seems that the use of powder is more convenient and effective than the ointment. In the course of applying ointments you can accidentally injure Valderice.

But the treatment of pimples powder this will not happen. Now let’s talk about how to use the above medication in various forms.


Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиIf Valderice when the chickenpox in a child long to heal, it may indicate the presence of an additional infection. In this case, to treat rash powder is not just possible, but necessary.

How to do it? Powdered medication should be sprinkled on the affected areas of the skin twice a day.

It should be applied until then, while the bubbles do not form a dense crust. After the appearance of crusts to use since, for some it is not desirable.

Further skin imperfections better treated with drugs that prevent the formation of scars:

  • Contractubex;
  • Solkoserilom.

Powdery drug perfect substitute for green fodder. But if you cannot find it in pharmacies, can instead apply the ointment with a similar name. How to apply this form of medicine?

In fact, the same as powdered. The ointment is recommended for treatment of chickenpox complications, which often happens in adults.

Contraindications/side effects?

Like any other drugs, there are the above prohibitions, such as individual hypersensitivity to the components of its composition. If Baneuoqin does not suit you, you’ll immediately notice, as there side effects:

  • redness and inflammation of the skin at the site of application of the drug;
  • peeling and itching;
  • new minor allergic rash.

Is it possible to be treated by this means, pregnant and breastfeeding?

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиCategorical prohibitions do not, however, keep in mind that the composition of the drug are substances-antibiotics, which can be absorbed into the bloodstream and penetrate through the placenta to the fetus. Therefore, to assign since, for some pregnant can be a doctor.

If the medication was prescribed to a pregnant, it must be applied with extreme caution. Do not apply powder or ointment on large areas of the body in this case. The same goes for women, nursing babies breast.


To evaluate the drug fully and to understand whether it can be used to treat chicken pox, let’s examine the reviews of those who used it.

Opinion No. 1 of Natalia:

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиWith powdered medication I had recently (after a child contracted). As it turned out, it is versatile and is available in kits of all young mothers. I also really liked.


Pimples took place rapidly and almost did not molest my baby. Now use the drug for the treatment of wounds: cuts and burns.

Opinion No. 2 of Olga:

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиUse ointment instead of green stuff. Catching chickenpox in adulthood, so I got it immediately became purulent. Ointment perfectly disinfected, and stop the festering, pimples reduced in size and rapidly healed. In General, treatment I’m happy!

Opinion No. 3 of Yulia:

Банеоцин поможет быстрее избавиться от ветрянкиI have a child when they were sick and shied away from all antiseptics. It was impossible to prove that not all drugs create discomfort when applied. Fortunately, he became interested in the pretty lady, some dust Baneuoqin, so he was allowed to treat pimples this drug.


Any unpleasant feelings when applying it was not. Bubbles took place quickly and completely. Now I recommend this wonderful drug.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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